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Barcelona was headed for defeat until you-know-who did you-know-what … (that’s code for Messi scored goals. Catch up please.)


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Written by Jahmal Corner

Is this real? Did Sebastian Jansson just break out a scissor kick in the 90th Minute to give Marquette a Hollywood ending? I think he just did.

Consider this an early nominee for BEST FINISH EVER! The Golden Eagles opened their season with a 3-2 victory that will be hard to top. In a back and forth affair with Milwaukee, Jansson delivered the final moment and gave of us one to remember.

Ladies and gentlemen: your 2012 college soccer season.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

To answer your question: yes, these are really fans shooting flares and throwing Molotov cocktails at one another BEFORE a match even begins.

PAOK and Rapid Vienna got together for a Europa League match in Greece, but instead Modern Warfare 13 broke out. Every time I watch this I keep waiting for the ammo ration to flash across the screen until I realize wait, this is real life!

Madness. You’re not going to believe this, but according to the Associated Press there were no injuries or arrests made in the … WAIT WHAT! ARE WE WATCHING THE SAME VIDEO! No one was hurt? Are these Tupac holograms?

Must be nice to live in Greece. Here in the States you can get arrested for tossing trash – in Greece that’ll only get you laughed at by some guy hurling explosives on his way to work.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

The Seattle Sounders have one year remaining on their contract with X Box, meaning that in 2014 a new completely irrelevant product will be splashed across their shirt. Here are the top 3 sponsors we’d like to see endorse the Sounders.

1. Jack N The Box. Honestly, I just want to see Jack’s face on a soccer jersey. Plus, I can see the Sounders rotating new products on their kits like the JUMBACO!

2. Good Year Tires. Consider it a ‘good’ omen.

3. The 91st Minute. No-brainer. The Sounders attach themselves to one of the most powerful brands in the world (stop laughing!) while guaranteeing plenty of flattering media coverage. Have I mentioned that the Sounders are AMAZING by the way?! (See …)



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Written by Jahmal Corner

Despite dominating the action but only managing a 1-1 tie in their latest U20 World Cup match, the U.S. side feels good about their performance, if not their result.

Hear from Maya Hayes, Morgan Brian and coach Swanson as they react to the match and look forward.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

I love photoshop. It gives us the magic to turn THIS into what you see above (Not to mention it allows us to do THIS and THIS).

If a zombie ever really did slither onto the field I’d like to think Sydney could take it 1v1, but given her tweet below I guess this picture is more accurate than we think.

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Written by Jahmal Corner

By Jahmal Corner

For some strange reason, when I heard the news that Lance Armstrong had given up his fight against doping allegations and will probably be stripped of his seven Tour de France crowns, the first person I thought of was Brek Shea.

You see, Shea is a huge fan of Armstrong and in fact called him his inspiration during a 91st Minute interview. That always struck me – that a guy riding a bicycle in a race Americans previously couldn’t have cared less about would be the chief inspiration of a free-spirited footballer. It speaks to just how iconic Armstrong is (was?) and how transcendent he became.

For a time, Armstrong single-handedly represented his sport for Americans. I’m not sure how many athletes can claim such a distinction. But now the canvas is wiped clean and our image of Captain America is permanently destroyed.

Too bad for Shea. And for us.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

El Clasico never disappoints. We got goals from Messi and Ronaldo as well as a great match overall, with Barca pulling it out 3-2.

But enough about that. Here are the REAL highlights from the match.

* Sergio Ramos being Sergio Ramos at around 2:37. Did he just blatantly tackle a guy in the box? Of course he did!

* A Barca fan running on the field to celebrate Messi’s goal (3:35) with the team, only to trip and fall before he gets to live out his dream. Nice one, Stumblestiltskin.


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Written by Seth Burleigh

The men’s college season starts tonight. Thanks for joining us, fellas. Last week, our 5v5 panel gave you complete season predictions for the women, now the men get the treatment. Five writers – plus two special guests, hip hop artist and former Maryland player (excuse his bias) Kwame Darko, as well as pro prospect Miles Byass – answer 5 burning questions.

What are your predictions? Comment in this blog post with your national champion prediction and enter to win a FREE pair of the brand new Nike CTR 360s (including shipping)! Click here, here, or here (excellent review from SoccerCleats 101) for more info.

Now, on to the expert predictions:


Give me one surprise program that will burst onto the national scene this season?

Drew Epperley, WV Hooligan: West Virginia is a perfect side to keep an eye on to make it big this season. They enter a new era in a new conference (The MAC) and coach Marlon LeBlanc has a team that is stock full of quality upperclassmen and a few younger players that will contribute well this year.

PJ Fish, College Sports Madness: UAB is a growing program that seems to show improvements every season. The Blazers are not a program that have been highlighted often, but after the next few seasons they will start to shine more. UAB has steadily improved every year and I think they will continue to climb the ranks to the top five, and, eventually beyond.

J.R. Eskilson, TopDrawerSoccer.com: Coastal Carolina is my pick as the sleeper for 2012. The Chanticleers, great nickname by the way, were solid in 2011 and nearly knocked off North Carolina in the NCAA Tournament. I think the squad needed to taste that defeat before it really reached its potential. Striker Ashton Bennett is going to score a ton of goals, and if the defense can hold solid, Coastal Carolina will definitely turn some heads this fall.

Andrew Lewellen, Andrewlewellen.com: Northern Illinois. Since they’re located near Chicago, there’s a deep pool of local talent for them to access.  This could be the year they make it into the top 20 nationally.

Kristen Henneman, The Daily Nexus: SMU.

Kwame Darko, Hip Hop Artist (former Maryland player): Army.

Miles Byass, Pro Prospect: It’s always difficult to try to predict a Cinderella story – it’s like trying to figure out where lightning will strike … you know its out there, but never quite know when and where it will explode into action. One team I think has the essence to become college soccer’s thunderstorm is CSU Bakersfield. With their coach claiming his recruiting class as the best in his 25 years at the school you know it must be something special.


Give me one surprise player who will burst onto the national scene this season?

Epperley: Wil Trapp (midfielder/Akron). I’ve been following this kid for a couple years now. Trapp is rated as one of the top underclassmen this year. I’d expect him to be a big part of the Zips’ success this year, which could help him earn a professional contract from the Columbus Crew after the year is out.

Fish: Nick Palodichuk has played a major role in Duke’s offense, but was overshadowed by Andrew Wenger’s performance last season. Even though he is a midfielder, Palodichuk has the ability to dominate the pitch better than any forward in the NCAA.

Eskilson: Aaron Kovar of Stanford is a player that I have been high on for the last few years based on his club play with the Seattle Sounders Academy. He is a freshman this season with the Cardinal and already earned a spot in the starting lineup based on preseason games. His game is perfect for new head coach Jeremy Gunn’s style of play, so he should have no trouble adjusting to college life.

I Also believe that Samuel Hosseini (South Florida) and Deshorn Brown (UCF) will make some noise for their respective teams.

Lewellen: I’d keep an eye out for Nick Lewin at Michigan.  He spent the summer playing for Detroit City FC, Detroit’s new minor league soccer team, and he got valuable competitive experience with the club throughout the summer.

Henneman: Will Bates of Virginia.  He may surprise people after his season ended last year with a knee injury.

Darko: Sunny Jane of Maryland.

Byass: The not-so-surprise player that will get much media attention this year and burst out as one of the country’s best in my eyes is North Carolina’s Mikey Lopez. ACC Freshman of the Year • ACC All-Freshman Team • College Soccer News Freshman All-America … his record speaks for itself. He spent his off season getting some national team experience which will just make the kid more confident and a better player. He is definitely one to watch out for, I wouldn’t be surprised if he went as a top pick in the SuperDraft.

Don’t forget to comment below with your national champion prediction for your chance to win a FREE pair of the brand new Nike CTR 360s!

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Written by Jahmal Corner

The men officially kick off the season tonight while the women are well into Week 2, and since it isn’t humanly possible for you to follow every match – though our Scoreboard nearly makes it so (shameless plug) – we figured we’d give you some pointers.

Here are a few Games to Watch on this action-packed Friday night.



1. No. 1 North Carolina vs. Gardner-Webb. Here’s a helpful hint: when the defending national champions play a program that sounds like a law firm it’s probably going to be lopsided. I’ve got the Tar Heels plus five goals, and if I were Gardner-Webb I’d ask the judge for a recess.


2. No. 15 UCLA vs. No. 6 New Mexico. The Lobos went undefeated for the entire 2011 regular season, meaning they like, never lost. Will the Bruins snap them back to reality with an opening defeat?


3. No. 4 Akron vs. No. 42 Florida Gulf Coast. Reasons to watch the Zips: Scott Caldwell, DeAndre Yedlin’s hair and their new recruits.

See key matchups on the women’s side after the jump.

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