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So with David Beckham bidding goodbye and all, it’s time to get a little nostalgic. Off The Post put together a great collection of the top 10 moments of his career, which we thought was pretty awesome.

The top one is above, a free kick that qualified England for the 2002 World Cup.

We’ll refer YOU HERE to check out No. 2-10.


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Written by Travis Clark

Beckham_2945338Say it ain’t so David!

The world’s favorite soccer player/underwear model David Beckham announced that he’s retiring from soccer on Thursday. Following in the footsteps of his former coach Sir Alex Ferguson, Beckham will walk away from the game after winning the Ligue 1 title with Paris St. Germain this season.

Beckham spent a little more than five of his 20 professional years playing for the LA Galaxy , and wraps up his career having won championships in four separate countries: England, Spain, United States and France. Along with Galaxy and PSG, Beckham played at little-known clubs Manchester United and Real Madrid.

So what’s next? Rumors include returning to MLS, this time as an owner. Also, check out all 65 of his free kick goals after the jump.

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So MLS released its annual “our lives are better than yours” player salary figures. And with David Beckham finally off the books, we have a new reigning king in the penthouse. It’s Thierry Henry. The Frenchman pulls in a whopping $4.35 million a year, narrowly topping Robbie Keane’s $4.33 mill.

As you pore over the list below, you’ll find the true winner in all of this: Landon Donovan. Because, while the rest of the guys were busting it down the line to sustain their lavish lifestyles, Donovan got paid the majority of his $2.5 mill just to hang out. Best job in the league.

3. Tim Cahill, $3.5 million
4. Landon Donovan, $2.5 million

5. Marco DiVaio, $1. 9 million

6. Obafemi Martins, $1.725 million

7. Danny Koevermans, $1.66 million

8. Kenny Miller, $1.13 million

9. Fredy Montero, $856,000

10. David Ferreira, $730,000


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Written by Dill Pickle


I’m not comfortable calling THIS a red card. At worst, it’s a fuchsia.

The referees clearly disagree with me here as they gave Becks a straight red for this little maneuver in the 90th minute of PSG’s 1-0 win over Evian Thonion. This wasn’t even a very good flop. Becks barely touches the guy and he goes frequent flyer mile soaring through the air. I guess you could argue that Beckham’s intent wasn’t to win the ball, but I’m not buying it and neither is Becks or a very disgruntled Posh Spice.


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The Beckham family recently visited the PSG training grounds where they showed that soccer blood floats in their veins as well. Not only did they try and tackle Zlatan, but they also challenged Thiago Silva on a 3 vs. 1 match.

A 14-year-old Brooklyn even showed off some serious skills. Maybe one of them will try a career like their father. A soccer one, I mean.


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In most cases a penalty is a definite goal, and missing one is seen as a tremendous blunder. We all remember David Beckham’s miss in 2004, and Roberto Baggio’s in 94. But, uhh … this guy took penalty kicks to a new low.


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Written by Dill Pickle


When you get to the level of David Beckham and I, you pretty much do what you want to. I’ll show you my crib another time, but today we’ll focus on the castles of a few more well known stars, starting with Beckham (above).

This is Beckingham Palace, an estate David and Posh have actually put on the market for just under $15 million. So, if you’re interested …



And this is Landon’s $4.2 million dollar crib. As you know, Landon’s a smaller guy so the above pic is a replica design of its actual size.


Thierry Henry

This plush New York City condo belongs to Thierry Henry. It goes for $14.85 million. Seriously, no Red Bull.



Cristiano Ronlado; price tag $6 million. It’s made out of brick because Cristiano is a huge fan of the Three Little Pigs.


Gary Neville

And, finally, this eco-friendly creation belongs to Manchester United’s Gary Neville. You may also recognize it from the movie Signs.



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This is an oldie but still a goodie; Wingrove and Lynch amaze us for three minutes, the young soccer geniuses take soccer to a whole new level. They manage to do so with a fantastic sense of fashion (something even Beckham couldn’t pull off), and I don’t know what amazes me the most, the outfits or the skill. These are true soccer magicians who use a soccer ball instead of a wand.


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Written by The 91st

Jon Kerry

Everyone wants to be a baller. John Kerry is no different. Just because he’s the Secretary of State doesn’t mean he wouldn’t trade in his suit and tie for a jersey and cleats … he shouldn’t, though. David Beckham already showed us that soccer isn’t meant to be played in finely tailored threads.

Anyway, Kerry was in Afghanistan to meet with Afghan women members of a U.S.-backed women’s entrepreneurship program, and he thought he’d break the ice with a little soccer. Judging by the completely unnatural pose above, he’s lucky he didn’t break something else.

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Written by The 91st

Who takes off their shirt in the middle of a class lecture? Yup, David Beckham does. And with that, this little speaking engagement quickly turned into a shrieking engagement.

Becks is touring China where he’s apparently showing off his body and lack of balance. Here he’s seen at Beijing University where a simple question about a tattoo turned into Becks asking: Do you want me to take my clothes off!? (loose translation.) Of course we do, Becks. Of course we do.



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