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Everything has to be epic these days, whether it’s an epic night out with your friends, or an epic movie that is hilarious (unlike “Epic Movie”). I got to thinking about what it means to truly be epic, and how awesome it would be to hang out with people who are by any stretch of the imagination, epic. Here’s what I came up with:

1.) EPIC Road Trip

2.) EPIC Fail: LSU Punter edition- Baton Rouge, LA

3.) EPIC Mealtime- Montreal, Canada

4.) EPIC Rap Battles of History- Riverhead (Long Island), NY

Now, I think I’ve come up with an idea to satisfy my EPIC needs. I’ve decided to make an EPIC Road Trip, and visit the people who have made things so EPIC lately. What could be more EPIC than an EPIC themed road trip that incorporates a few EPIC stops? Check out my EPIC Road Trip here.

In addition to winning a FREE car, if you enter The Nissan Versa Road Trip contest, TopDrawerSoccer.com will automatically enter you into a drawing for a brand new copy of FIFA 12.

Now that’s EPIC!

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