Written by Carly Haden

Kaylyn Kyle

This blonde bombshell is why most men enjoy watching Canadian soccer. Who doesn’t like watching a gorgeous blonde compete in one of the most fascinating sports played across the world?

Kaylyn Kyle is a Canadian footballer who plays midfielder for Seattle Reign FC in the National Women’s Soccer League. Kyle won bronze at the London 2012 Olympics and made a striking appearance in Canada’s midfield throughout the tournament. This hottie couldn’t look any more perfect, on or off the field.

You can follow her on Twitter, or quietly in your heart. #WomancrushWednesday


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Written by The 91st

Props, fellas! Props!

This is well done. The Wright State men’s soccer team did a spoof of ESPN’s Sports Science and completely nailed it, right down to the overly dynamic host and unnatural athlete stand-ins. I’m officially a fan of Wright State soccer. I don’t even know their mascot or team colors but it just feels Wright. Just like this video.


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Written by Nicole Denenberg

Nicole Denenberg is taking her show on the road. Well, not really, she’s still at Illinois giving you advice on ‘How to Make It as a College Athlete’ but now she’s enlisted some of her friends.

In this edition, she talks to Illini quarterback Nathan Scheelhaase about his preparation and approach as well as pepperoni pizza (always important). Nicole even shows off her end zone spike! (Needs work, but there’s hope).


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Written by The 91st


If I were to tell you that only one soccer player in the world made the Time Magazine 100 Most Influential list, who’d be your guess? Messi? Nope. Cristiano? Nope.

It’s the only footballer who truly stands alone. Yup, Mario Balotelli: the man, the myth, the weirdo (in a good way, though).

Anyway, Balotelli was listed as an icon alongside such figures as Michelle Obama and Justin Timberlake and was written about by Watford F.C. manager Zola. Here’s an excerpt of what he had to say:

“From afar, people may think he’s a madman, but he isn’t. Mario is a lovely guy, very humble and very funny … Mario (can) shrug off things happening around him. Only the big players have that calm.”

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Patrice Evra celebrated Manchester United’s 20th league title yesterday, and he did so in a very special manner. The media has been making a big deal of Suarez just because the guy tried to bite Branislav Ivanovic’s arm off. Well, Evra, who has had his share of battles with Suarez throughout the years, decided to mock him during his celebration with a toy shaped as an arm that had been ripped from a body.

Childish? Maybe a little. But also pretty funny.


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After a questionable penalty call in the 80th minute between Indonesian teams Pelita Bandung Raya and Persiwa, referee Wasit Muhaimin was badly beaten. Pieter Rumaropen threw a punch, then tried to chase the referee before he was stopped by his fellow teammates. The game was delayed for a couple of minutes as Muhaimin needed medical attention in order to stop the bleeding.

It’s a sad story, and a tragic event that I believe FIFA needs to look into. The issue does not lie in whether or not the referee’s decision of a penalty was right or wrong. We all know that referees are only human, and they do make mistakes. However, soccer as a sport is in need of great referees and it is evident on the national stage that there are only a handful who can handle a World Cup final, a Champions League game or a rivalry in a top league.

In order for the sport to develop there needs to be great referees in as many games as possible. This is even more crucial when the season gets to the more important stages, and we will not have any referees that are able to handle those games unless we can ensure their safety.

Therefore, FIFA needs to punish Rumaropen in order to set an example to the rest of the soccer community that there is a non-tolerance for abusing a referee.


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Written by Megan Miller


Since my recent relapse, I have been completely immersed back into my addiction.  In the beginning it was a lot to take in, what with all of the sweating, shaking, heavy breathing, blurred vision… And let’s not forget the soreness, stiffness, and bruises.  It’s week four of spring season and yes, I’m still alive after practicing with the young guns. Barely, anyway.

My name is Megan and I am a soccer addict.  Again.  After learning that I would not only be helping out as a volunteer coach, but as an extra body in the field as well, I knew I was in for an interesting ride.  And it has definitely been interesting, to say the least.

Week One: Bodily shock.  The first day of training after my hiatus included me jumping into some drills and games to even out the numbers.  Being a day early in the week, it meant that there would be fitness, more fitness, and then a little bit of extra fitness after that.  I told myself that I would NOT be doing the fitness during the practices; I would just be jumping into the games when they needed me.

Or so I thought.  Before I knew it, I found myself on the end line ready to run the first set of horseshoes.  What can I say?  It’s in my nature as an athlete, I guess.  The first one went well, as did the second one.  In my mind, I was thinking, “Hmm, I’m keeping up with these girls just fine.  Maybe I’m not that out of shape!”

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Written by Dill Pickle

For the first few seconds of this video I thought: wow, this is cool! This could really change the way we tend to injured soccer players.

Yeah, that’s about the point in the video where the “injured guy” stands up in his wheelbarrow stretcher and starts dancing … then falls, and possibly creates a legitimate injury.

In conclusion: this video hurts soccer. We already don’t trust soccer injuries and now we have conclusive evidence that they may not exist at all.


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Written by The 91st

Maybe you’re a fan of goals. Maybe you’re a fan of spring season … or Clemson. Whatever the case may be, here’s a collection of spring goals from the Tigers.


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Written by Reshad Bahadori

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