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Alex Morgan isn’t the only pro who’s into yoga. New England Revolution defender AJ Soares has made it an important part of his game day routine. Though, once the match starts he’s far from peaceful.

In his Own the First Move segment, Soares shows us a side that contrasts the likes of Fredy Montero and Brek Shea, but then, every player is different. Soares prefers peaceful preparation early, before gearing up for match chaos!


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Written by The 91st

One time, on REAL TALK … our own Reshad Bahadori, A.K.A. “Reshaldo”, caught up with Sydney Leroux, A.K.A. “Canada Spry” (I just made that up and I think I like it).

In lieu of Sydney scoring twice against Ireland last night we thought we’d replay it. Oh, and in lieu of Alex Morgan putting down a hat-trick we thought we’d hit you with the Alex face after the jump.

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Written by The 91st

Here’s a short glimpse of Penn State’s trip to San Diego where they’ll face Florida State Friday for the right to play in the national championship.

Turns out that not only are the ladies fierce on the field but they’re also unstoppable when it comes to Scrabble. Poor Nittany Lions coach is getting the business!


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Written by Dill Pickle

The Development Academy Winter Showcase is this weekend, so naturally we’re thinking about … uh, jerseys.

We’re ranking the top 5 Academy kits from 5 to 1. This is the list, love it or hate it.



Scoring: Yup, I said it! The New Jersey club took some chances with its color scheme – one that isn’t for everybody – but I like the fearlessness. Three Jersey Shore fist pumps for this one.


NO. 4: De Anza Force

Scoring: We head to the West Coast for another identifiable kit (pictured main). You always know when you’re watching De Anza by their powdered blue combos. We dig it. And, hey, it works for Gerber Baby products, so …


NO. 3: Virginia Rush

Scoring: The Rush are clean, classic and basically the Brooklyn Nets in soccer uniforms. Did Jay-Z design these too?


NO. 2: Seattle Sounders

Scoring: Take it from a Seattle native; these kits are the perfect reflection of the city: lots of green, with shades of blue on the inside (tear).


See the No. 1 Development Academy kit after the jump

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Written by The 91st

Hope Solo and husband Jerramy Stevens have had quite the past couple weeks, and things just continue to grow more interesting.

According to Deadspin, and the Seattle Times, Stevens was arrested today in Florida for possibly violating his probation.

Here are the scarce details from the Times:

“Stevens was arrested at 10 a.m. at an address listed as his home residence on the sheriff’s report. He was booked at 11 a.m., according to records from the sheriff’s office. Stevens was on probation in Florida, stemming from a drug-possession charge from October 2010. Stevens was playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the time, and he was arrested near the team hotel after an officer found marijuana in a Crown Royal bag contained in his equipment bag. Stevens was to remain on probation until October 2013.”

Ironically, the report comes just a day after Solo gave an interview and spoke on her ‘happy’ marriage. Hope told ESPNW:

“I’m happy in my life. I know the people closest to me are the only ones who really know what happened. … I won’t read any of the negative things about me or my husband. Like I said, we’re happy, and ultimately that’s all that really matters.”

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Written by The 91st

The US Women’s National Team takes on the Republic of Ireland tonight and I know what you’re thinking … uh, SO???

Just bear with me here as I explain why this could be an exciting match and the Irish ladies should NOT be taken lightly.

1. The above photo. Her name is Cherelle Khassal and this is the image she chose for her profile pic. Everyone else has a standard mugshot yet she’s holding a trophy. Keep an eye on this one.


2. Ireland midfielder Ruesha Littlejohn. Yup, her name is Little John. OK!? WHAT?? YEEEAAAAAAH!

3. Euro 2012. The Irish don’t play around with their soccer.


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Written by Dill Pickle

As if North Carolina doesn’t have enough to worry about. The Tar Heels are on the verge of facing Stanford in the College Cup, yet there’s an internal battle that’s playing out simultaneously. North Carolina stars Crystal Dunn and Kealia Ohai have both been announced as finalists for US Soccer’s Young Female Athlete of the Year Award.

On the surface, you may not see a big deal; they’re teammates and friends, so either should be happy for the other. But think about this: have you ever showed up to a party wearing the exact outfit as your frenemy? Now think about doing it for an entire season! Yeah, there’s tension brewing alright. Oh, and that teammate Crystal is hugging in the pic above – yeah, NOT Kealia!

Here’s the tale of the tape between the two Tar Heel combatants:


MAJOR                      MINOR          NAME USED IN SENTENCE

Dunn: Sociology           Ballin’         Oh, you Dunn messed up!

Ohai:  Journalism        Ballin’          Oh, hi … bye.


Edge: Too close to call.


Who wins Young Female Athlete of Year

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Written by Charlie Nobile

adidas f50 adizero III messi

adidas’ newest release, the F50 adiZero III, are ideal for pacey wingers and elusive strikers. But can they hold up for defenders and defensive midfielders who like a good 50-50 challenge? The 91st Minute finds out.

I’ve always been a bit of a traditionalist with my boots, opting for kangaroo leather and simplicity in design, rather than the flashy synthetic cleats that most attackers prefer these days. Needless to say, I was skeptically intrigued when adidas graciously decided to send these our way to review.

The boots weigh in at a ridiculously light 5.8 oz, and they definitely feel that light when you’re playing. Where adidas has really improved the adiZero III from the II however, is along the upper portion of the boot. The upper is built stronger than its predecessor, and it also contains a newly textured material to help improve control and touch. No wonder Messi endorses these things.

The breaking in period was surprisingly short and painless, leaving my feet with no blisters. A cool new feature on these is the 3D textured pattern on the SprintSkin upper, which is designed to improve performance in all weather conditions. Because I’m privileged enough to live in Southern California, I haven’t tested them out in rain, but this SprintSkin sure sounds cool. Apparently it forces water to slide off the cleat, rather than absorb it.

The cleats survived brilliantly my first couple of games and tackles, but it remains to be seen exactly how many hefty challenges they can endure. Due to its newly redesigned upper, I probably wouldn’t have a problem recommending these for defenders who are looking for lighter cleats. The boots have a slated release date of December 1st, and are set to retail at $209.99. Get them and you won’t be disappointed, regardless of your position.

More pics after the jump…

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Written by Seth Burleigh

The ladies have all arrived in San Diego for the Women’s College Cup and they’re all talked out. All four teams had their pregame press conferences, and here are a few of the gems that came out of the sessions. Let’s get it on!

Penn State’s Maya Hayes on trash talk:

“No there hasn’t been any trash talking actually. I actually just saw Megan (Brigman) last night, I talked to Crystal Dunn, talked to a few people, and we’re just excited to see each other more than anything. There is no trash talk though.”

Our take: WHY NOT!? And why are you talking to Tar Heels?!!!


North Carolina’s Crystal Dunn on maintaining tradition:

“There’s such a great tradition with this school that I think any girl who wanted to come to this school had in their mind that they wanted to win a national championship …. why not put on the jersey and think that you have to uphold that tradition.”

Our take: You should start by not talking to Maya. She’s dangerous. Stay AWAY FROM HER!

See what Stanford and Florida State had to say after the jump.

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Written by The 91st

We’ve all got that one undercover friend: great person, tons of fun, but if we cross paths in public – you don’t know me, player.

That’s how I feel about Playing for Keeps. Would I watch it on a weekend with the girlfriend? … You saw Jessica Biel and Catherine Zeta-Jones in the preview, right?

But other than that, I’m preparing myself for awkward scenes of Gerard Butler pretending to be a soccer player when we all know that there were never any futbol scenes in 300.

The movie drops on December 7 but I think I’ve seen enough from these previews. Let’s just say Playing for Keeps won’t be joining Air Bud: World Pup in the pantheon of great soccer films anytime soon.


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