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Who cares about Cricket?

Written by Administrator

Apparently the Cricket World Cup has started play and I have to ask, why should an American care about cricket? I know it’s hypocritical, because soccer is an international game, but I just can’t imagine cricket, or other international sports (i.e. rugby), gaining major footing here.

My gripe is with ESPN. Can you please stop trying to shove this ridiculous, wannabe baseball, down my throat? Today, they ran an entire OTL report about Johnny cricket player. The problem is, even the reporter didn’t know a thing about this poor guy.

I realize it took soccer a long time to gain it’s semi-solid footing here, but keep-in-mind there was a demand for it. Soccer is the largest youth sport in the United States and has more collegiate athletes than any other sport! But, let me ask you, do you see any youth cricket leagues in your area? How about Division 1 Men’s or Women’s Cricket squads? (Video inside post)

I can’t even name one cricket player, let alone a cricket legend. ESPN, if you want us to watch a guy swing at a ball, just broadcast more baseball.

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  • Sportsfetish

    That may be true but think about it, with a sport more new to America, people will become interested. Nobody would forget baseball of course because it’s a traditional sport. But when I first found out about cricket I saw it as something new and interesting that many would look into and love! It is seriously interesting and complex already knowing about baseball. Don’t get me wrong baseball is great, but when everyone is looking to the future and expanding in modern and cultural ways, cricket will come up as one of the hot topics for America. P.s. You shouldn’t shoot down another sport when it seems like you have never even played the sport or you just have a personal issue with it.

  • cricketplayer

    Thanks to cricket (and another sport called rounders), there is baseball in America right now… (and you call cricket a baseball wannabee sport, lol)

    Thanks to rugby, there is American Football in America right now…

    The sports you hate, effectively laid the basis of the sports “you would rather like to watch”.

    This is yet again an arrogant look upon the rest of the world by an
    American who thinks too highly of its own country, because of
    arrogance, ignorance and lack of knowledge of the rest of the world. And
    in this particular case you do not even know the history of your own American sports.

    And by the way, im not even from the United Kingdom, lol

  • AussieCricketFreak

    This is bloody rubbish. There would be NO BASEBALL without Cricket mate. And YES I’M AN AUSSIE AND I LOVE CRICKET!

  • JayISgod

    its england vs about 9 countries every other week wtf is so good about that and why sign and dance about being the best cricket team in world, typ[ical english

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