Written by Will Parchman

Well this is pretty. Out today, it’s Leo Messi vs. WORLD CUP OCTAGON MEN. Expect those multi-colored boots to soon be invading a five-a-side game at a park near you.


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Written by Will Parchman

Adidas launched its new Samba Collection on Wednesday, an ongoing cog in the company’s war with Nike for swag-infused hearts and minds. This is what the brand’s first ad looks like.

The push is attempting to cash in on the public’s sudden fascination with hyper colors (EXPLOSAMAGENTA, SUNCOREYELLOW, GARYBUSEYGREEN), and Dani Alves, Mesut Ozil, Edinson Cavani, Lucas and of course Lionel Messi are all here. Next is the Albion Collection, featuring some of England’s hottest colors like MARINELAYERGRAY and GUNMETALGROSS and of course WHOLETTHATSADNESSINHEREBLUE.


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Written by Will Parchman


Let’s face it. Hyperbole is great. When you hit a wall at mile six, mentally cue up a gritty freestyle tournament in Barcelona against some of the world’s best players, paint on some 300-style mood lighting and imagine yourself going ham on Messi to some industrial remix of a Nina Simone song. Works literally every time.

The best soccer commercials are absolutely flawless at tapping into the best parts of hyperbole, mining them for meaning and then releasing it to run wild in our imagination. Totti and Henry on a freestyle team together? Allowing you to feel like you’re climbing the ladder for Arsenal? Of course. Natural.

The quality of substantive soccer commercials has skyrocketed in recent years. With the advent of technology and the increase in production value, you’re seeing classics spring up left and right. I don’t recall any soccer commercials from the ’94 World Cup, but the most advanced was probably Lalas cracking open a Pepsi and smiling.

With that in mind, my top five soccer commercials of all time. Now with even more immensity.

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Written by The 91st

adidas launched a few fresh new products this past weekend during the buzz surrounding the UEFA Champions League Final.

We’re talking a new 99g adizero cleat, a Smart Ball and micoach Team and uniform systems. But rather than tell you about it, we’ll let you check it out for yourself. The above video is interactive, meaning you can click on new products as they appear with their link. Enjoy.


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Written by The 91st


With David Beckham announcing his upcoming retirement yesterday, he and adidas have seized the moment with special edition cleats.

Becks will wear these during the major event that will be his last home game at Brest tomorrow. If you know anything about Beckham you’ll immediately notice the personal touches on these boots. First off, he has the names of his family on the back: the wife and four children.

The red, white & blue pays respect to the union flag of Great Britain, of course.
Beckham has had a career unlike anyone before him. It’s only right he goes out in style.


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Written by The 91st

adidas Nitrocharge Onfield

adidas has unveiled its new Nitrocharge, a soccer cleat silo designed to retain energy, improve lateral movement, sharpen on field reactions, deliver added sprinting power and increase protection specifically for players who are tirelessly on the move.  Nitrocharge is the first new adidas soccer cleat silo since the release of the adizero F50 range in 2004.

You can check out the likes of Dani Alves, Daniele De Rossi and Javi Martinez endorsing the new boot in this cool commercial.



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Written by The 91st

adidas came prepared. One second, Messi is accepting his fourth straight FIFA Ballon d’Or, and the next adidas is airing this congratulatory film, “Cuatro Años Dorado” (Four Golden Years) which was probably created in 2009.  You know the part at the end where they flash the four consecutive years he’s won the award? I’m guessing there’s an extended version that runs through 2029. Yup, adidas is prepared.


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Written by The 91st

So adidas announced its list of 54 players invited to the MLS Player Combine in January and we’ve pored over the names in hopes of finding the ballers within the ballers. As it stands today, here are the top 10 prospects (meaning most likely to be drafted in this order) attending the combine in the opinion of the 91st Minute. From 10 to 1:


10. Machael David, UCSB: So fast that he has two first names because both refused to come in last.


9. Will Bates, Virginia: Was voted a player who would burst onto the scene in 2012 after a knee injury ended his junior season a year earlier.


8. Carlos Alvarez, Connecticut: Starred in FIFA 13 NCAA Edition


7. Ryan Hollingshead, UCLA: A big fan of Tim Tebow (seriously) and steady attacker.


6. Eric Schoenle, West Virginia: Tall, solid center back.


See the Top 5 after the jump

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Written by Charlie Nobile

adidas f50 adizero III messi

adidas’ newest release, the F50 adiZero III, are ideal for pacey wingers and elusive strikers. But can they hold up for defenders and defensive midfielders who like a good 50-50 challenge? The 91st Minute finds out.

I’ve always been a bit of a traditionalist with my boots, opting for kangaroo leather and simplicity in design, rather than the flashy synthetic cleats that most attackers prefer these days. Needless to say, I was skeptically intrigued when adidas graciously decided to send these our way to review.

The boots weigh in at a ridiculously light 5.8 oz, and they definitely feel that light when you’re playing. Where adidas has really improved the adiZero III from the II however, is along the upper portion of the boot. The upper is built stronger than its predecessor, and it also contains a newly textured material to help improve control and touch. No wonder Messi endorses these things.

The breaking in period was surprisingly short and painless, leaving my feet with no blisters. A cool new feature on these is the 3D textured pattern on the SprintSkin upper, which is designed to improve performance in all weather conditions. Because I’m privileged enough to live in Southern California, I haven’t tested them out in rain, but this SprintSkin sure sounds cool. Apparently it forces water to slide off the cleat, rather than absorb it.

The cleats survived brilliantly my first couple of games and tackles, but it remains to be seen exactly how many hefty challenges they can endure. Due to its newly redesigned upper, I probably wouldn’t have a problem recommending these for defenders who are looking for lighter cleats. The boots have a slated release date of December 1st, and are set to retail at $209.99. Get them and you won’t be disappointed, regardless of your position.

More pics after the jump…

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Written by Jahmal Corner

If you want, you can watch this entire four-minute video which really has to be seen to truly be believed. It’s a spin on Ebenezer Scrooge starring Snoop Dog, and it’s actually the first video I’ve seen in English that also featured English subtitles.

Beyond that, David Beckham shows up at “Tiny Dwight’s” spot at about 1:52 (the video is full of adidas athletes) and offers sage advice while playing the role of Holiday Present. He tells Snoop, simply:

“Things just aren’t the same when you’re not in the game.”

We know the feeling, Becks. We feel the same way about you, bud.


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