Written by Will Parchman

Luke Shaw, Sunderland fullback extraordinaire, was recently called up to the England senior team. And Sunderland made a cool Vine about it. I’ll admit my first reaction was basically this:

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Written by Travis Clark

Sit back and watch the U.S. U17 MNT battle England at the Dev. Academy Showcase down in Florida. Kick off is scheduled for around 5 p.m. ET.

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Written by Will Parchman

Sometimes it’s nice to destroy England in a game of soccer. Like here, when the ladies U17s completely unraveled the English in Leicestershire on Sunday behind a masterful performance from Colorado dynamo Mallory Pugh, who scored twice. Taylor Racioppi, Michelle Xiao, Dorian Bailey and Frankie Tagliaferri, who’s just 14, also scored.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Go watch. Beat-downs are always fun.


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Written by Will Parchman

The England U21s ripped open Scotland to the tune of 6-0 last night. It was ugly for Scotland in literally every way possible. (Scotland’s fans prepping for the senior team’s game didn’t seem to care much, anyway, which I guess is good).

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Written by The 91st


So Nike ran a cool promotion that encouraged fans to send inspirational messages to England players. It went pretty well. So well that the team posted some of the best ones in very prominent places – much to the amazement of the fans.

Check out some of the photos that show off the fan messages on airplane pillows, training equipment, waters bottles and even pool tables.

More photos after the jump.

[Original Winger]

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Written by The 91st

Hey bud, you might want to record some of the game, too. This Brazilian fan is obviously super excited to be at Sunday’s match against England. So much so that he spends most of his time producing a dance video selfie. Looks fun. Hope that works out for you pal.


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The national England squad took a highly publicized walk to the beach in Rio. The media bombarded the team just to simply see how the English integrated themselves with the natives of Copacabana.

The paparazzi snaked through the streets to catch a glimpse of the players doing stretches on the sand and taking pictures with the locals.

The training session did not seem to be difficult, but English fans should not lose hope. The beautiful climate of this vacation hotspot is a lot to get adjusted to.


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Written by Rudy Madrigal

Real Madrid's coach Mourinho looks on before his Spanish first division soccer match against Valencia in Madrid

After Real Madrid’s thrilling loss to Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League, Mourinho again hinted that he will be leaving the Bernabeu this summer and possibly heading back to England. During his press conference, he stated that he wants to be in a place where he is wanted (which, according to “The Special One” is England) and that in Spain people hate him. He did not confirm whether or not he will leave yet, saying he will “speak” after the season is over.

I guess Mourinho has forgotten about all the grief he received daily from the English media while he was there and after three years in the Spanish Capital has not gotten used to the media style. However, it’s not just the media that approach things in this manner. The culture there can be very sarcastic and forward.

If he chooses to leave Madrid and head back to England, well, farewell and good riddance, Jose. Just know that you’re not as special as you thought you were.

I’d love to see Vicente del Bosque return the bench for Los Blancos after the next 2014 World Cup. But what to do in the meantime, Rafa Benitez? I mean, he did guide Valencia to the Champions League final two years in a row while at the helm. Just a thought.


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Written by Meagan Speck

This is not an ad but an enthusiastic recommendation from Charlotte’s Meagan Speck

Do you ever get so irritated from sliding in your boots and the annoying blisters that shortly follow?

I have a solution that I recently discovered: Trusox. with little non-slip pads, which serve to improve the friction between foot and sock, as well as, sock and boot. Trusox have already made appearances in England’s top flight (Demba Ba and the two Ameobi-brothers), which proves these socks must work. You can now get Trusox in a variety of colors to match your game day attire.

In my opinion, they’re the must have item of the spring.


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Written by The 91st

The US continued its strong start at the Four Nations Cup by blasting Sweden 6-0 in La Manga, Spain.

Morgan Marlborough, who will be making her debut for Santa Clara this season as a transfer, led the way with two goals though there was plenty to go around. The US squad will conclude play against England on Monday.


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