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With David Beckham retiring from MLS it’s only fitting that Landon Donovan has taken over the role of league drama queen: Will he return? Won’t he? When?

Donovan ended the suspense yesterday by announcing that he would be back in March. Here are his overjoyed Galaxy teammates reacting about the same way you do when you watch paint dry, and making excuses for his Ferris Bueller vacation.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

Marquette women V-day

From our heart to yours, Happy Valentine’s Day (cue corny music and cupid’s arrow).


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Written by Jahmal Corner


Racism has once again come to the forefront of soccer due to a few recent incidents, and Thierry Henry wants drastic changes.

In an interview with the Associated Press on Monday, the French veteran suggested that soccer officials deduct points in the standings from teams with racially abusive fans.

“Maybe take some points away … It’s not that it is happening more, it’s more that the players are making people notice it more. A lot of the time, a player used to go along with it, so you guys wouldn’t have known about it. … Now the players are calling the ref and pointing at the guy and saying that guy is saying something bad.”

While I disagree with Henry’s suggestion – it’s a mistake to give fans that kind of competitive power, and it could easily be abused – you have to commend him for being active in the discussion. To paraphrase our own Dennis Holowaty who wrote about racism in the link above:

“It is time to make a change and it starts one (player) at a time.”



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OMG. Alex, I see FIIIIIIIIIIREWORKS! Who would’ve thought that Alex Morgan could become even hotter simply by becoming Katy Perry. Katy Perry doesn’t even look this good!

ESPN the Magazine is putting out its special music issue, so apparently it required Morgan to dress up as Perry so that we can all lose our minds. Mine’s gone, how bout yours?


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Written by Jahmal Corner

If you’re curious about the best soccer players to stalk on Instagram, wonder no more – Sports Illustrated has just figured it out for you. SI put out a list of the top 60 Athlete Instagram accounts. Interesting stuff.

Here’s how the soccer players ranked on the overall list:

12. Neymar

30. Kaka

43. Cristiano Ronaldo

53. Cesc Fabregas

59. Alex Morgan

60. Falcao


And if you’re so inclined, check us out on Instagram @TopDrawerSoccer.


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It was a weekend of fancy kicking from Finland to Hawaii.

Jan Kulokorpi, a Finnish defender for FC Ilves, pulled off this rabona during a penalty kick that completely froze the goalkeeper and everyone else watching. Of course, he was playing a friendly match in an abandoned warehouse so how impressive can it really be?

On the other hand, kicker Phil Dawson tried a less impressive kick but there were people actually watching his – it was attempted during the NFL Pro Bowl in Honolulu.

You can check out his kick HERE since the NFL wants to act like they own video and won’t allow us to embed it anywhere. Yeah, whatev National Football League (I call it by it’s full name when I’m angry)!


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The Gonzaga women have put together a five-part video series that highlights a tenant or element of their past season. Each video features one of their five seniors as narrator of these documentary style segments.

Let me just say that they’re all awesome and the Bulldogs should be commended for their work.

The above video features Morgan Manchester and focuses on Gonzaga’s Game Day. To check out all five, which I highly recommend, visit the Gonzaga page HERE. One Team. One Mission. Excellence.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

I’m a touch late on this, but it’s worth posting anyway. Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba pretty much went FIFA 13 on Udinese with a pair of ridiculous goals. The goals were only matched by his two-step at the end. Dance on, Pogba!


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Written by Jahmal Corner

Clearly, some of this isn’t real. I’m not buying the guy catching footballs at 1:10, and I know for a fact that baseball player Evan Longoria didn’t snag that barehanded catch at 1:27. But hey, WHAT IS REAL?

That penalty kick at 3:05 was certainly real. And if you’ve cued up this video, it just got real!


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How did the MLS SuperDraft play out Thursday? Exactly like this:

Noon: MLS commissioner Don Garber takes the stage and asks the crowd not to boo draft picks. Naturally, the crowd boos.

12:10: The New England Revolution takes Andrew Farrell with the top pick. Farrell explains the blond streak in his hair to the 91st Minute: “One of my favorite players is Alex Song. He did this and I like how he plays so I tried to emulate that.” I wonder if Farrell knows that Song does it to emulate Avril Lavigne …

12:15: Chivas USA takes Carlos Alvarez who is happy to be returning home to LA. Chivas immediately phones his mother and begins negotiating his curfew.

12:20: Everyone seems genuinely surprised when Toronto takes Kyle Bekker with the third pick. Reporters ask him every insulting question short of: “So, Kyle, uhh … how did this happen?”

12:25: Toronto calls a five-minute timeout rather than making its pick. This is unofficially known as a “bathroom break.”

12:30: Back from the restroom, Toronto trades its pick to Vancouver who selects Kekuta Manneh. I ask to interview his hair, it politely declines.

12:35: Vancouver uses another pick to take Erik Hurtado. Erik takes the podium and thanks God. The crowd boos emphatically.

12:40: I interview Erik who talks about his passion for the game and says loudly: “I USED TO SLEEP WITH MY BALLS!” An elderly lady does a double take (true story).

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