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Things that might have gone through Carlos Puyol’s head while on stage at the Champions League drawing:

10. “Why is this guy in a penguin suit?”

9. “Wait, you’re supposed to dress up for this?”

8. “Gerard promised me we’re going to a Shakira concert after this.”

7. “Mom is going to be so pissed off at me.”

6. “They told me there’s a beach near by, and now I’m stuck in these stupid board shorts.”

5. “Who’s this super hottie next to me?”

4. “Do you think they notice I’m not in a tux? ”

3. “S***t, I knew I shouldn’t have taken that bet with Leo and Andres.”

2. “I should have just used the hair dryer instead of air drying. I would have had some time to get dressed, curse these beautiful curls.”

1. “I can’t wait to grab some beers after this with Cesc.”

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via Yahoo.

The Spanish professional footballers’ association has voted to strike for the first two matches of the new La Liga season over collective bargaining rights for wage protection.Players want a larger wage guarantee fund for when clubs become insolvent – a problem that Spain’s system has seen all-too frequently, with Levante and Hercules struggling to pay staff members in recent years and Real Zaragoza applying for administration this summer, which is a common occurrence particularly in the Segunda Division.

The AFE said that the 12 million euros owed to about 100 players last year had ballooned to about 50 million owed to 200 players.
Flanked by the likes of Iker Casillas, Xabi Alonso (both Real Madrid), Carles Puyol (Barca) and David Albelda (Valencia), AFE president Luis Rubiales announced that enough was enough for an issue that blights the smaller clubs in what is arguably football’s top league.

We are way behind all of Europe in this matter,” Rubiales said. “AFE and the players from the first and second divisions have made the decision to call a strike for the first two matchdays of the season. The players have met with us and decided that ‘enough is enough now’. There will be no league until a collective bargaining agreement is reached.”

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