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Today, Debrecen goalkeeper Vukasin Poleksic has lost his appeal to soccer’s highest court (Court of Arbitration) regarding his two-year ban from the game.

“UEFA decide to suspend Poleksic because he failed to report that “fixers” approached him before playing Fiorentina in October 2009.  The Hungarian champion Debrecen conceded four first-half goals to lose 4-3 in the group-stage match.”

I must be missing something. Pete Rose was banned for life from Baseball for gambling (and “never” bet against his team) and this dude probably threw a Champions League game and only gets 2 years?! Jeez, I guess if you are looking to cheat or be shady, soccer is your game.

I know this stuff happens in sports, it sucks, but at least dish out the proper punishment and send a message.

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