Written by Will Parchman


Europe’s breathtaking transfer jet stream appeared to be sweeping Dom Dwyer into its irresistible flow during the summer of 2016. Transfer rumor piled upon rumor as Dwyer bagged goals in clumps, until one finally caught in July.

Olympiacos, the biggest club in Greece and an on-again off-again Champions League group stage punching bag, offered a reported $3 million to Sporting KC for its stunning rags-to-riches striker.

This was not a windfall, so to speak, but it did represent a significant offering in a league with fewer than 20 $3+ million transfers in its 20-year history. On a personal level, it offered Dwyer a chance to crack into the world’s biggest club competition and provided an in to European soccer itself. On the other end, if it so chose, Sporting KC could turn around and use that money on a striker far more lauded than Dwyer was. Three million goes a ways in South America.

Except this is not, as we know now, how MLS works.

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Written by Travis Clark

Another week of MLS action, another edition of the good, the bad and the ugly to sift through on a Monday morning.

My colleague Will Parchman takes you through what went down at Yankee Stadium on Sunday between NYCFC and Toronto, a fairly entertaining 2-2 draw featuring an amazing formation from head coach Patrick Vieira.

That was the tip of the iceberg when it comes to another weekend of MLS madness. Let’s get to it.

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