Written by Will Parchman


David Beckham recently wrapped filming on a documentary called For The Love Of The Game in which he endeavored to play a game of footy on all seven continents before returning for a charity match at Old Trafford.

The documentary itself, which was aired through the BBC this holiday, is receiving rave reviews, which are mostly coming from doe-eyed English folks, but that’s OK. We’ll trust them (sorta). As long as you can get past the fact that a couple TV execs actually laughed at Becks’ idea.

Beckham kicks with kids in the streets of Buenos Aires, slides across Antarctica, hits up Djibouti, plays with a dad of four in Nepal, visits a skyscraper in Miami (VIRAL MARKETING FOR MLS). It’s all very multi-cultural.

But for our purposes, his best moment was when he nutmegged a little kid in the mud of Papua New Guinea.

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Written by Will Parchman


On Feb. 5, 2014, David Beckham strode onto a stage in a smart suit snapping blithely in a tropical Miami breeze. With MLS commissioner Don Garber beaming like the moon-showered plains of the Masai Mara and Miami mayor Carlos Gimenez on his other side, Beckham helped announce that his new Miami team – whatever it was called – was to be the league’s 22nd team. Expansion had come to Miami a second time, or so it seemed.

The twists and turns since then are too innumerable to count, but it has never really seemed as though Miami was ready for Major League Soccer. The stadium deal has whipsawed from an inevitability to an impossibility, but the newest news this week is not particularly cheery.

After Chivas USA folded, Atlanta United, LAFC and Minnesota United were all confirmed in Miami’s place while its stadium deal is either ironed or left to flail under the placid waters of the Biscayne Bay. That is 21, 22 and 23. It appears for now that Garber’s round number of 24 teams by 2020 is missing by one.

Or maybe not, says Sacramento. Maybe we are the one.

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Written by Will Parchman

On this day 13 years ago, David Beckham’s curling golazo free kick sent England from the dumpster to the 2002 World Cup finals. The moment lives in wonderment in England, and two years ago I wrote about it on Futbol Intellect. I’m reproducing that here in honor of the occasion.

Read on, won’t you?

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Written by Will Parchman




Three men stride purposefully into a bustling Starbucks. One is DAVID BECKHAM, flanked by DON GARBER and DON JOHNSON, the latter for reasons never fully elucidated. A sweet wind blows.

BECKHAM wears a studied look and is dressed smartly, in a full Manchester United kit. GARBER looks shiftily from side to side in what looks to be a crumpled suit he’s slept in for days, leading the group to a table in the back. JOHNSON trips into the building before screaming that he’s arrived, standing up straight again, brushing aside his hair and rumpling up the sleeves of his salmon and sea-foam green blazer. He struts like a stupid idiot.

BECKHAM and GARBER ignore. BECKHAM repeatedly steps over an invisible ball en route to the table. GARBER reaches for a Xanax. The three sit down together. Glasses clink in the background. A hum of activity as the men lean into the table.

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Written by Will Parchman


With respect to David Beckham, assuming it goes through, this changes everything.

I’ve spoken before on soccer in Florida, that vexing thing that heaves in and out of corrupted lungs like a bipolar track star with a smoking habit. Like much of the rest of the state’s professional sports pantheon, it’ll balloon out to sizable proportions before contracting back in like a retreating army. The Fusion still loom large here.

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Written by Kevin Vu

We all know there’s only one David Beckham – except in his new commercial for Sky Sports. For the most part, usually one David Beckham does the job to melt a woman’s heart but in his first post-retirement video, the Becks is seen with FIVE other Becks: call them the Becks Trek.

In this dreamy ad, one Beckham is seen showing off his sleeve tattoos while tidying up the kitchen. Other Becks’ are also seen grabbing a cup of joe at a local pie’n'mash shop, backstage for some sort of TV appearance, and tuning in to a soccer match between Manchester City and Manchester United. It’s simply showing David Beckham doing David Beckham-like things. In the end, all six Becks from the Becks trek gather around the couch to watch the game with one of them wearing 3D glasses promoting the Sky Sports Experience.

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Written by Kevin Vu

Sometimes Mother Nature is our friend, other times she is not. In a game between Ischia and Delta Porto Tolle in Italy’s Serie D, she was definitely not friendly to the goalkeeper of Delta Porto Tolle. Heck, she might even be in his nightmares now after this freak goal.

Already down 1-0 to Ischia, the Tolle stopper made what he had thought was a routine clearance. That’s when the fun begins. On a positive note, at least he bended it like Beckham, right?


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Written by The 91st


So David Beckham has his eye on helping Miami earn a Major League Soccer club. Assuming that happens, here are a few team name ideas for the new Miami squad.


1. Miami Bends. Do I really have to explain this one? This has a certain ring to it. Plus, The Bends is also the name of a Radiohead album so it would double as a homage to England. I like it, mate.

2. Miami Tats. Ink it now.

3. Miami Spice. You don’t think Old Spice sponsors this team? No-brainer. Plus, the name would be memorable.


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Written by Kevin Vu

Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in. Here’s a little jaw-dropping gossip for the day. Spotted last night at the Staples Center was none other than the retired David Beckham.

While everyone in attendance was focused on Game Seven between the San Jose Sharks and Los Angeles Kings, Beckham was focused on something else. Someone else, to be exact. Spotted on the Kiss Cam was a younger female in his arms, but here’s the twist: It wasn’t Victoria. Who was this mystery girl? Where was Victoria? How could David do such a thing? So many questions, so little answers.

After thorough investigation (looking at pictures), the female was identified as his daughter, Harper Beckham. Victoria and the sons were right next to them and all is well in the world. It’s just another adorable moment in the lives of the Beckhams. Also, Tom Cruise was sitting in front of them for those who care about that kind of thing.


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Written by The 91st


It’s been a big week for the Beckhams and New York. First, David rode off into the soccer sunset, capping a marvelous career, then it was announced New York would be adding a second club to MLS.

Now, a hybrid of the Beckhams and the Big Apple, Brooklyn Beckham – the 14-year-old son of David – has made news of his own by announcing he is joining the Queens Park Rangers Academy. The English club trains near the Beckhams’ home in London.

Brooklyn’s passion for the game has always been obvious, and now it appears he’ll try to follow in the footsteps of his father.


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