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No Penalty kicks in 2014 World Cup!

Written by Seth Burleigh

Well, not exactly.  But it isn’t too far off…

Today, Sepp Blatter and FIFA commissioned Franz Beckenbauer and “the league of extraordinary gentlemen his panel of experts” to explore alternative solutions to penalty kicks.  Clearly, in response to last week’s Champions League Final that ended on penalties.

All I can say is, THANK GOD.  It is hands-down the single worst “overtime” in all of sports.  Even the old NFL structure (where only one team got the ball) was better because at least it partially preserved the Team vs. Team concept.  How can you take the ultimate team game, and decide the outcome in a 1v1 manner?  It’s hypocritical.  It’s cruel.  It’s uncreative.  I’d rather see a team dance competition, or crown the winner of a team multiple choice exam.

Here is my (the right) proposed solution:  After 120 Minutes >> untimed Golden Goal.

You would need to allow more substitutions (including switching out the referee), but the game needs to be decided on the field, and by the teams.  In my opinion, this only strengthens the team concept, because the depth of your team (top-to-bottom) will be on display. The best team (20+ guys), not just the best 11, would win.

Now Sepp, we need to discuss my payment…


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  • Sepp Blatter – that rotund, little oil-slicked fatso?

  • Marsta58

    I once played in a league where in case of a time, there would be no golden goal, a minimum of two 10 minute overtimes (switching sides) and then every 5 minutes you would take off one field player.  The longest we went was 8 vs. 8.  This opened up the field and allowed the offenses a chance to score, while maintaining the “team” concept.

    Other variations:  After 2 overtimes give points for number of corners taken (that encourages attack), if still tied, fewest number of fouls (that discourages violent, non-artistic play).

    Another possibility is to go to a variation of Gaelic Football scoring — three points for a regular goal and one point for a shot over the net, but between the posts.  (You could limit height on this — i.e. create a 1 or 2 meters bar above the current high bar, thus giving the shooters a target, but not an easy boot over the high bar.)

  • I remember in NJ when I was in high school that the winner was determined if there was a tie by the numbers of corners each team had. More corners meant more possession.

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