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This is the dilemma of Olympic athletes who retire from competition in their 20s and then realize: Man, I’m bored.

Michael Phelps will likely just eat more Subway with moms, but Usain Bolt is looking to do something more constructive with his time.

It’s no secret that Bolt has a passion for soccer, and the fastest-man-ever-created-by-human-beings-on-planet-Earth is now lobbying to get a trial with Man United.

He told The Sun:

“People think I am joking, but if Alex Ferguson called me up and said, ‘OK let’s do this, come and have a trial’, it would be impossible for me to say no. I would not take up the challenge if I didn’t think I was good enough. I would be the fastest player on the team – but I can play as well.”

Personally, I think Bolt is worth a look. Could he stay onside? Not even if he was crawling. But if nothing else, it’d be fun to watch a soccer player break the sound barrier.

[ESPN Soccernet]


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Written by Jahmal Corner

By Erica Joe

I love Abby Wambach. Let’s just get that out there. Some (maybe many) will disagree with me, but I think she could be the greatest female soccer player EVER. I was young when Mia Hamm was in her heyday, so maybe I missed something there. Not that I don’t think Mia Hamm was awesome, I just think Abby is awesome-er.

Wambach leads her team on and off the field, she’s incredibly tough (she’s got a little gangsta in her – don’t think of crossing her on the street), her skill doesn’t even need mentioning, and she’s smart.

During the overwhelmingly stressful semifinal match against Canada (I couldn’t sit still throughout the match and might have kicked a trashcan or two), it was Wambach who counted off the seconds aloud each time Canada’s goalkeeper Erin McLeod held the ball – causing the referee to make the extremely rare call for delay of game. Goalkeepers are allowed six seconds to hold the ball, and this was at least the fifth time McLeod held onto it for over 10 seconds. Maybe not the most intricate of plans by Wambach, but her persistence may have pushed the referee to finally make the call.

After Wambach’s performance in the World Cup I wanted to make a bronze bust of her head because it was the U.S. team’s most powerful and dependable weapon. Now maybe it should be a gold bust…or, a silver depending on Thursday’s outcome. My fingers are crossed for gold!


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(Image is after the jump).

Now we know where Sydney gets her passion. She shared an image that’s worth 1,000 words (and a couple thousand ‘patriotism points’ … Obama keeps track) and says everything about how much her mother supports her.

I would know: my mom used to attend my sporting events as well, but she’d usually sit in the back and wear a disguise, ducking down when the referee inevitably asked “whose injured child is this?”

Oh well.

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I posted this image for one reason and one reason only: Ok, two reasons …

1. Green Screen is cool



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By Travis Clark

Pressure? What pressure.

That’s been the response by the Brazilian men’s soccer team at these Olympics, as the Selecao easily advanced to the gold medal game thanks to a 3-0 win against South Korea on Tuesday. Neymar didn’t even score, as striker Leandro Damiao scored twice to lead the favorites to victory.

As documented earlier, this has been a gold medal or bust Olympics for the Brazilians, so to deliver in these high-pressure circumstances (at least so far) is impressive indeed. Not to mention that they play a superb style of soccer as well.

Brazil will face a side very familiar to U.S. Soccer fans, as Mexico advanced to the final with a 3-1 defeat of Japan earlier in the day. It wouldn’t be a happy day to see El Tri awarded the gold medal, but surely they’ll have their work cut out for them against Brazil on Saturday.


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Landon Donovan set it off in 2010 with his World Cup goal for the ages; Abby Wambach gave us a header we’ll never forget in the 2011 Women’s World Cup and Alex Morgan has just staked her own claim to the US Soccer highlight reel (her goal is after the jump).

You tell me: which moment will you most remember?

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Sports makes us do crazy things.

Look at this young fan shadow boxing the ghost of Canadian soccer. When Alex Morgan landed a winning goal, this young lady landed herself in sports celebration lore by completely losing control of her bodily movements.

And to all the haters, which includes her brother, she has a simple response:

“YOU shutup!”

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Written by Jahmal Corner

My immediate thoughts from the USWNT’s dramatic 4-3 win over Canada:

1. ALEX MORGAN! With her game-winning header Abby Wambach style, she just went from American Sweetheart to American Hero. It’s officially time to address her nickname: ‘Baby Horse.’ Let me repeat that: Alex Morgan, THE Alex Morgan goes by ‘Baby Horse.’ Who signed off on this? Not the 91st Minute, that’s for sure. Couldn’t we have called her ‘Filly’ at the very least? Nicknames should never be that specific. LeBron is ‘King James,’ not ‘Man Who Sits on a Throne and Wears a Crown.’


2. Thank you, referee. That bogus call you made on Canada’s keeper (whatever it was) to set up Abby Wambach’s equalizer – yeah, we appreciate that. Check’s in the mail.


3. Those Canadians can play! It’s a good thing the team didn’t go with my goal celebration ideas – that might have really set the Canadians off!  We struggled against Canada in preparation for the Olympics, and they proved it was no fluke in the rematch. Hats off to the team North of the Border. I see you (that means you Desiree Scott. If you ever need anything, like uhh, a Green Card … call me).


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Written by Jahmal Corner

This is a must-see ESPN story about a young lady who is fulfilling her dream of playing college soccer despite the loss of her left leg.

McMahon was the victim of a freak accident that took her limb back in 2009, but through a couple years of hard work she triumphantly returned to the field. This is goosebump good.


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I can’t decide what was stronger, here: the Nelson Rivas headbutt or the reaction from the announcers.

“OH! He’s gone! Forever. FOR-EV-ER.”

Nelson will undoubtedly receive a suspension, and he deserves one. But – and I know this is a crazy idea – maybe we should let MLS handle it rather than two broadcasters overdosing on their microphones. You have headsets and mics fellas, not badges and flashlights.

By comparison, let’s look at how two sober announcers handled a much more infamous headbutt after the jump.

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