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The USWNT talked about their victory over Korea DPR and the upcoming quarterfinals yesterday … well, most of them did. Hope Solo, on the other hand, spoke in code about her ongoing feud with Brandi Chastain. Allow me to translate:

What she said: We’re riding high on confidence.

What she meant: I DO NOT like Brandi, ok? Not the soccer player; the drink, the singer … or her little brother – what’s his name, Bray-J? Close enough.


What she said: We’re headed to the quarterfinals where the fun really begins.

What she meant: If I hear my name out of Brandi’s mouth again I’m heading up to the broadcast booth mid-match. I don’t care if she uses ‘hope’ as a verb. No exceptions. Hope ‘hopes’ she doesn’t cross the line!


What she said: We didn’t score 2, 3, 4, 5 goals but we got our one goal and that’s all we needed when you have a great defense like we do.

What she meant: You HEAR THAT Brandi? We have a great defense! What? Say my name then! Say it! Say my name, say my name (Beyonce voice)!

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Written by Jahmal Corner

I hope you’re wearing your inspirational hat this morning. In the vein of the “Make a Wish Foundation,” Barcelona fulfilled the dream of an 11-year-old who is without feet by inviting him to a week-long camp in Rio de Janeiro.

This amazing young man hasn’t let his impairment stop him, and he impressed the coaches with his polished skill. He dreams of playing for Barcelona one day, and watching his courage and drive – who would doubt him?


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Written by Jahmal Corner

Before you go making a huge deal about Alex Morgan recently wearing a Man United jersey (ok, so we made a big deal about it too) there’s something you should know …

Alex has turned up in more jerseys than a Foot Locker mannequin … she’s flashed more colors than a peacock. I’m not saying she’s not loyal or anything, but if I were a teammate of hers I’d be frisking her for wire taps. Hey, she could be a spy.

See for yourself. The complete Alex Morgan jersey collection after the jump.

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Written by Jahmal Corner

Abby Wambach can be my wing-woman anytime (Iceman voice -Top Gun, circa 1986). If some drama breaks out on the street or the field, she’s the girl I’m rolling with. And not just because she can take a punch (although that doesn’t hurt … her case, I mean – I’m sure it definitely hurt!).

I want Abby at my side because she hits back. After being KO’d by Colombia just a few days earlier, Wambach responded in the best way possible – with a goal that gave the U.S. a 1-0 win over Korea DPR and a sweep in their Group G.

Is there a part of Abby that would’ve rather retaliated with a swift uppercut to someone’s chin? For sure. Check out her quote to the Associated Press after the match against Colombia:

“It’s interesting — you think about yourself and what you would do on the street if somebody were to sucker-punch you. And you have all of the lists of things that you would probably do to retaliate, but this is Olympics and I can’t risk getting a red card, I can’t risk getting a yellow card.”

In case you missed the implication of Abby’s quote let me translate it for you: She better be glad this is the Olympics, and if I ever see her on the street I’m going for the gold!

I’m just glad Abby’s on our side. And if I’m ever in need of backup, she’s the first person I’m calling.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

This just in: David Beckham has 20 million Facebook fans. We know this because he took the time out of his busy schedule to write it out in bubble letters and post it to Facebook.

Thanks for liking me on Facebook. Your reward? More of me on Facebook!

Actually, his exact message was this:

“A special thank you to everyone, I have the best support out there.”

I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news Becks, but you’re actually behind Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in Facebook likes (not to mention Slim Shady who has a cool 60 mill) so uhh … I wouldn’t say you have the best support out there.


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Written by Seth Burleigh

By Seth Burleigh

I’ve always been a Nike guy. I know I mentioned in an earlier post about my newfound appreciation for adidas…but I’ve always been a Nike guy. I prefer their design, style, and have always worn their cleats (or Umbro…which is Nike too).

So when Nike invited us up to paradise Nike World Headquarters, I jumped at the chance. We learned about the ins and outs of Nike’s design process, heard about all the neat things integrated into the new CTR 360s…but then we got to play in them.

I happened to try-out the soft ground version – which was also my first time wearing metal studs. And to my surprise, I would never have known. There were no uncomfortable pressure points and of course no traction issues.

The cleat itself was a little wide for my foot (either that or  I should have dropped down half a size in anticipation of a little stretching like the “pros” do) – but still comfortable. No blisters, no overheating (it was warm in Portland believe it or not), and no discomfort.

The overall touch was nice and they were light enough for me (no Ronaldo sprints here). When we sprayed water all over them to test out the performance when wet, there was no noticeable difference thanks to some fancy technology that counteracts any loss in friction due to wet weather – or at least I think that was the explanation.

For a more detailed explanation with a little more science and boot lingo, check out our friends at SoccerCleats101.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

Michel Morganella, a Swiss soccer player, became the second player to be sent home from the Olympics for racist tweeting (joining Voula Papachristou of Greece) after he made some disparaging remarks about the South Koreans online.

Not that he’ll be missed much. The video above is his lasting contribution to his team in their 2-1 loss to South Korea. So he’s a racist and a horrible diver.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

I don’t know the story behind this and frankly I don’t care. I just know that Alex Morgan tweeted this pic and we’re absolutely posting it!

Maybe she’s just been transferred to Man U, maybe she lost a bet to a Red Devils fan and had to put this on, or maybe she knows that my heart skips a beat every time she posts a twitpic and she’s trying to send me into cardiac arrest.  Either way (deep breath), thank you Alex!


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Written by Jahmal Corner

Kwame Darko has traded in his cleats for beats (it’s the best rhyme I could come up with … he’s the rapper, not me).

The former Maryland defender, who helped the Terrapins win a national championship in 2008, has been passionately pursuing a rap career since his graduation in 2009 and from the sound of things it’s paying off.

Darko recently released an iTunes single “Beautiful Thing,” and is working on more material in between his job for CBS Radio.

“During college, I was working on music and building my network, but soccer was always my platform,” Darko told Maryland’s athletic website. “Now, I am entrenched in the music industry (in New York) and get the chance to work on my own music too.”

Shot out to both Maryland and Kwame. Watching a man pursue his dreams truly is a “Beautiful Thing.”

(P.S. Kwame, if you ever need a guest appearance on a record – ask about me! I’m getting better all the time!)


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Written by Jahmal Corner

Now we know where gymnast Aly Raisman gets her flexibility. These were her parents performing with her every step of the way during her Olympic routine.

I don’t pretend to be an expert, but I can tell you that pulling off a gymnastics program from the stands is no piece of cake (even though I’m not sure what Catch it! Stick it! Means exactly).

I’m giving 9.9s to both of these parentals, and I’m retiring their celebrations into the rafters right alongside the legendary Pete Weber, Portland Timbers coach John Spencer and the horse trainer of ‘I’ll Have Another.’

Congratulations you two.


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