Written by Reshad Bahadori

It isn’t difficult to recall the names of famous offensive stars in sports. Social media statistics show that the 4 most popular sports teams around the world are Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man U and the Lakers, and I’m betting that if you’re a sports fan you can probably name the offensive stars of each team ( See: Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney, Kobe).

But what about those guys on the other side that just don’t seem to get the recognition they deserve? Well, unless you’re an offensive lineman in the NFL (in which case no one cares about you … unless you miss a block. So BLOCK, dammit!) there may be hope for you after all. Defensive minded guys like Puyol, Ray Lewis, Iker Casillas, and Metta World Peace a.k.a. Ron Artest are making sure they get their shine as well. Puyol does it with sheer skill. Ray Lewis does it with pregame speeches that sound like a preacher on the juice. Metta World Peace does it by sheer psychosis and by going on Dancing With the Stars (There’s a pscyh patient on the loose! And he’s dancing!).

Manchester United goalie David de Gea scored a victory for the defense by making an amazing save against Chelsea this past weekend (video above). The only save that may have compared to Gea’s was one by Iker Cassilas during a Liga BBV match against Sevilla. (Video after the jump)

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Dani Alves is a BAD man

Written by Reshad Bahadori

Barcelona right back [I am using that term loosely] Dani Alves scored on a thrilling shot in Wednesday’s Copa Del Rey Quarterfinal against Real Madrid.
Alves’ goal shortly before half time gave Barca the 2-0 lead. Madrid stormed back in the second half to level the game at two a piece, but Barca advanced 4-3 on aggregate.  The Brazilian defender’s strike was the most scintillating moment of the clash, and it is only appropriate to let the incomparable Ray Hudson deliver the call with gusto.

“Look at the technique again – he takes the spin of the ball into account. He takes the planets in the solar system into account as well. That is an impossible strike.”

Well there you go, if you want to make ‘impossible’ shots, you need to make sure the planets align – or something of that ilk – I slept through my astronomy classes in college. The more prudent question is: What did Iker Casillas ever do to you, Dani Alves?


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