Written by Seth Burleigh


Ahead of the crucial pair of World Cup qualifiers against Jamaica, U.S. Soccer dropped this video that takes a look behind the scenes of U.S. right back Steve Cherundolo’s life in Germany.

Cherundolo has played in Germany since 1999, signing with Bundesliga side Hannover 96 after a couple years playing at the University of Portland. He’s in the middle of his 14th season and also the club captain – also note his language skills.



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Keeper scores from 80 yards

Written by Reshad Bahadori

It’s not every day that a goalkeeper scores a goal, especially not from 80 yards out. I do apologize for the music, which may result in a fist pump or two. I felt like I was in a discotekka and suddenly broke in to the peanut butter jelly time dance.

The opposite of this 80 yard goal by a keeper would be a goalie scoring an own goal with his face.

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Written by Reshad Bahadori

We’ll let Jahmal take a break on this one and allow the true gamer in the office to take over. If you are a fanatic of the FIFA series, then by now you are aware that FIFA 13 comes out on September 25.

As sports games improve in quality, one can’t help but notice how realistic they have become. Thankfully for all of us, FIFA has always always been considered as the closest sports game to the real thing. In fact, I heard FIFA 13 is so real that Robben’s shirt is too tight to take off. I heard FIFA 13 is so realistic that if you play as Ronaldo, he cry’s like a 12-year-old girl. I heard FIFA 13 is so real that if you play as an MLS team, NO BODY CARES.

Now that I got that off my chest, on to the important stuff. Gamers with Kinect will be able to argue with the ref and make substitutions verbally. All-new Attacking Intelligence enables players to analyze space, work harder and smarter to break down defenses, and think two plays ahead. Players now possess the intelligence to create, curve, or alter runs to capitalize on openings. You can make runs that pull defenders out of position to open passing channels for teammates and better position themselves for new attacking opportunities. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention, FIFA developers included the famous Ballotelli celebration due to high demand.

Game on gamers.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

What would you do without my college soccer Friday night guide? Don’t answer that, just feast your eyes on these key showdowns:



Berticelli Memorial Tournament: Notre Dame is playing host to this 11th annual event that will feature No. 4 Akron vs. No. 10 Indiana as well as the No. 16 Fighting Irish facing No. 37 Oregon State for just the second time ever. Sign me up.


No. 8 New Mexico vs. No. 39 UAB: It’s Spanish Themed Night at the Lobos place, which can only mean one thing … NEW UNIFORMS.


Oral Roberts vs. Belmont: Ever seen “The Hunger Games”? No? Good for you. Save yourself the two hours and instead watch these two programs both fight for their first victory of the season. If this match ends in a tie disregard this entire promo. Hell, disregard it anyway (shrug).

Check out the key women’s matches after the jump.

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Written by Jahmal Corner

So let me get this straight: not only can I not use my hands, but I’m now blind and have to play using only my sense of hearing and psychic powers? Pass.

This is just one more reason to respect these amazing athletes at the Paralympics. Paralympic 5-a-side football features players that all deal with some form of visual impairment so they are all blindfolded in order to level the playing field.

Only the goalkeepers get to, like, see and stuff. The field players run around responding to a ball equipped with a noise-making device

With rules like these it’s mind-blowing that every match doesn’t end with zero goals and 10 red cards. Once again, immense respect for all the Paralympians.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

The New Mexico men will be sporting a new look Friday night when they host No. 39 UAB. The Lobos are celebrating Spanish Themed Night by rocking special custom made uniforms (above) that feature a new color scheme and recognize the program’s conference title and NCAA appearance years.

Love this idea and need more of it. I hereby suggest that all college programs have one special night per year where they completely invent a new uniform around a unique occasion.

How about what college football does with their random Pro Combat Series? You know, when Michigan State suits up like THIS and the LSU Tigers look like THIS. It’s time college soccer joined the party.

All in favor say ‘aye’.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

Are you ready for what light can do?

That’s the question asked by Brek Shea and adidas in this brand spankin new commercial.

Shea sure looks ready. What will he do for an encore?

See the behind-the-scenes footage of the ad after the jump.

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Written by Jahmal Corner

Important question: You think #10 called his shot? Off the post, off the face … nothing but net.

I’m not so sure.

Unimportant question: What is this amazing song playing during the video? Harlem Globetrotters remix?


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Written by Jahmal Corner

Usain Bolt has made no secret about his desire to play for Man U, but then, so have I and I don’t see Sir Alex Ferguson returning MY calls. He’s listening to Bolt, though, and said recently that he’d like to play him in an annual charity match against Real Madrid to appraise his skills.

“It could be brilliant, and next year when we play Real Madrid’s Legends again, there could be opportunities to bring him up and see how he does,” Ferguson said.

So that settles it, then, the fastest-man-ever-created-by-human-beings-on-planet-Earth will soon suit up for Man U … and I won’t.

[The Daily Mail]

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Written by Jahmal Corner

This is Steven Evans, the reigning WCC Player of the Month, who gave Portland a 2-1 victory over CSU Bakersfield last Friday.

He also gave us a brand new goal celebration. Expect to see the “invisible squat” in a soccer match near you.


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