Written by Jahmal Corner

These are the best matches the weekend has to offer. Yeah-e-yeah, yeah-e-yeah, yeah-e-yeah (Rihanna voice) …


No. 5 UC Santa Barbara vs. No. 10 UCLA (Friday): One of the top rivalry games in college soccer. There will be tortillas, Bruins, and cool new jerseys.


No. 27 Wake Forest vs. No. 15 Duke (Friday): Keep your eyes peeled for freshman talent in this ACC clash. Michael Gamble (Demon Deacons) and Luis Rendon (Blue Devils) quickly come to mind.


No. 24 Cornell vs. Saint Joseph’s (Saturday): Cornell striker Daniel Haber has six goals in his last three games. That’s HOT LIST material right there.




No. 1 Florida State vs. Jackson State (Friday): Jackson State hasn’t scored a goal all season. Not ONE. And they’re 0-8. And they’re about to play the top team in the country. Put the children to bed and cover your eyes …


No. 29 Wisconsin vs. No. 39 Michigan State (Friday): Great Big Ten matchup here. The Badgers have historically had great success playing the Spartans at home but this Michigan State group is on a roll.


No. 20 Santa Clara vs. Washington State (Sunday): The unranked Cougars have proven to be sneaky dangerous. Just ask UCLA who had to escape with a 0-0 result against them Thursday despite hanging out with Kevin Garnett earlier in the week. Beware Santa Clara.


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Let’s talk World Cup 2026

Written by Seth Burleigh

us mexico world cup rose bowl estadio azteca

We all remember the debacle that was Qatar being given the 2022 World Cup. Nothing against Qatar, but who the hell wants to go there during the summer?! So let’s turn our attention to 2026. I’m sure the U.S. will bid again, but they might face some competition from other previous hosts – specifically Mexico.

Mexico has hosted the World Cup twice already and has the infrastructure to do it again. And one could easily argue that in many border venues such as L.A. or Dallas they would have just as much home field advantage as the U.S.

But tell me ANY national team that wouldn’t want to play a game in Dallas Stadium? It was built with air conditioning and has a gazillion-foot screen – take that Qatar.

Which begs the question…


Will the U.S., Mexico, or some other nation be awarded the 2026 World Cup?

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Written by Jahmal Corner

We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief as Paris Saint-Germain has announced that they are not the reason for Cristiano Ronaldo’s sadness. Whew, that was a close one.

It had been speculated that PSG had made an offer to the Real Madrid superstar that may have sent him into his current teenage girl crisis (personally, I think he just watched Dear John or My Sister’s Keeper one too many times).

“If Cristiano is sad it is not because we have been in touch with him,” said PSG President Nasser Al Khelaifi. “It is too soon to talk about Ronaldo. He is very professional.”

In my opinion, I think it’s too ‘late’ to talk about Ronaldo. This has gone on long enough. A wealthy, grown man is ‘sad’ (who even uses that word?) and doesn’t want to talk about it. If he isn’t over it, fine. I am.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

What handicap?

Massachusetts senior Nico Calabria may be redefining that term. It wasn’t just that he scored with one leg, it’s how he did it – with a spectacular over-the-head strike (and how quickly did he sprint back down the field? Impressive).

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that Calabria also competes for his high school wrestling team and is already a member of the U.S. national amputee soccer squad.

‘Handicap’ certainly doesn’t apply here.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

Don’t be fooled by this video’s opening: girl stands in front of camera with a microphone, teammates stand behind her… we’re all set for a first grade roll call.

Nope. This is a lot better than that, so you might want to stay with this one.

As the US U17 Women’s World Cup team prepares for its opener against France on Saturday they took some time to show off their personalities. I had no idea we had so many characters in this group but I like what I’m seeing.

Morgan Stearns, in particular, just might have a future in comedy (the 91st Minute is planning a recruiting trip at the time of this writing).


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Written by Jahmal Corner

I know when I’m being played. Like when my girlfriend constantly refers to me as her ‘friend’ in public then explains that she only does it because she has trouble pronouncing ‘boy’ … and she’s an English major, btw.

Some things just don’t add up. Take the Campbell men, for example. They upset No. 25 NC State Tuesday for the second year in a row. Just outright beat them 2-0 then tried to convince us there was nothing to it. Oh, I’m being played alright. The 91st Minute put its investigative hat on and spoke with Campbell goalkeeper Ethan Hall. Here’s what we learned:


1. NC State sophomore Jonathan Ray played for Campbell last season. Hmm … Could the Fighting Camels have planted him as a mole? Want to know something else that’s fishy? NC State baller Nazmi Albadawi (THIS Nazmi) sat out of the match with injury. Nazmi and Hall are good friends who went to the same high school. Coincidence? If you’re the rational type then … yeah, probably. But still. Hmm …

Hear how NC State fans used Facebook to heckle Hall after the jump.

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Written by Jahmal Corner

Like mom always said: never pick up trash from strangers on a soccer field … it might be a grenade. WAIT, WHAT?!

Things got explosive during a match in Isfahan, Iran when a fan threw a grenade on the field and a player picked it up like Inspector Gadget himself not realizing that the message would in fact self-destruct.

Unreal. The players remained surprisingly calm given that, you know, THERE WAS A GRENADE THROWN ON THE FIELD. The refs, on the other hand, reacted the way you’d expect anyone would when realizing THERE WAS A GRENADE THROWN ON THE FIELD.

Soccer is realer than ever right now. Flare wars are one thing, but grenades are another. Be safe out there people.


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Written by Reshad Bahadori

The fellas from the College of Charleston give us a glimpse of what the life of a college soccer player is like. Losing games can be difficult, especially when you’re convinced you should have won. This didn’t seem to phase the Cougars one bit. A motivational speech from coach Lundy about the potential the team has seems to have sunk in. The trip to Ground Zero and the Red Bulls game was just the icing on the cake. Last night the Cougars beat Winthrop 4-2 to improve to 4-4-0 on the season.

The next couple weeks will be crucial for the Cougars. On the schedule is #18 Coastal Carolina followed by a game against the #1 ranked Terps. All we need to know for now is that CofC is headed in the right direction.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

As if Friday’s match between No. 5 UCSB and No. 10 UCLA wasn’t big enough, the Gauchos went and raised the stakes. UCSB will be premiering their black home jerseys Friday, keeping with the awesome trend of programs hitting us with a wardrobe change.

I dig the look, and the ice-cold facial expressions that come with it. The black jerseys will likely only be used for the team’s two home television games so this will be a special occasion indeed.

And just in case you aren’t hyped for the game yet … (I usually don’t do this, but uhh …) I’ll go ahead and break you off with the UCSB promo video after the jump.

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Written by Jahmal Corner

I’m not sure what was more predictable: that the USWNT would rout the Aussies in Pia Sundhage’s last match, or that Pia would cry like she just watched a Lifetime Movie double feature.

It was one final victorious moment in a tenure full of them for Pia. Oh yeah, plus Alex Morgan scored two more goals to throw extra gasoline on the Mia Hamm debate.


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