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Not to belittle the striker for Dutch team Beerschot Antwerpen Dames – Nicoletta den Ridder – but, yeah … let’s.

She couldn’t throw a pebble in the ocean … seriously, I handed her a pebble and her toss ended up somewhere in South America.

This is bad. Wide open goal. It was gift; like a free lunch. I guess she decided to go Dutch instead (BADUM-CHING).


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Written by The 91st


Well, this is one way of showing your frustration as a fan. Australian Bundesliga club Rapid Wien is enduring a disappointing season, so since they can’t put out a winning product their fans decided they’d no longer have access to their offices.

Attached to the wall is a photo of manager Werner Kuhn with a caption that reads “I’m not allowed in.”

This is cool and all, but it’s also a lot of work. Next time, I’d recommend just putting up an emotional wall instead. It’s just as effective.


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Written by Dill Pickle


I’m not comfortable calling THIS a red card. At worst, it’s a fuchsia.

The referees clearly disagree with me here as they gave Becks a straight red for this little maneuver in the 90th minute of PSG’s 1-0 win over Evian Thonion. This wasn’t even a very good flop. Becks barely touches the guy and he goes frequent flyer mile soaring through the air. I guess you could argue that Beckham’s intent wasn’t to win the ball, but I’m not buying it and neither is Becks or a very disgruntled Posh Spice.


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Robin Van Persie came back to Emirates this weekend, this time wearing a Man U shirt. Someone should’ve reminded him of that! He nearly walked into Arsenal’s locker room and at the last second remembered that he no longer plays for the gunners. Not that Arsenal would’ve minded he switched uniforms.


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Written by Travis Clark

ManCityThe New York Times is reporting that Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour (on the right) is the favorite to become the owner of a 20th Major League Soccer club that would be based New York City.

News and rumors have been swirling in the past few months about the newest MLS team, with the league going on record time and time again to indicate interest in finding a way to add a second team to the market in the New York metropolitan region. This isn’t the first time a link between Manchester City and the new team has emerged either.

Contingent upon the deal is whether or not MLS can reach an agreement with New York in order to build a stadium in Queens. If that goes through, Mansour would pay a reported franchise fee of $100 million to join the league in 2016, with the name of New York City FC floated for the new team.

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Written by The 91st

And it looks like Chornomorets has taken the lead 1- … uhhh … 1-1.

During a Ukrainian Super League match between Chornomorets and Metalist Kharkiv, we witnessed just about the fastest equalizer goal ever. Chornomorets scored first then completely fell asleep as Brazilian striker Cleiton Xavier ran up and caught the goalkeeper napping.

Great strike, but horrible awareness.


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Written by Zev Taublieb


Can you name the first ever American player to be signed by Manchester United at the age of 16? Can you name the first and only American player who has won a Champions League title? Can you name the current Technical Director of the LA Galaxy?

Tip: They are all the same person. Time’s up!  It is JOVAN KIROVSKI. His 1v1 interview begins now:


How did Manchester United see you play?

JK: I went over to England with the US youth national team when I was 16. We played against Manchester United, Liverpool, and other English clubs. A scout from Manchester United invited me for a two-week trial that next summer. United wanted me to play in MILK Cup, a youth international tournament, but their roster was full. They lent me to Glasgow Rangers for the tournament and we ended up winning. I scored 7 goals in 7 games and many clubs wanted me. Manchester United was the obvious choice for me, however. My parents were very supportive and before I knew it I was the youngest and first American playing professional soccer for one of the best teams in the world.


You are the only American to win the Champions League. If you had to describe the emotions you felt at the time in one word what would it be?

JK: AMAZING! It was a fantastic experience. I did not think about it then, but the players I was around were the best in the world. We were the Barca of now and I was a player among them.


You were only 16 years old and the first American player to be playing abroad. Was it difficult adapting to the your new environment in England with Manchester United?

JK: Being an American was not easy, but once you show them you can play everyone gives you respect.


Can you describe your emotions during your first debut for the US national team at 18 years?

JK: GREAT! I was born and raised here! I have played 62 games with the US national team and have played at the youth level as well as in the Olympics. It was always amazing playing for my country. I wanted to be the best!

Kirovski talks playing in Bundesliga and MLS after the jump

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Written by Bryan Byrne

CR7 91st

Is there a boot on the market with more attitude than this latest signature Cristiano Ronaldo release? The designers at Nike HQ decided to go all retro and put together a hypnotizing and extremely enigmatic rainbow colored Vapor IX CR.

On release, the reaction from fans was as you would expect – dazed and confused. But in typical CR7 fashion, his boots have steadily grown on the masses and the fact that he is sporting them with extreme confidence doesn’t hurt things. The first thing to note on this release is the fact that Nike use a smooth Teijin microfiber upper that is very different to the dimpled texture we saw on the initial Vapor IX release. This of course has a lot to do with CR7′s own personal taste and it offers fans a different style and performance.

Read the full review HERE


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Written by The 91st

Here are Manchester United teammates Javier Hernandez and David De Gea going against each other in a random game that can only be understood if you’re a part of the player’s lounge. Personally, I’m not. The bouncer at the door wouldn’t let me in, so …


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Written by The 91st

Man City

Congratulations Manchester United, you deserve to ride home in style.

That’s exactly what the Big red did when they caught a blue cab completely covered in an ad for Man City shirt and stadium sponsor Etihad.

Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand were among the players in the cab, which turned out to be a great photo op and was placed in the Manchester Evening News as a ad for Etihad.

[Dirty Tackle]


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