Written by Dill Pickle

With the Men’s College Cup just days away, I figured it was time we investigated the site of the tournament, good ol’ Hoover (A.K.A. Who? … er) Alabama. Here are 5 things I know you didn’t know about Hoover.


1. Michael Jordan played his minor league baseball there. This was way back in the 1900s kids, but once upon a time MJ quit basketball for baseball. Of course, he quickly ran back to basketball, but that couldn’t have had anything to do with Hoover. Look how happy he looks in the above pic.

2. Mayor Gary Ivey is the oldest mayor in the history of mayors. That’s actually not true, he’s only 57, but his picture is at least 70. Say hello to him. Doesn’t he look like a nice man? I think he actually doubles as the town’s pastor and blacksmith.


3. Policeman in Hoover ride around on T3 Series vehicles and instead of sirens they play THIS soundtrack. How cool is that? Makes getting pulled over a much more pleasant experience.

See two more cool facts after the jump.

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Written by The 91st

This ranking became a reality just as soon as the New Orleans Hornets announced that they would become the New Orleans Pelicans. I kept waiting for the franchise to say THIS, but they didn’t. They’re dead serious. And so are we. Here are the five worst mascot names in pro sports:


5. Anaheim Ducks, NHL: Quack! Quack! Quack! Seriously? It was just a movie. You don’t see the New Jersey Lion Kings running around, now do you?


4. Oakland Athletics, MLB: This is kind of like naming a baseball team from New York the New York Baseball Players. I mean, every professional team could be called the Athletics seeing as how we are, like, talking about athletics and stuff.


3. Houston Texans, NFL: Laziest nickname ever. The Seattle Washingtonians. The Los Angeles Californians. The New York New Yorkers. See where I’m going?


2. New Orleans Pelicans, NBA: I wonder if they regret choosing their mascot based on a second grade “Name Your Home Team” contest.


See the worst professional mascot name after the jump.

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Written by The 91st

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This was my reaction to the New Orleans Hornets NBA franchise announcing it will change its name to the New Orleans Pelicans in 2014 … the New Orleans Pellet Guns? WHAT?!Oh, the New Orleans PELICANS, I see … the New Orleans PELICANS?? WHAT?!

Pretty much. Twitter had a similar reaction:

See the only guy actually excited about ‘Pelicans’ after the jump.

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Written by The 91st

Is soccer the most violent sport in the world? I think the question has to be asked, particularly after a most heinous crime involving the death of a youth referee at the hands of young players.

But that incident has to be seen as a trickle down effect. I mean, look at all the violent soccer acts we see around the world on a daily basis. From riots and in-game fighting, to Molotov cocktails being thrown on the field. These are the factors I considered when putting together my list of the top 10 most violent sports in the world. The countdown, from 10 to 1, begins now:


10. Basketball. You may get an elbow to the chest, or the occasional Ron Artest in the stands, but for the most part no one is dying over a Spalding bball.


9. Lacrosse. Don’t sleep on those Lacrosse brawls.


8. Rugby. Probably more physical than violent, but there’s plenty of contact nonetheless.


7. Hockey. Fist fighting on ice. I’ll pass.


6. Bull riding. Just you, a bull and the unforgiving ground.


See the top 5 after the jump. 

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Written by Jahmal Corner

I like Adam Richman. He seems like the kind of dude you’d want to hang with and eat like 10 pounds of meat. What I didn’t realize about Adam is that he’s a MAJOR Tottenham Hotspur fan. To the point where he got emotional during his first visit to White Hart Lane and cried like a b … baby.

Now we’ve seen Adam shed tears before, but it generally involved atomic dragon fire hot wings or something, this was a little more surprising/awkward. Still, you have to salute his passion and respect his Man vs. Food tears.


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Written by The 91st

Alex Morgan took home US Soccer’s Female Athlete of the Year Award, robbing Hope Solo of the honor.

We can’t be mad at ‘Baby Horse’ though, she deserves every accolade she receives. Besides, it’s always fun watching her highlights.

Special congrats to Santa Clara’s Julie Johnston as well for taking home the Young Female Athlete of the Year Award.


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Written by The 91st

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You know the drill: if you’re hot, then you’re on this list. If you’re not … you’re still on this list. We’re taking the weekly temperature of soccer and other random stuff. Here we go:


1. North Carolina women. National Champs for the 22nd time. If I were Tar Heels coach Anson Dorrance I’d never go on another recruiting trip. From now on, I’d just text all of my prospects the following message: ‘22’. Nuff said.


2. David Beckham. Becks won another MLS Cup and walked off on his terms. Now he’ll invade a new country, stick his flag in the ground (its symbol is a picture of Posh Spice) and pile up more treasure before moving on.


3. Christmas song remixes. Whether it’s the Crystal Palace Cheerleaders or DMX (Grrrrr!), Santa Claus is getting a new look this year. WHAT?! COME ON! (DMX voice).



1. Kat Williams. For his next joke, Kat Williams will become the joke. The standup comedian went on a crazy rant onstage in Oakland where he was arrested a couple weeks ago. Then he went to Seattle where he missed his show altogether, was arrested, kicked out of his hotel and at some point managed to slap a Target employee (the only part I can understand … who hasn’t done that?). Oh, and he now says he’s retiring from comedy. Apparently, it doesn’t leave him enough time to get locked up.


2. Nick Lachey. It’s bad enough that Jessica Simpson’s ex still hasn’t gotten the band back together. Now, he goes and gets himself kicked out of a San Diego Chargers game for fighting with a fan. That Nick Lachey has a hot temper. No wonder they called it 98 degrees (Ok, I realize that’s like standard body temperature but I needed the line for the joke. Let it go).


3. Youth Soccer coach attacked, killed: Soccer has no shortage of violent stories, but this is among the worst.


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Written by The 91st

SEE: Top 10 most violent sports – is soccer leading the way?

Richard Nieuwenhuizen, a 41-year-old youth soccer referee in the Netherlands, has died after he was attacked by several players following a game.

Players from Amsterdam club Nieuw Sloten reportedly kicked and beat Nieuwenhuizen who collapsed and was rushed to the hospital before later passing away.

Three players involved in the incident, ages ranging from 15 to 16, have been arrested and remain in custody.

Nieuw Sloten said in a statement on its website it has banned the players involved and pulled their team out of the league. The statement said such incidents “do not belong on a football field.”

Both clubs canceled all training scheduled for Monday.

Ajax coach Frank de Boer, preparing for his team’s Champions League match against Real Madrid, couldn’t believe the news, saying:

You can’t imagine it happening. That boys of 15, 16 years short circuit like that. You wonder about the parenting. Something has to be done, because this is too ridiculous for words.”

[Sports Illustrated]


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Written by Jahmal Corner

It’s hard to believe that in the history of Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year Award, which started in 1954, there has only been one soccer winner – our US Women’s squad back in 1999. Of course, that year it was appropriately called the Sportswomen of the Year.

Anyway, I point that out not because I think it’s unjust, but, because … well, I’m running out of LeBron jokes. It’s getting harder to hate on the guy and I HATE that! Why can’t he be more like Hope Solo? Dude hasn’t even done any jail time or anything.

What am I supposed to say at this point other than … congratulations, LeBron? (That didn’t feel right). I even like his two-hour special they call a commercial. What’s the world coming to?


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Written by Dill Pickle

Yup, you’re seeing this right. This is really DMX (Grrrrrrr!) spitting hot fire on Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.

And who knew that on that foggy Christmas Eve, Santa actually came to say: WHAT??!!! (Is that a question or comment, Saint Nick? I just want some presents, bro.)

Only DMX can make a Christmas Carol sound like a horror story. But, hey, he warned us that we were about to make him lose his mind, so …

I guess it could’ve been worse. He could’ve done a hip hop version of Ebenezer Scrooge. Oh, yeah, Snoop already did that.


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