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Well, this is it for Mo. Today and tomorrow she’ll give it one final go as she attempts to become the first female player to make an SEC football team.

The former LSU goalkeeper turned placekicker, Isom tried out for the team last spring but didn’t make it.

In a recent profile on ESPN’s Grantland, Isom said:

“I want to earn it. I don’t want it given to me. If I don’t earn it, then I’ll cry for a while, and I’ll be fine. I’ll move on with my life.”

We wish her the best of luck. Either way, she’s already wowed us on and off the field.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

E-M footyroom.com by footyroom

Wait, Man U lost? With Van Persie on its team? Nobody panic, DON’T FREAK OUT!

Van Persie barely played, and besides, Tim Howard is ballin right now – he should’ve made the Hot List. Anyway, highlights are above.


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So here’s what we did: seeing as how the Princeton Review dropped its annual “Top Party School” list (in advance of the 2013 edition of “The Best 377 Colleges) we combined their performance list with our own on-field ranking to determine which programs can really “play.”

And seeing as how men’s soccer is dragging its feet and has yet to start the season (that was so last week fellas) we only ranked the women. Those are the breaks. These are the champs:


Princeton rank: 8; TDS rank: 3; Total Score: 11



Princeton rank: 1; TDS rank: 18; Total Score: 19



Princeton rank: 11; TDS rank: 10; Total Score: 21



Princeton rank: 6; TDS rank 17; Total Score: 23



Princeton rank: 4; TDS rank 20; Total Score: 24

See the rest of the top 10 after the jump.

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Welcome to our season-opening 91st Minute Hot/Not List where we take the temperature of college soccer and other random stuff. Read on, it’ll all make sense … in most cases.



1. Upsets: College soccer’s opening weekend saw top teams fall like autumn (see what I did there?). Down went North Carolina, Notre Dame, Florida, Memphis and West Virginia. We’re happy to report that the 91st Minute is still standing, however.

2. The defending champs: That would be Stanford. The Cardinal beat Santa Clara like they had something to prove – 6-1. Yeah, and the Broncos are no slouches.

3. Penn State: First, Maya Hayes was anointed the Hermann Trophy favorite by our 5v5 panel, then the Nittany Lions opened with two victories while playing WITHOUT Hayes. Oh, and one of those wins came against No. 11 Virginia. Not bad.

4. Condoleezza Rice: The former Secretary of State (Google her) became one of the first two women admitted to the previously all-male Augusta National Golf Club (Google it. They like, play The Masters there and stuff … it’s a golf tournament).

5. Flash mobbing on airplanes: I’m not going to link to it because it has some Kanye West adult language, but if you promise to watch it with the volume down I recommend checking out the viral video of Kanye West’s dancers flash mobbing on a plane to his song “Runaway.” It’s pretty much as cool as it sounds.



1. Mother nature: She’s unpredictable, and we never really know what she’s doing (up there), but this past weekend she reared her head and made ‘meatloaf’ out of some matches along the way – Florida State-Marquette, UCLA-Connecticut, Navy-Maryland and Texas A&M (maroon and white game) were a few of the programs that had matches either postponed or canceled due to lightning in the area.

2. North Carolina’s health: Tough start for the Tar Heels. Megan Brigman went down early with an injury and was replaced by Brooke Elby … who then also went down. Oh yeah, the Tar Heels lost 1-0 to Portland.

3. Standard team photos: The next time you get together for a group photo you better say more than ‘cheese.’ The likes of Washington, Michigan and Ohio have raised the bar on team photos and I’m not sure we ever go back to Normalville.

4. Augusta National: Sure, the club admitted its first female members which sounds great until you realize that it’s 2012. The only group more behind the times is …

5. Men’s Soccer: What’s taking so long?! Let’s start the season already! :)


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For starters, you’ll notice that the above video isn’t highlights of the U.S. U20 WNT beating Ghana 4-0 on Sunday to begin the U20 World Cup, but rather the team training in Japan.

Now, about that win over Ghana. Maya Hayes scored a hat-trick in the second half to lend credence to the prediction about her made by most of our most recent 5v5 panel. Just sayin.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

Man City took a certain loss before the season even started, so it would’ve been doubly disappointing to lose its opener. But despite falling behind, the defending Champions League champion (hmm … I feel like there was a better way to say that) found a way to get it done in a thrilling match against Southampton Sunday. See for yourself.


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Jozy Altidore is on fi-yah!

Written by Jahmal Corner

Jozy Altidore scored two more Sunday.

The U.S. forward stayed hot in AZ Alkmaar’s 3-1 win against Heracles.

First one is above, second is after the jump. Which one is your favorite?

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Written by Jahmal Corner

The college season is here. Go get em’ ladies!

More photos after the jump.

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Written by Jahmal Corner

Clint Dempsey has officially arrived. You know it, he knows it, and he knows that you know that he knows it. Want to know how I know? (Ok, I’m done).

Clint was fined Friday because he refuses to start the season with Fulham. It was the move of a megastar (at least, in his eyes). Here’s the way Clint sees it:

Look, I’m Clint Frickin’ Dempsey. I led the team in scoring last year. I’m the guy. Van Persie gets to go to Man U and I have to stay here like I haven’t outgrown this place? Just send me to Liverpool already.


Clint Frickin’ Dempsey

I’m not sure I agree with him, but I’m loving every minute of this. An American player REFUSING to play for his EPL team? Sounds like progress to me.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

beIN Sport USA.  Get familiar with that name, because it is the newest soccer network that no one has in their TV lineup.

This year, 3 of the top 5 leagues (La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1), the Copa del Rey, and Barca TV will now only be available in less than 8 million households. So few, that Nielsen currently isn’t even providing ratings. Why are they on this DISH Network only, no-name channel?  Money.

beIN Sport USA is owned and operated by Al Jazeera, the Qatar based broadcaster, and they’ve got oil money for days. The same oil money that bought Barca’s jersey sponsorship (Qatar Foundation) and the same oil money that helped Manchester City buy its first EPL championship. But, I’m not mad at oil money, I’m mad at those who took it.

Now, obviously I’m a fan, and not a league/team owner. Most of these teams are in massive debt, so I can understand why they might take the short-term payoff.  But, this short-term solution will undoubtedly hurt their brands in the United States. Greed will hurt them in the long-run, and will only push more Americans to the EPL which is widely available in the U.S.


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