Written by Will Parchman


Alex Morgan is becoming popular in the SI offices these days. In 2012, you’ll remember she posed for a body paint issue. This time, she’s been included in SI’s 50th anniversary issue that comes out Tuesday (which, if you’re counting, is today).


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Written by Reshad Bahadori


It’s Halloween, so that means our two favorite soccer players are going all out. Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane to last year. These two do Halloween the only way it’s supposed to be done. They go all out and hold nothing back. Props to both of them. Check out their amazing vine after the jump.

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Written by Reshad Bahadori


The two lovely ladies from the U.S. WNT are taking a little R&R. A big thank you to Sydney Leroux and her instagram account. If you’re not already following, you should be. I booked my flight to Hawaii yesterday. It’s a business trip and has nothing to do with them being there, I swear. More pictures from their vacation after the jump.

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Written by Dill Pickle


Ever heard of Prancercising? Well, you’re about to.

Prancercise is a workout started by Joanna Rohrback that went viral (after the jump). It’s too good for words. Just know that you’re about to get your mind blown. Here is Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux reenacting it after Sunday’s win over Canada.


And here is the one and only Joanna Rohrback putting the smackdown on viral videos AFTER THE JUMP. Oh, you are so welcome.

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Written by The 91st

Alex Morgan’s sister sure has grown up. Katherine Webb was on Jay Leno, taking a fun quiz alongside Kendra Wilkinson and Alexis Bellino.

It’s great to see she shares her sister’s competitiveness, though things didn’t quite work out as planned. Webb lost to famous Housewife Bellino.

Oh, well. Alex doesn’t win them all either.


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Written by The 91st

Alex Morgan stopped by the ESPN campus to promote her new book this week. Along the way, she did some interviews and owned a former NFL player.

Hugh Douglas, who used to be pretty good at hitting people with helmets but now mostly hits the buffet table, decided to stand in net against Morgan. And that’s pretty much as far as he got. He never saw the first two shots, and was only able to make a save when Morgan sent an easy chip his way.

Pretty much what we expected. Nothing to see here.


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Written by The 91st


Alex Morgan dropped her much anticipated children’s book, today: “The Kicks: Saving the Team.”

The book is geared toward middle schoolers but there are plenty of grown men who are awfully excited about it (THIS GUY, for starters).

Check out how Hull City reacted to the book’s release after the jump

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Written by Megan Miller

Portland Thorns

Over the years, female soccer players have always looked up to the U.S. Women’s National Team, or even their favorite EPL or MLS team for inspiration, never having a solid professional league to follow. That all changed when the new National Women’s Soccer League was introduced this year.

With eight teams, each with a handful of U.S., Canadian, and Mexican national team players, the league looked as though it would be a success. I got the opportunity to attend the Thorns FC home opener in Portland this past weekend against the Seattle Reign, and was amazed at what I saw.

I walked into JELD-WEN Stadium on Sunday, expecting a decent-sized crowd; young girls dressed in their soccer uniforms, in particular. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had drastically underestimated the following that these women would have.

Megan gets a look at Alex Morgan and former teammates after the jump

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Written by Dill Pickle


Well, Katherine Webb’s run on ‘Splash’ came to an end recently after she was seen hugging a grown man in a bumblebee suit. I don’t think the above pic had anything to do with her leaving, but it’s definitely worth pointing out. A back injury was the official reason given by Webb, who joined Brandi Chastain on the injured list.

It’s sad to see her go, and we figured big sister Alex Morgan would offer some words of encouragement but she hasn’t done so publicly. Come to think of it, Alex hasn’t acknowledged Katherine’s existence whatsoever. Almost makes you think they’re not really sisters … naw, just too much evidence.


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Written by The 91st

Being passionate means pushing yourself. For me, that goes beyond soccer. When I’m not on the field I’m in the ocean, paddle boarding …”

(Coming back to my senses) Sorry about that, I got lost for a minute there. So this is a new Alex Morgan ad that shows her being passionate and working up a sweat and all that jazz. She encourages us to do more, but every time I watch this ad I find myself doing less.


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