Written by Zev Taublieb


Meet Chivas USA youth academy star Adonis Amaya. Amaya is a standout for the U16 group that has been called up to play for the US U17 National Team. In the following interview you’ll learn of his love for family, Chinese food and a few other random things.

Special thanks to Barry Ritson, the Executive Head Director of coaching at LA Premier, for his help in putting these interviews together.


Where are you from?

AA: Westminster, California. My Mom is from Mexico and my father is from El Salvador.


If you had a clone what club team would that clone play for?

AA: Liverpool. I would love to play with Suarez.


What is your pre-game ritual?

AA: I go on my phone and play music. I listen to hip-hop – Mac Miller – and get myself into the zone. Then I watch Suarez score some goals and then I go try and play like him. (laughs).


If/when you score this coming season what will your celebration be?

AA: I usually thank the player who gave me the assist or thank my parents. Then I will pick the ball up from back of the net and put it back on the kick off spot. This signifies I am ready to do it again.


What is your favorite food?               

AA: Chinese food. I love it!


What is the best food you have eaten while at your club?

AA: We went to some very tasty restaurants during the MLS cup. I like the Italian restaurants we go to. The coaches are very careful about what they let us eat. They want us to eat whatever will help us perform the best.


Who is the player you look up to on your team?     

AA: I look up to Marco Delgado (aka Marky). He is 17 and just signed pro with Chivas USA. I have played with him and against him and he deserves to be where he is.

Amaya details his first kiss after the jump.

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Written by The 91st

The US U20 Men’s National Team did what the senior squad could not in their World Cup qualifying opener – they earned points.

Luis Gil and Daniel Cuevas scored first-half goals and the US held on for a 2-1 victory over Haiti at Estadio Olímpico Universitario Lobos BUAP. Check out the winning highlights above.


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Written by Trey Messiah


With the announcement from Robbie Rogers that he will be retiring from soccer, the young footballer joins a long list of athletes who exited the stage too soon.


Mia Hamm- Hamm decided to leave the game at the age of 32.  She accumulated 158 career goals for the U.S. national team in 275 games.

Sam Hutchinson- The 21 year old English defender had to step away from the game due to injuries

Alan Shearer- After the Euro 2000 Alan Shearer retired from international play at 29-years-old.

Michael Jordan- I know you are probably thinking, didn’t he play until he was 40! But in 1993 Jordan had his first retirement from basketball at the age of 30.

Jay Williams- The Duke star and 2002 second overall draft pick saw his career end after only one season in the NBA due to a terrible motorcycle accident. He now works on ESPN as an analyst.

Barry Sanders- Sanders played 10 years in the NFL for the Detroit Lions.  He ranks third all time in rushing yards, and likely would have finished first if not for his retirement.

Jim Brown- Retiring at 29-years-old and in his prime!  Brown was elected to the Pro Bowl in every season he played in the NFL. He was also a three-time MVP…what if LeBron retired right now?!?

Bo Jackson- Although Bo Jackson played multiple sports, his NFL career was only four years. He also scored 16 touchdowns as a back up before a hip injury derailed his career.

Annika Sorenstam- She retired in 2008 at 38.  She ranks third all time LPGA tour wins and ended her career with 10 majors.


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Written by Dill Pickle

This press conference was doomed from the start when a reporter asked Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger about a possible contract extension and Wenger proceeded to completely forget how to hold press conferences.

In an attempt to help Wenger recover from this meltdown (which was supposed to be about tomorrow’s Champions League match between Arsenal and Bayern Munich), we’ve answered a few of his important questions.


1. Why do you look at me? … Um, when you’re the center of a press conference, coach, reporters tend to look at you. Sorry.

2. Where does information come from? It comes from people, coach. Just like babies.

3. I have won four times the FA Cup, who has won it more? GIVE ME ONE NAME! … Ok, that’s just about enough out of you, coach! Just so you know how this press conference thing works, reporters ask questions and you answer them. Let’s try this again after you face the Bayern team that you didn’t want to talk about during your press conference about Bayern.


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Written by Dill Pickle

Sydney Leroux

You know what they say: it’s not what you know, it’s how famous/hot you are and how many of your famous friends can get you into the NBA All Star Game. Well, something like that, anyway.

Sydney Leroux is climbing up the famous chart before our very eyes (well, technically she’s hanging out behind the VIP curtain so we can’t literally see her we just know she’s blowing up). After attending the NFL Pro Bowl last month, Leroux thought she’d double up and hang out at Sunday’s NBA All Star Game in Houston.

We know this because she tweeted about it:

You’ll notice she thanked Philadelphia 76ers point guard Jrue Holiday for the experience. Yeah, the same Holiday who attended UCLA with Leroux and is the boyfriend of US Soccer teammate Lauren Cheney. There it is, ladies and gentlemen – connections.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to call my friend Rick. He gets me into the zoo for free.


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Written by Kristin Haseley


After an exhausting Valentine’s Day full of endless pursuits by my many male suitors I finally arrived home at my apartment Thursday evening and crashed on the couch. Who am I kidding? My day was much closer to THIS. I was exhausted from a day of weights, classes and practice.  As I flipped on the television and started watching the day’s soccer highlights a brilliant thought flashed through my head. What if all these good-looking, extremely talented and sometimes foreign soccer players were my Valentine’s?

And so I bring you: Kristin’s Top Five Footballing Valentine’s (In my dreams).


5. Chris Pontius – This 25-year-old midfield cutie (above) currently plays his club soccer for MLS side DC United but spends most of his free time running through my mind!


4.  Aaron Ramsey - Maybe it’s just the Arsenal fan in me coming out, but man does look good in his jersey. Although he’s struggled to find a consistent spot in Arsenal’s first team this season, he’s been able to hold down a top spot in my heart. Congrats, Aaron.


3.  Carlos Bocanegra - Although this US Men’s National Team captain is a little bit older, he still deserves to be in the top 5. Who doesn’t want a mature, sophisticated (NAKED) gentleman anyway, right ladies? He’s currently playing his club soccer in Spain, so I send him mi amor.

See the final two men of my dreams after the jump.

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Written by The 91st

This original video is somewhere between funny/awkward/random, and that’s exactly what we love about it.

Cal State Stanislaus freshman Krystal Gouveia, who prefers to interview her subjects with an invisible microphone (shrug), tried desperately to find a Valentine’s Day date last week, but the harder she tried the worse it got. Hang in there, Krystal.


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Written by The 91st

After more than a year of preparation, the U.S. U20 MNT is set to begin its CONCACAF qualifying tournament on Monday (6:30 pm EST, Fox Soccer Channel) against Haiti.

It’s been a long build up for head coach Tab Ramos, who has evaluated more than 70 players in eight camps that have been held in different corners of the world.

Last time out, the U20s failed to make the World Cup, but Ramos doesn’t think that is adding pressure to his group this time around.

Make sure you’ve read up on our complete preview along with five alternates for the final roster we would’ve taken instead.


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There is no one that has scored more goals for Barcelona than Lionel Messi who just added two more against Granada and went over the barrier of 300.

After looking at Infostrada Sports I managed to conclude these stats behind Messi’s genius, so if you like numbers you are going to love this …

Of the 301 goals Messi has scored, 207 have been in La Liga, 56 in Champions League, 24 in Copa Del Rey, 10 in Super Cup, 4 FIFA Club World Cup, and 1 in Europa’s Super Cup.

But who played the ball to Messi all these times? Well, the result will probably surprise you. In spot Number one we find Dani Alves with 31 assists, followed by Xavi’s 28, Iniesta’s 27, Pedro’s 18, and NY Red Bulls star Thierry Henry with 9.

The first goals Messi scored were against Albacete in 2005. Messi actually scored two identical goals but the first was ruled offside. Both of them were assisted by the times soccer genius Ronaldinho.

How did Messi score? Well, according to Infostrada Sports he has scored 244 goals with his left foot, 44 with his right, 12 with his head (one in the Champions League final against Manchester United), and one last goal, surprisingly, with his hand.

Something that truly amazed me is Messi’s ability to score against the best competition. He has scored 20 goals against Atlético Madrid and 17 on Real Madrid. That is also equal to 17 goals on Iker Casillas, who arguably is the best goalkeeper in the world.

As of his last game against Granada he has now scored in 14 La Liga games in a row, and is currently leading the top scoring competition with 37 goal

All we can do is take our hats off and thank him for the show he provides us with.

After the jump you can take in Messi’s first 234 goals. We apologize for missing 65 of his goals, but much like Messi’s talent, we’ll just have to leave that to the imagination.

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Written by The 91st

D.C. United gives us a brief glimpse into their Development Academy club with this profile video, which features the coaching staff as well as MLS player Bill Hamid.

D.C. consistently stays competitive in the Academy while staying true to their objective of overall development – a balance all clubs should be striving to navigate.

The only thing missing from this video was Hamid bursting onscreen and reminding everyone that THEY CAN’T HOLD US BACK!


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