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SOCCER: FEB 09 Women's - Scotland v USA

The 2015 Women’s World Cup is set to be played in Canada. It is also set to be played on artificial turf.  And believe you me this has rustled some feathers.

U.S. dynamo Abby Wambach, in particular, is disappointed in FIFA’s decision. And I don’t blame her. Top-notch grass fields have always been the standard for FIFA World Cups, as they should be. I mean who really wants to play on shredded synthetic fibers intermixed with millions of black rubber chips (all of which seem to end up in every bodily and uniform crevice after each game without fail). It would be the equivalent of March Madness games being played on concrete painted to look like a hardwood court. Not ideal.

More on why FIFA got it wrong after the jump.

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Written by Reshad Bahadori

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Written by Reshad Bahadori

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Written by The 91st

Last week we posted a video of former Manchester United stars challenging current ones in a game of blindfolded telepathic football. As you can imagine this resulted in some clumsy, yet amazing exchanges. In essence, the original video had the feel of an outtakes segment so the above outtakes segment as the feel of … the original video. Consider this just an extension; a part two, if you will.


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Written by The 91st

As the US U17 MNT prepares for their CONCACAF U17 Championship in Panama City, coach Richie Williams introduces the 20-player roster. The team opens group play against Haiti on Sunday.


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It’s not every day that Tom Cruise is on the receiving end of an autograph.

But that’s what happened when Cruise was visiting the famous Estadio do Maracana and ran into Brazil superstar ‘Zico’ who presented the world-renowned actor with an autographed ball.

Actor Tom Cruise graced Brazil with his presence while in the country filming his latest movie.

Tomzinho” tells Globo TV how honored he would be to attend the finals of next year’s World Cup. The renovated stadium will host the Confederation’s Cup in June for the first time since 1950.

After this encounter it’s quite obvious that seeing stars, emerging or otherwise, is always a possibility in Brazil.


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This is an oldie but still a goodie; Wingrove and Lynch amaze us for three minutes, the young soccer geniuses take soccer to a whole new level. They manage to do so with a fantastic sense of fashion (something even Beckham couldn’t pull off), and I don’t know what amazes me the most, the outfits or the skill. These are true soccer magicians who use a soccer ball instead of a wand.


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Written by The 91st

Yeah, this is just Lionel Messi and Dani Alves prepping for a match against PSG earlier this week with your basic game of keep up. You know, the game you play with your buddies every now and again. Small difference here though, the Barcelona players are using about half the field to exchange passes and volleys.

Yup. Keep practicing.


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Written by Nicole Denenberg


Illinois senior Nicole Denenberg has seen it all during her four years as a college student-athlete, and now she’s sharing pearls of wisdom in her new blog. Today, she dishes out extensive step-by-step advice on choosing the right college program. Have a question for Nicole? Send it to editor@the91stminute.com

If you are considering playing soccer in college, then choosing the right school is crucial. Unless you are one of the select few already being recruited by coaches, it is important to strategize a college selection game plan. When selecting a school it depends upon what is most important to you. Think carefully about this and write down some ideas or thoughts. Discuss your notes with your family and maybe your coach.

I began to formulate two schools of thought regarding this decision: if attending a prestigious school is your main goal, then it is vital that you follow the paths that can lead toward that end. However, if your priority and passion is to become a member of a college soccer team above all else, your approach will be different. You may want to consider a broader range of schools. Don’t discount legitimate schools or offers. Be open to possibilities.

If money is an issue – and it often is for most college students and their families – a scholarship is something to take into consideration. Often a soccer player must put family economics first. That may be a hard reality. If that is the case, be positive and bring your soccer spirit to the situation knowing that you have made an unselfish decision.

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Written by The 91st

Yo, I wonder if these ads hit their target market (BADUM-CHING!).

On a slightly more serious note (very slightly), this might be the rare scenario where flopping was probably the way to go. Just stop, drop and roll, fellas! A wind storm blew several advertising boards onto the field where they took out a couple players and a linesman.

Now, if Argentinian team Arsenal de Sarandi was on the field those signs would have been in trouble!


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