Written by Reshad Bahadori

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Written by Dill Pickle

Ok, we’ve got to get this whole hero worship thing under control. A gold replica of someone’s foot? Who gets excited about that – a podiatrist?

The solid gold cast of Messi’s left foot was created by Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka and can be all yours for the small price of $5.25 million.

Messi’s brother, Rodrigo Messi, sounded so impressed that he just might bid on it.

“It’s an impressive piece of work,” he said. “You can see each line on the foot.”

Yup, I just threw up a little in my mouth.

The foot goes on sale Thursday, so act now as it’s sure to run off the shelves!


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Written by Reshad Bahadori

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Written by Reshad Bahadori

Real Talk is back and this time we’re talking to players from around the ECNL. We find out who their favorite WNT players are and what music they listen to before games. Host Reshad -aka Reshaldo- gets all the inside scoop from the ECNL Player Development Program.

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Written by Dill Pickle

Come on!No, you come on!

I said come on!You come on!

Do something! You do SOMETHING!

Francis Lessard and Sebastien Laferriere – both of the North American Hockey League – squared off for a fight and then … they continued to square off for an entire minute before the refs had seen just about enough of nothing.

This is the greatest fight that never happened I’ve ever seen. Hands down. Literally, hands down guys, you’re clearly not going to do anything.



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Written by Dill Pickle

Oleg Salenko once scored five goals in a 1994 World Cup match. So imagine our surprise when he buckled under the pressure of a television camera. Maybe he had a light breakfast that morning, or maybe he was so star struck by the unknown broadcaster next to him that he just hit the deck.

Whatever the explanation is, I respect that fact that he didn’t overdo the faint. He didn’t go flailing to the ground and yell out “SIR!”. He just dropped it to the floor and popped right back up. Now that’s a real footballer for you.

[Off the Post]


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Written by The 91st

I’m not fluent in third division Turkey play, so I don’t have a ton of context for you. Then again, who needs context on a volley goal like this one! Cold-blooded. Take a bow, Mr. Korhan Ozturk, you just produced the goal of the day.

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money graphic

Soccer has changed immensely over the years, and now more than ever money is a huge part of the sport. Many players choose clubs that offer them the most money, and the 11 players who are getting the best part of the deal are all below –  according to Portuguese publication, A Bola:

Goalkeeper | Iker Casillas = €6m a year

Right-back | Philipp Lahm = €10m

Center-back | Thiago Silva = €9.8m

Center-back | John Terry = €9.5m

Left-back | Ashley Cole = €12.4m

Center-midfield | David Silva = €13m

Center-midfield | Yaya Toure = €13m

Center-midfield | Franck Ribery = €10m

Right-wing | Cristiano Ronaldo = €10m

Left-wing | Lionel Messi = €15m

Centre-forward | Samuel Eto’o = €20m


What do you think? Have these players deserved to be the best paid in their position, or are they overpaid divas?


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Written by Reshad Bahadori

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Written by Nicole Denenberg


Illinois senior Nicole Denenberg has seen it all during her four years as a college student-athlete, and now she’s sharing pearls of wisdom in her new blog. Today, she gives advice to players attending college soccer camps. Have a question for Nicole? Send it to

The camp had officially started and the silence in the arena was still imposing considering the many players and parents mulling around the field.

Girls were inconspicuously sizing each other up as they readied themselves for the first set of drills. Several of my teammates rolled their eyes at the array of T-shirts the campers were wearing hoping the reputation of their various soccer affiliations would speak volumes for their skills and talent. I chuckled to myself thinking that if I had to do it over, I would not only identify my prestigious club name, but include my name and contact number right on the front of my shirt so there would be no mistaking how to find me. I would be a walking soccer billboard. Too bad I was in high school and hadn’t yet embarked on my advertising major.

Ironically, of the many camps I attended Illinois was not one of them. Parents often ask me if attending camps is important in making a college choice. My answer is always the same: participating in college camps is perhaps the best opportunity one has to be able to see multiple aspects of the school and get a feel for the campus environment.

More advice after the jump.

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