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Written by Seth Burleigh
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Written by Seth Burleigh

toronto blue jays soccer jersey

via SB Nation/Over the Monster

Happy Friday eye-candy! This is just cool!

Designer M.Willis took 5 American League East MLB teams and designed soccer jerseys based on their current baseball jerseys.

He had some rules that he stuck by:


1. I’m not reinventing club histories, or pretending clubs were soccer teams all along, just translating their brands to the soccer “universe”.

2. I’m not changing logos, colors or visual properties – just trying to play within existing boundaries.

3. I’m using soccer kits – jersey shirts only, really, as this was a quick exercise – as the visual output. One per team, too – no away designs this time.

4. Where I can, I’m making guesses about the identities to fill in blank spots that don’t map easily over to soccer.

5. I’m trying to have fun, and I don’t take this seriously as anything more than palate-cleansing design exercise.


Which non-soccer teams would you like to see TDS design soccer jerseys for? Comment below and we’ll make it happen after the holidays!

See the other four jerseys after the jump.

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Written by Seth Burleigh

portland thorns women's pro soccer logo
Ok Portland. THORNS? You named your new women’s pro team the Thorns?

Timbers owner Merritt Paulson said in a written statement:

Portland Thorns quickly emerged as a natural choice that was appropriate for the city.

What were the other options? Thistle? Thyme? Lady Timbers? As Steve Davis says,  I guess it kind of makes sense, but I still can’t wrap my head around it. (I wouldn’t want to … it’d be too painful)

Here is my problem with it. Thorns don’t excite me. In fact, Thorns scare me. When I think of a thorn I think of pain. I avoid rose bushes because of the thorns. And now Portland wants me to embrace them.

I find it hard to imagine there were no alternatives, so let’s take a stab based on the “official” list of Portland nicknames from Wikipedia (because everything on Wikipedia is 100% factually true).

  1. Rippers (based on Rip City) – Soccer players “rip” shots, “rip” their socks, “rip”…ok, maybe not.
  2. Stumps (based on Stumptown) – At least this nickname has historical meaning for time when Portland experience rapid growth. A new team, growth of women’s soccer, hmm…

I give up. But the video after the jump is pretty cool.

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Written by Seth Burleigh

The ladies have all arrived in San Diego for the Women’s College Cup and they’re all talked out. All four teams had their pregame press conferences, and here are a few of the gems that came out of the sessions. Let’s get it on!

Penn State’s Maya Hayes on trash talk:

“No there hasn’t been any trash talking actually. I actually just saw Megan (Brigman) last night, I talked to Crystal Dunn, talked to a few people, and we’re just excited to see each other more than anything. There is no trash talk though.”

Our take: WHY NOT!? And why are you talking to Tar Heels?!!!


North Carolina’s Crystal Dunn on maintaining tradition:

“There’s such a great tradition with this school that I think any girl who wanted to come to this school had in their mind that they wanted to win a national championship …. why not put on the jersey and think that you have to uphold that tradition.”

Our take: You should start by not talking to Maya. She’s dangerous. Stay AWAY FROM HER!

See what Stanford and Florida State had to say after the jump.

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Written by Seth Burleigh

siine referee pro
Coming to a field near you…

Player: “Sir, that’s a card!”

Referee: “I know, but I can’t remember my passcode!”

Player: “What does your passcode have to do with my bleeding teammate here?”

Referee: “The cards are in my phone!”

Player: (Looks puzzled)

First lighters at concerts, now yellow cards. The creepy glow of our phones is making its way into parts of our lives we never thought possible. Soon, the drama of reaching into the back pocket for the red will be replaced with the unlocking swipe motion, a screen touch, and then the raising of a phone.

A referee app called Referee Pro has been created that takes the cards out of the ref’s pocket.

As if issuing cards didn’t take long enough, now technology is involved. I’m a big proponent of using technology to make our lives easier, but this seems extreme.

In a game that has enough trouble determining if the ball has crossed the goal line or not, the last thing it needs is another thing for the referee to worry about.

The only way I see this app being useful is if normal people start using it to police the morons we encounter everyday. I propose (at least) these 5 uses:

    1. That idiot just cut you off on the street, YELLOW CARD (be careful, precious cargo!).
    2. The kid on his iPod jamming to Justin Beiber is taking his sweet time crossing the street, YELLOW CARD (hurry up, I have places to be).

    3. The person in front of you at Costco doesn’t realize you can’t pay with a credit card – RED CARD (#1 sin at Costco – get out of line immediately and let me proceed with my life instead of watching you try and figure out which items you really want with the $20 in your pocket).
    4. The shopper at (insert store here) is standing in the middle of the aisle, completely oblivious to everything around them, preventing you from passing – YELLOW CARD (perhaps they just spaced for a moment).
    5. Said person from #4 impedes your progress AGAIN – RED CARD (you have lost all shopping cart privileges, please don’t pass these bad habits on to you children).

Watch the video after the jump and pay attention to the overly dramatic music.

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Written by Seth Burleigh

ronaldo and messi pose with their watches

In case you haven’t been following football fashion, both Messi and Ronaldo have signature watches. And today, Forbes wrote about it. Must be a slow day.

Messi’s is a little more understated than Ronaldo’s, but isn’t that his style? Ronaldo’s even has a diamond 7 on it. Ridiculous. (Pictures of their watches after the jump. BTW, did you see Ronaldo’s “I’m the ish” face above?)

And the best part is that Ronaldo gives us a glimpse into his psyche:

“My life depends a lot on time. Everything I do is related to time, how much time I spend doing things and what I can do in the time I have available. On the football pitch, for example, everything is decided in a fraction of a second during a penalty kick; at other times, when our team is winning and we need to secure the result, the clock seems to stop and each minute feels like a whole hour.”

Does flopping count as a use of your time? Or maybe he can use his time to return Real Madrid to the top of the table (I know Reshad would appreciate it.)

And in case you really wanted one of their watches…don’t even try. They are both so limited that the Sultan of Brunai probably can’t even secure one.

Watch pics after the jump.

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Written by Seth Burleigh

Whoa…That just happened. Apparently there are no rules, or people to enforce them in the UK. I kept waiting for this idiot to get tackled by a security guard, or arrested, but neither happened. I’d like to see that fan try that with Ron Artest at the next laker game (video after the jump)

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Written by Seth Burleigh

The creators of The Footbonaut must have loved Kanye West’s song “All of the Lights” because their latest “product” flashes neon lights all over the place! You can easily watch the video to see the REAL purpose of this contraption, but in true unpredictable and creative Kanye style, we thought we’d offer a few alternatives. Which do you prefer?

  1. Two teams of four, a goal on each side, five minutes. Enjoy the pure chaos.
  2. Turn off the main lights, and just have the neon goals. This will make you very good at playing in the dark.
  3. Stand in the middle and fire balls from all the feeders at varying intervals for a game of ultimate dodge ball.
  4. 4. Get Kanye (or is it ‘Kimye’ these days?) on the phone and shoot a video for “All of the Lights, the Soccer Sequel.”

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NYRB Fans – Win Tix + Swag!

Written by Seth Burleigh

Red Bull fans! Now is your chance to win two (2) field tour passes, two (2) GA tickets and two (2) scarves to the September 29th game vs. Toronto FC.

And all you have to do is tweet this post using @newyorkredbulls and #RBNY (both must be used) and leave your name in the comments below with your Twitter handle (so we can contact you if you win).

We will select one lucky winner by 5 PM PT on Thursday 9/27.

**Please note that the winner must live in New York and provide their own transportation to Red Bull Arena.**



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Boot Review: Nike Miracle III

Written by Seth Burleigh


If you are looking for a boot that performs at a highly competitive level, has the visual cues of a top-tier release yet won’t break the bank, this is the review for you!

The Nike Miracle III is designed to closely mimic it big brother, the Nike Vapor VIII. Most companies focus on creating a similar boot that features a few visual differences that separate each tier. But try to separate the Miracle and Vapor based on the upper alone and you will find it pretty difficult. More impressively, Nike has also added a unique two stud heel configuration on this release, allowing players an opportunity to test out the futuristic performance.

But, how do they really work out through testing? Head over to SC101 to find out.


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