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I’m not sure what was more predictable: that the USWNT would rout the Aussies in Pia Sundhage’s last match, or that Pia would cry like she just watched a Lifetime Movie double feature.

It was one final victorious moment in a tenure full of them for Pia. Oh yeah, plus Alex Morgan scored two more goals to throw extra gasoline on the Mia Hamm debate.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

I don’t want to step out of bounds here with an unfair comparison, but it’s been suggested that Alex Morgan is the next Mia Hamm.

Those are big cleats to fill no doubt, but you might be surprised to learn that Morgan is actually well ahead of Hamm’s pace at this point in her career.

Sunday’s friendly marked the 50th cap for Morgan and amazingly she has 32 goals in that stretch (She added two more in her 51st cap Wednesday). Know how many goals Mia had after 50 matches? 15. I’m not sayin, I’m just sayin …

Here’s what Hamm told the LA Times about her possible heir apparent:

“My style (was) more of a slasher type, being able to use my speed and acceleration to get behind players. Alex has that ability, but she’s also so strong that she’s able to just kind of hold off players, probably more than I ever was. You see her score a lot of goals by getting the ball served into the box and players bouncing off of her.”

Of course, Hamm has the all-time international goal-scoring record with 158 so ‘Baby Horse’ still has a long way to gallop. But as of right now, she appears well on her way.

What do you think?

Is Alex Morgan the next Mia Hamm?

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[The Equalizer]


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I don’t have an explanation for this and truthfully, I don’t need one. When you’re the fourth-ranked team in the country this is just how you roll. Oh, is that Kevin Garnett over there hanging out on campus? Tssk, of course it is! Hide girl, he’ll want to take a picture with us! Oh … hey Kevin. A picture? Sure, why not.


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Soccer jerseys must be worth a lot more in Turkey. Maybe over there they’re like the equivalent of platinum chains or autographed Justin Bieber CDs. I don’t know man. I just know that these fans were determined to steal a jersey even if it meant running on the field during the game and just TAKING it! … Which, is exactly what happened.

The madness starts at around 29 seconds when the crowd angry mob tries to yank a player’s jersey. That didn’t work, but you know what did? Yup, running on the field and just TAKING it!

My favorite part of the video is the three-second span when the kid took off running like he was the anchor leg of a 4×100 relay. Hey bud, I’m not a jersey stealing expert or anything but, uhhh … this was your plan? Yeah, good luck outrunning video cameras.

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If you read this blog than you probably saw the banner Maryland fans put together last week to honor coach Sasho Cirovksi . If you don’t, than get your life together.

Anyway, here’s the making of the banner just in case you’re interested in honoring your parents at the next family picnic. (What? I do it every year, there’s nothing weird about that … right?)


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When’s the last time you saw this kind of environment at a regular season Development Academy game? How about never.

Oakwood SC, of Connecticut, is building a pretty unique fan culture as they showed off in this match against FC Westchester last week.

Not a bad crowd. Development Academy hooligans? I like the sound of that.


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This just in: college football kickers suck. Well, they have this year, anyway. Yahoo wrote a big piece about this so-called ‘kicker crisis’ detailing just how bad they’ve been.

This is a simple fix, guys. If you want better college kickers you need more players who have made a career of, ahem, kicking. I don’t know, like, say, soccer players? These three college soccer players could save any football program in the country right this moment.

1. Austin Hardin. Oh, wait, Hardin is a former soccer star who was recruited and snagged by the Florida football program – what a novel idea! The Gators just might be onto something.

2. Mo Isom. Ok, so she didn’t make the football team at LSU – so what! There’s a football program out there that could use her, trust me on that. Have you ever seen her kick? Better yet, have you watched any college football this season? This past weekend, I saw a kick on T.V. so bad that I actually ducked and hit my head on my coffee table. Screw HD TV.

3. Furman’s Kevin Pahl. This strike is better than anything I’ve seen in college football this season. Like, seriously. Honestly, though, this final spot could belong to 90 percent of college soccer players. Pick up the phone college football. You need help.


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USWNT coach Pia Sundhage will officially wave goodbye tonight when her team takes on Australia in Colorado. There may be a few tears (mostly mine) and there will almost certainly be song as we celebrate a strong tenure for the leader of our women’s team. But before we get all emotional, let’s rationally break down Pia’s top moments as coach since she assumed the role in 2007.

1. 2012 Olympic Gold. Sure, Pia led the group to gold in 2008 as well but this last one just felt more important. Maybe it was all the generational clashing throughout the program, or maybe it was the loss in the 2011 World Cup but there was a special satisfaction to the most recent Olympics. The third (straight) time was most definitely the charm.

See the rest of Pia’s top moments after the jump.

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Written by Jahmal Corner

Dude, let me count the degrees of difficulty here:

  1. Pekka was blindfolded
  2. The goalkeeper wasn’t
  3. Pekka went with the rabona
  4. Pekka can’t speak English (makes everything more difficult)

I think this trick shot might be even more impressive than shooting off a goalkeeper’s head.


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Cristiano Ronaldo was the man today. He scored the game-winner in the 90th minute to lift Real Madrid past Man City in a classic duel. Yeah, Ronaldo was the man … the man BEHIND the man!

Real manager Jose Mourinho didn’t have to score in order to steal the show. His slide celebration one-upped Ronaldo’s and put him in rare air (A three-yard slide in Vera Wang Trousers? That’s talent!). Well done, Jose – I didn’t know you had it in you!


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