Written by Dill Pickle

Webb main

Well, they’ve arrived. Katherine Webb, the young woman who should’ve won last night’s Grammy Award for Best New Artist (sorry, Fun) continues her meteoric rise with this Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot.

The SI issue will hit newsstands on Valentine’s Day, but we couldn’t wait until then so you’re welcome. Unfortunately, there’s no sign of her sister Alex Morgan being featured in the mag as she was last year. I guess the siblings needed some time apart.

A preview of the spread after the jump.

[Sports Illustrated]

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Written by Kristin Haseley

Super Bowl power

One moment the game was flowing with the fans heartily cheering on their squads, the next it was all but dark on the field. You know where this is going right? Endless tweets about how Beyonce’s show stole all the power or about how Bane is getting ready to take over the Super Bowl? Not quite.

Head a little more than 4,500 miles east and find your way to Craven Cottage, the footballing grounds of Fulham FC. That’s where the Cottagers had their hands full as they hosted the Premier League leaders, Manchester United on February 2. The match was halted just before halftime after a floodlight failure caused the grounds to go nearly pitch black. The teams went back into the dressing rooms as they waited the ten minutes for the lights to restart.

Manchester United went on to win the match 1-0 on a strike by Wayne Rooney and there were no complaints about the “momentum being halted” by the blackout. Come on NFL, man up!


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Written by The 91st

This is Oregon State students and staff getting their ‘Harlem Shake’ on, as the rest of the world has. You have to hand it to Beaver Nation, they like to party.

As for the rest of the nation, we’re still mesmerized by choreographed dance videos. I’m not sure how this all started, but … wait a minute … I know exactly who’s responsible for this! The answer is after the jump.

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Written by The 91st

Former MAC Hermann Trophy winner Christen Press scores two goals in her first ever appearance on the full U.S. women’s national team – a 4-1 win over Scotland on Saturday.

Press has been a curious omission from the US Soccer program given her decorated college career, but she capitalized on her long awaited chance and will be a player to watch moving forward.


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We are back with a new episode of TopDrawerSoccer.com’s College Cribs. Previously, we learned that chilling is an art form, and that cruising is done best on a scooter. But this time, we get an exclusive look into the life of Marquette bachelor DJ Schillinger.

As DJ gives us a tour of the essentials in his bachelor pad, all we can do is admire the style and originality of his palace. It’s not every day you get a chance to touch a bed made out of Egyptian Ostrich, or see a shirt made of Siberian Fox. And keep an eye out for the beautiful art DJ and his “boys” have chosen to decorate their walls. Every man lives, but not every man makes it to College Cribs.


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Written by Megan Miller

Miller Diary

Megan Miller is a senior Oregon State player and a recovering soccer addict. She’s now been soccer sober for more than three months since her career with the Beavers came to an end. This is her latest update:

I am now more than three months “soccer sober.”  As of two weeks ago, I started to realize how much free time I have without a practice to attend.  At first, my time was filled up with sleeping, America’s Next Top Model, marathons, cleaning rampages, The Bachelor Mondays, excessive Pinterest time… you get the picture.  And then it hit me:  I’ll be graduating in all of five months and if I want to get a job then I had better get to work.  Luckily, all those years of competitive soccer taught me well, and… I GOT A JOB!

And not just any job: a job that is within my major and will definitely look good on a resume. When it came time for my first day I wasn’t quite sure what the appropriate dress code would be, but I had a feeling my usual sweats ensemble would not be such a good idea.  After pushing all of my sweatpants, shorts, sports bras, team shirts, soccer socks, sweatshirts, raincoats, and Nike runners aside, I was able to find the rest of my wardrobe. For a while I had forgotten that I actually owned clothes that weren’t made from dry-fit material.

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Written by The 91st

This kid is about a year old and he’s already better than you. Enjoy.



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Written by Reshad Bahadori

How many times have you seen a free kick taken with… a header? That’s what we see in this futsal game from Kuwait, as a player picks up an unusual assist off a set piece. I’m still trying to figure out why he didn’t just use his foot.

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Written by Trey Messiah

2013 MLS SuperDraft Presented By Adidas

1) No lockout

2) Andrew Farrell

3) New Galaxy

4) GK Wars- S. Johnson and B. Hamid

5) 19 total teams…rivaling other competitive leagues worldwide

1. The MLS will start on time! With the NBA, NFL, and NHL all going through lockout years consecutively…it is a relief if you are a MLS fan that the league will be starting on time.

2. Everyone should be excited for the 1st pick overall Andrew Farrell of the New England Revolution.  His potential is through the roof and with his speed, versatility, and skill he should be a great asset to the league.

3. With a somewhat new Galaxy team, the door is wide open for a new league champion.  David Beckham, 37 has left the club and the MLS.  Fans and more importantly L.A will miss him.  Another MLS all star may not be returning either.  Landon Donovan’s timetable to return with the Galaxy is uncertain.  This might diminish the chances of a 3 peat from L.A.

See the final two after the jump.

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Written by The 91st


Have you ever heard of the Michelin Guides? Didn’t think so. You’re not missing much. Anyway, they’re a longstanding European restaurant and lifestyle guide – serious stuff. Soccer fan Adam Mascall, however, has made a complete mockery of them. He bought the domain name Michelinguides.com and turned it into a series of memes for former French soccer player Michel Platini – like the one above, showing off his Girl Scout pose.

Each one puts Platini in a Michelin Guides scenario. Michelin Guides have threatened legal action and Mascall responded with the following:

“I just want to say i have the utmost respect for the Michelin brand and what they do. My website is nothing to do with what they do. I am giving the world what it wants and right now that is Michel in guides. There are future plans that I can’t go into right now. I just hope everyone can be a part of this and together we can share a unique experience.”

We thank you for that, sir.

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