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If you read The 91st Minute regularly, then you know that we’ve showcased a few bicycle kick videos here. Another was recently sent to us from Georgetown University, it showcases Andrew Riemer (:40) scoring a bicycle kick off of a deflection. The goal was really nice, but it got me wondering if it was the best bicycle kick video we’ve seen this year.

There was the bicycle kick fail that we received from Northern Illinois’ S.I.D. Matt Scheerer, who completely failed on his bicycle kick attempt:

Professionally, Erin Derdiyok of Bayer Leverkusen may have had the best of all as he flipped it up to himself:

Personally, I think Erin Derdiyok takes the award, because he flipped the ball to himself after fighting to control the ball with a defender bearing down on him.  As funny as NIU’s Matt Scheerer’s failed attempt was, it can’t warrant the top spot. After all, he completely missed the kick and failed. As for Georgetown’s Andrew Riemer, I think his goal is a very close second, but it lacks the flair Derdiyok’s had, sorry Andrew.

What do you think? Which goal was the best? Leave a comment below!

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Last year, Wayne Rooney’s bicycle kick captivated the world, and everyone was debating whether that was the greatest goal ever, in the class of “the hand of G-d”, and David Beckham’s goal from half, just to name a few. I’ll be honest, it was pretty magical and the timing of the goal couldn’t have been better, as Manchester United was up against their cross town rival Manchester City.

More recently, Erin Derdiyok of Bayer Leverkusen had an even better bicycle kick, and he set it up off of a volley…to himself! I think this might be the best goal of the year, and we’re not even halfway through it. What do you think? Who had the better goal? Leave a comment, and let me know why you think Rooney, or Derdiyok’s is the better strike?

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