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You want to get paid? (You nodding.)

Just become a famous international soccer player. Sounds simple enough, right?

Sports Illustrated dropped its Fortunate 50 Highest Paid athlete list, and it featured a special International 20 edition that was dominated by soccer players. Here were the guys included:


1. David Beckham, $48.3 million

4. Cristiano Ronaldo, $35.3 million

5. Lionel Messi, $35.1 million

8. Samuel Eto’o, $30.2 million

12. Sergio Aguero, $23.5 million

 13. Wayne Rooney, $21.5 million

16. Yaya Toure, $19 million

18. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, $17.2 million

 19. Kaka, $16.6 million

20. Didier Drogba, $15.2 million

[Sports Illustrated]


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Dedication to a dream comes in different forms.

A man who wished to go to the 2014 World Cup was willing to dribble a ball the 10,000 miles it took to get from his Seattle home to the stadium in Brazil.

He had hoped his journey would bring awareness and promote the One World Futbol Project, an organization that donates soccer balls to less than fortunate countries all around the world.

But Wednesday morning, 42-year-old Richard Swanson was tragically hit by a truck in Oregon, and his dream looked as if it came to a halt.

His legacy seems to live on.

A foundation is in the works for Swanson, while his family friends are looking to help send his two sons, Devin and Raven, to the World Cup in his memory.

One World Futbol Project donates a carefully designed, durable and dependent soccer ball for every ball that is purchased. You can find out more about the project HERE.


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Written by The 91st


The writing was on the wall from the moment Robbie Rogers starting training with the Galaxy. It’s really pretty simple: Rogers wants to return to soccer, he’s a California kid who wants to play for MLS’ glamour team, and the Galaxy usually gets its guy.

The initial talks began Tuesday, as confirmed by club’s President of Soccer Operations Javier Leon.

“The Galaxy is officially interested in getting his rights, in having the right to sign him,” Leon said during a conference call. “We’re going to have a conversation with them about what it would take to consider giving up on a player that we feel strongly would be a starter on our team.”

Translation: pay us what he’s worth. We’ll see if the Galaxy does, but it just feels inevitable that Rogers ends up back home.


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Written by Reshad Bahadori

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Written by Dill Pickle


The streets are talking about Dwyane Wade’s fashion statement last night when he arrived to his game wearing vintage Steve Urkel raging water pants (they’re not really capris, but that’s what the internet is calling them, so whatev). Wade has never been afraid to push the style envelope so he was either attempting to push it further or his dry cleaner had an accident.

Abbreviated pants are nothing new in soccer as you see above with Lionel Messi modeling a pair of three-quarters. So … who you got in this fashion war: Wade or Messi?


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Messi says goodbye..

Written by Rudy Madrigal

Lionel Messi

To the season that is. After walking off during the second half of Barcelonas title-clinching victory against Atlético Madrid, it has been reported that Messi could miss the final three games of the season due to his re-aggravated hamstring injury. With only three games left, it isn’t worth the risk for Messi to come back, especially since they’ve already won the league trophy and don’t have any other trophies left to play for. Plus, I’m sure Argentina would love to have Messi fit for World Cup Qualifying this summer.


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Written by The 91st


Maybe I’m just the last to know (which is usually the case), but I recently discovered that DaMarcus Beasley isn’t just a gem on the field. Nope, he also sells them.

The US Soccer veteran and Puebla winger has his own DaMarcus Collection of all the bling you can imagine: platinum chains, watches, diamond encrusted medallions with his face on them (ok, maybe not … but maybe so).

He released it a couple years ago and it was noted as the first jewellery collection with a football player anywhere in the world.

He’s got a website and everything.

Who knew? (Not me).


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Written by Rudy Madrigal

Roberto Mancini

Roberto Mancini was fired as the manager of Manchester City after apparently not fulfilling any of the clubs stated goals (except qualifying for next seasons Champions League). This comes almost exactly one year after Manchester City clinched their first Premier League title in 44 years under Mancini.

With PSG reportedly turning down Real Madrid’s offer to speak to Carlo Ancelotti, it makes me wonder if Real Madrid would be interested in this Italian (Mancini) since it appears they can’t have Ancelotti. After-all, Jose Mourinho is sad at Madrid and apparently wants to leave, which, if he does, leaves a coaching job open.

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Written by Dill Pickle

In today’s Top Tuesday we’re counting down the five worst own goals. Some are old, some are new, but they’re all our very own.

5. FIFA 11 miscue: Even in the artificial pixel world, this is unacceptable.

4. Urecht center back trips:

3. Walter Calderon volley: Ok, so we’ve redefined the definition of “own goal” here, but this is crazy.

2.  Worst throw ever (video above).

1. Don’t mess with mother nature


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Written by The 91st

This is just sad. Unless you’re a Crystal Palace fan … or don’t have a soul.

This young kid, and Brighton supporter, was overcome with sadness after watching his team lose 2-0 to Crystal Palace in the Championship Playoffs.
My heart goes out to you, buddy. I wish I can tell you it gets easier. First your team loses, then girls start playing with your emotions; you find out Santa Claus is really Uncle Frank in a lame suit. Sigh … I’ll be back, I have something in my eye.


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