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With only a few days left until the big day, you still might be looking for the perfect gift for the soccer player in your life. Dr. Jackie Craft, our resident shopping expert, has put down some thoughts on the best soccer-related Christmas gifts guaranteed to put a smile on faces and a little swag under the Christmas tree.

Link: Expert tips on soccer Christmas gifts: Part 1

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Boots: Lotto Futura 100

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via Soccer Cleats 101.

Lotto use an anti-abrasion and water repellent microfiber upper that offers great feel and touch on the ball. The colorway is called Dark Mandarin Orange, and it should be an eye catcher.

If you are familiar with Lotto releases, you will be familiar with the Punto Flex, which is positioned right along the metatarsal region to allow appropriate flex through your foot. It has always been one aspect of Lotto releases that I have found extremely effective. The reactive arch technology is designed to improve comfort and stability, while the Twist ‘N Go stud allows you to pivot and turn quickly, particularly useful when you need an extra burst of acceleration.

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Zygo (an Australian company) has released their new boots, the Deztruct, and apparently suction cups are going to be the next breakthrough in soccer technology. According to Zygo, the suction cups or what they refer to as pods will help store energy and grip the ball, here is what they say:

The pods perform like a spring, storing and releasing vital energy. The ensuing friction provides exceptional grip – assisting ball control and accuracy. The instep zone amplifies spin and swerve. Inspired by the human fingerprint, the energy pod’s design stimulates feel by absorbing pace when receiving passes, and provides larger ‘sweet-spots’ to reduce your margin for error.

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