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An hour-long Presidential Debate last night and not one mention of soccer violence. Don’t the candidates know what’s going on? It’s cray out here!

Add Minnesota high schools Totino-Grace and Prairie Seeds Academy to the list of offenders. A match that was supposed to determine which school would reach the state tournament may actually decide who goes to jail!

Full highlights of the madness are above.


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You seen this California goal against Washington State? I swear it happens so qui … BOOM! There it is. Great dancing by the Golden Bears, by the way.

That was Emi Lawson on the kickoff goal in case you missed it. We tried to get her for an interview following the match Saturday but Cal said she’d already transported to Monday morning.


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MLS Playoff field set

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All 10 MLS playoff spots are locked in.

After another hectic weekend of action in America’s top flight, five teams in the Western Conference and five out East all mathematically sealed their spots with one eye on the MLS Cup. Pick of the action was D.C. United’s thrilling 3-2 defeat of the Columbus Crew – catch the highlights above.

But before switching focus to the playoffs themselves, one more week of regular season action remains with much to be decided, as the upcoming playoff matchups are far from certain.

For now, check out the ten playoff teams after the jump.

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Whooooo let the Lobos out?! (Who! Who-who-who-who!)

New Mexico supported Breast Cancer Awareness as emphatically as it could – rocking special pink jerseys then rocking UNLV to the tune of 11-1.

Beware of the Lobos in pink.


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Man, Alex Morgan is FIT. And I mean that in the most professional-yet-passively-aggressive-inappropriate way possible.

She’s always been in great shape, but I feel like she’s taken it to Dana Torres-like levels most recently and now we know why. As this commercial shows, Morgan has been training in what looks like the set of The Grey. I kept waiting for Liam Neeson to appear onscreen and start making threats:

“If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you … umm, only at Dicks Sporting Goods.”


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You know the drill: if you’re hot, then you’re on this list. If you’re not … you’re still on this list. We’re taking the temperature of soccer and other random stuff. Here we go:




1. Big West soccer tickets. Need me to sell you on Big West Soccer? How does THIS suit you? Or THIS? Cal State Northridge and Cal Poly have recently put together two of the better OT finishes you’ll see. We attended both matches, and in the case of Friday’s Cal Poly game, so did 13,466 other people.


2. Where’s Waldo. He’s back with a fresh pair of stunna glasses and his Freddy Krueger alternative sweater. Blame US Soccer and college football … in that order.


3. Clint Dempsey. Only Dempsey can totally ball out while watching himself totally ball out.




1. Gnesa and her song Wilder. IS THIS SERIOUS? What the hell does she mean, La-la-la-la-la? Somebody get Rebecca Black on the phone.


2. Soccer fans. When they’re not running up and attacking goalkeepers during play they’re throwing flare bombs to re-injure the injured. Classy.


3. Lance Armstrong. I feel like Lance’s life is right around the point in Aladdin where Jafar steals the magic lamp and turns Aladdin back into a street rat, stripping him of all worldly possessions. So yeah, things aren’t good.


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Who knew that the secret to Barcelona’s brilliance could be found in child’s play. We’ve all played ‘Piggy in the Middle’, even those of us that aren’t real players (in the soccer sense of the word … outside of the pitch, ask about me). But watching Barcelona play it is like learning that Madden has an All Universe game mode. At one point, I thought the ball was on a string.

Reminder: Barcelona is awesome, the rest of us have work to do. This little piggy went back to training.


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On Stanford’s Senior Night, it was a junior that stole the show. Courtney Verloo scored a pair of goals, including a direct goal on a corner kick (at 52 seconds), and the Cardinal shut down Washington 3-0.

Verloo missed her team’s national championship run last season because of injury and she’s continually reminding us of what we all missed in her absence.


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The above madness happened during a Cypriot First Division match between Anorthosis Famagusta and Omonia Nicosia. As you can see, some maniac fan tossed a flare right into a group that included players and trainers who were tending to a player that was already injured.

We’ve seen some boneheaded fan actions recently but this might take the cake. We’ve got to do better, people.

[Sports Grid]


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It was quite the night for the No. 1 Maryland Terrapins Friday. A near record crowd of 7,340 showed up to watch them knock off North Carolina 1-0 in an overtime thriller.

Schillo Tshuma put in the game-winner after Keith Cardona kept the team’s hopes alive with some critical saves.

Hear both players describe the action on a special night that saw the program honor a host of alumni.


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