Written by Travis Clark

hazardLandover, Maryland was the latest stop of the European club summer tour circuit on Tuesday night, as Barcelona battled Chelsea at the home of the Washington, D.C. American football team.

And while the merits of these games can be hotly debated, Eden Hazard jolted the game to life in the first half with a scintillating goal in the tenth minute.

The champions of England and the Spanish treble winners put on a show in front of a packed house of almost 79,000 fans, a sea of Messi, Neymar jerseys dotted between Chelsea’s familiar blue kit. Despite the exhibition nature of the match, both sides created plenty of scoring chances on the way to a 2-2 draw after Hazard tallied early in the game.

Be prepared to pick your jaw off the floor after watching the Belgian sensation’s latest work of art.

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Written by Will Parchman


Spurs have right backs in the physical sense, but I’m not sure they have them in any kind of philosophical one. Kyle Walker is reportedly not close to returning from a March hip surgery. Kyle Naughton sucks. Vlad Chiriches, who started Spurs’ blowout loss to Chelsea at right back on Wednesday, is a central defender.

So perhaps 21-year-old DeAndre Yedlin’s arrival in January will be met with a bit more fanfare than it otherwise would. Now that Yedlin’s MLS career is over (for the foreseeable future anyway), Spurs fans can look ahead to his arrival at White Hart Lane in January with something more than mild interest. Spurs might need Yedlin to be very good, very fast.

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Written by Will Parchman

Here’s how this works. We see an out-of-the-ordinary viral video on the web and the process goes thusly:

1. Amazement

2. Skepticism

3. Vehement opposition

Some never get beyond the first stage. Some camp out on the second and refuse to pronounce it real or fake. And then there are the MESSAGE BOARD WARRIORS decrying the video’s reality to anyone who’ll listen. Like, everyone. Literally.

Anyway, Eden Hazard kicked a small ball at a camera and “broke” it in what seems to be a premeditated roll-out of Belgium’s new World Cup kits, which are uniformly crap. It’s fun. Is it real? Probably not, but who knows (does that mean I’m a No. 2?). Pick your reaction.


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The headlines around the world read: Hazard’s terrible kick; Hazard’s ball boy kicked a black eye for a beautiful game, a silly footballer and a silly boy!

Surely by now you know the story: in the league cup between Swansea City and Chelsea FC the ball boy of Swansea tried to lay on the ball in order to waste time and Eden Hazard handled it by kicking at him.

Hazard’s actions cannot be defended, but he is not the only one to blame. Sadly, the ball boy also destroyed the beautiful game. What was discovered later was the ball boy’s twitter account where he posted: The king of all ballboys is back making his final appearance #needed #for #timewasting”.

So his intentions were clear. That the ball boy’s father is the biggest shareholder in Swansea doesn’t make matters any better.

Clearly, Hazard didn’t make the right decision by kicking but I still place the blame on the little boy named Charlie Morgan, who, by seeking fame, managed to get one of the world’s greatest soccer players to embarrass himself and his club.


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Written by The 91st

I don’t know about you, but I always thought the ball boy was an extension of the ball … you mean, you can’t kick him?

Chelsea’s Eden Hazard booted one today in a match against Swansea. With his team trailing 2-0 and little time to waste, Hazard grew upset when the ball boy smothered the ball in an obvious attempt to stall. He handled it with a swift kick to the ribs and that was that.

Hazard was sent off, and the ball boy was sent to the Oscars where he’s been nominated for Best Performance by a Ball Boy kicked in the ribs. Good luck, bud.


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Written by Administrator

Thiago Alcantara - Barcelona via IBWM

Everyone wants to talk about “the next big thing.” IBWM is taking a stab at projecting the top 100 young (aged 23 and under) players on the planet, complete with A-F grades. Unfortunately no U.S. players made the list, but here’s betting that Claudio Reyna, Klinsmann, and the powers that be will whip the U.S. youth stars into shape to compete for a spot on this list next year. Here are a few notables on the international side (age in parenthesis):

  • Thiago, Midfielder, Barcelona (20) – “Arguably the most exciting – if not the best – player on this list” B
  • Javier Pastore, Midfielder, PSG (22) – “A thoroughly modern footballer with the complete box of tricks at his disposal, as with the Brazilian striker, it’s also fair to say the sky is the limit.” B
  • Neymar, Striker, Santos (19) – “The next Brazilian superstar striker.” B
  • Mario Balotelli, Striker, Manchester City (21) – “Possesses a natural talent that, when focussed, few can deal with.” C
  • Eden Hazard, Winger, Lille (20) – “Along with Mario Gotze, the star pupil on the list.” A


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