Written by The 91st

The Princeton Review just released their 2013 Best Value College list, which basically means the program where you can get the best education for your dollar. In my experience, this list clearly screamed ITT Tech, but the Princeton Review people didn’t agree with me.

The majority of their Top 10 Public Schools are listed below, but out of protest I added a video promoting the good folks of ITT Tech. You’re welcome.


Top Public Colleges

1. Virginia

2. North Carolina

4. William and Mary


6. North Carolina State

7. Wisconsin

9. Michigan

10. Georgia

1,555. ITT Tech (Estimation)


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Written by The 91st

Ok, so it wasn’t exactly the Real Salt Lake first team starting lineup we’re talking about, but still. The fact is, UC Irvine was playing against pros and that alone earned them a few campus bragging rights for the forseeable future.

Christopher Santana and Lester Hayes III scored the goals for the Anteaters who prevailed against MLS competition Monday at their place in Irvine. The proof is in the above highlights.


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Written by Dill Pickle


I have an admission: I’m not big on baby photos. I just think they’re unfair to the baby. If someone snapped a bunch of pictures of me before I had use of my brain or knew how to balance my head on my neck I’d be pretty upset about it.

But we’re a culture that loves them, so I’ll play along. I led with the intimate photo above of Shakira and Gerard Pique playing a game of shirts vs. skins (minus the shirts) but you can see baby Milan sleeping soundly after the jump.

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Written by The 91st


U.S. skier Lindsey Vonn was involved in a serious crash today at the World Championships in Schladming, Austria. Vonn was airlifted to a hospital and is said to have sustained a pretty threatening knee injury.

Vonn is that new breed of celibri-athlete who combines beauty with skill. She has four World Cup titles, as well as gold and bronze Olympic medals. One of her contemporaries, Alex Morgan, retweeted a message of support from the US Olympic Team handle.

Vonn has recently been linked to a romance with Tiger Woods and has also been loosely tied to soccer after the jump.

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Written by Jahmal Corner

OMG. Alex, I see FIIIIIIIIIIREWORKS! Who would’ve thought that Alex Morgan could become even hotter simply by becoming Katy Perry. Katy Perry doesn’t even look this good!

ESPN the Magazine is putting out its special music issue, so apparently it required Morgan to dress up as Perry so that we can all lose our minds. Mine’s gone, how bout yours?


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Written by The 91st

DISCLAIMER: The images above are graphic in nature, viewer discretion is advised.

Long story short: Danny Simpson was knocked out by a couple of off-duty bouncers following a confrontation. So naturally, people crowded around to … uh, take video and pictures.

I don’t think I’ve ever watched a scene that screamed GET A DOCTOR more than the one above. Danny’s brilliant team of supporters pretty much had it all figured out.

“As long as he’s breathing … keep his face that way (as they mush his face to the side).”

Good call, Dr. Doolittle.

I can joke about this because Danny turned out alright. Once his mind returned to planet Earth he sent out the following tweet.

Note to self, Danny: stick to what you do. You don’t see bouncers trying to slide tackle you on the pitch, now do you?


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Written by The 91st

Raphael Abreu Soccer Highlights from Raphael Abreu on Vimeo.

Raphael Abreu wrapped up a nice career with Stony Brook this past season. Abreu, is a 6-foot-3 striker with dual U.S. and Brazil citizenship. The above highlights give us a glimpse of the skill set he brings to the pitch as well as the playlist he brings to his ipod.

WARNING: Watching these highlights will permanently leave this Avicii record stuck in your head. Thanks, Raph (as I hum: dun-dun-dun-dun-dun …).


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Written by Dill Pickle

What did we expect? This is Mario Balotelli we’re talking about here, a man who was born to steal headlines. He was either scoring two goals in his AC Milan debut or accidentally burning down the entire stadium – one way or another he was going to take the show.

Here are the goals, highlighted by a nifty penalty kick hesitation at the 44-second mark and an ‘arms wide open, hold me fellas’ celebration afterward.


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Written by The 91st

IMG Academy stud Ian McCauley found himself back in Germany last week for a second training session with 3rd Division Bundesliga team, VLF Osnabruck.

McCauley was first invited for a trial back in August, and after a strong impression he was welcomed back last week. McCauley blogged about his experience throughout and below is an excerpt of his final day with the club.

“The intensity and quickness of the game was extremely fast, which is what made it fun. That was my last practice and the best one too. I had a fantastic experience and hope to come back soon!  One thing I will remember always is that every team has their own locker room where they go into before they train. The whole team changes and they wait for everyone before they leave the locker room. Also, every person that walks in the door is greeted by every teammate. They even greet the parents and bystanders on the sidelines. The team here is so united, and I think that is why they are really a step ahead of everything!”

You can see all the blog posts HERE.


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Written by Zev Taublieb

It is only a matter of time until Marvin Iraheta makes his impact on the MLS scene. A center defensive midfielder from Sensuntepeque Cabañas, El Salvador, Iraheta has already enjoyed an incredible career at the age of 20.

In 2010, he and his family moved to the states to enjoy a better life. Spotted as a potential prospect by the New York Cosmos Academy, he was housed in Pasadena, California while his family moved to Fresno, California. In his first year he was named US Academy Player of the Year, two years later he found himself on the New York Cosmos First Team with the captains armband against Manchester United in the Paul Scholes memorial match. Now, Iraheta goes 1v1 with the 91st Minute.


Your coach has publicly said he wants more players of Latino decent. Have you found a change in personnel at Chivas USA?

MI: Yes, Chivas USA is becoming a more Latino oriented team. I find it as a positive aspect. Having players from similar cultures helps with team chemistry. Look at Barcelona, nearly every single player on their team is of Spanish decent.


If you score this coming season who would you dedicate your goal to?

MI: I would dedicate my goal to my mom. She is the glue of my family. Without her my family and I would not be where we are today.


You have made it to the pro level. What is your next goal?

MI: First, I want to finish school. After, I would love to play in Europe. I find school is very important because the sad truth is one day I won’t be able to play soccer. Having an education will help me succeed in my future jobs no matter what they may be.


Who is the biggest team you have played against?

MI: Manchester United. It was an unbelievable experience. It is unexplainable.


Who is the best player you have played against?

MI: Paul Scholes. He always has an idea in his head before he receives it. It looks like his head is on a swivel. After that day I could have told you he is more than capable of playing for many more years. I am just happy he thought that was the end of his career then so I was able to play him (laughs).

Iraheta talks food and hair gel after the jump.

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