Written by Reshad Bahadori

This idiot decided to charge the ref and hit him with a direct headbutt right before getting a red card. Luckily, the ref somehow manages to get back up. Hopefully this guy gets slapped with a long suspension. He needs a time-out to think about what he’s done. Idiot.

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Video: Lingerie Football Fight

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In an epic clash between the Philadelphia Passion and the Toronto Triumph, emotions ran high. Following a dynamic and heart-pounding 2 yard touchdown run, the Passion decided to do their best touchdown dance and even includes a “Philly leap!” The Toronto Triumph took exception to this demonstration resulting in this…

To recap, the Lingerie Football League does in fact exist. Here are some LFL facts to bring you up to speed:

  • The LFL was originally a pay-per-view event broadcast directly opposite the Super Bowl Halftime Show
  • The league consists of 20 games between 10 teams
  • The setup of two 15 minute halves along with a ten minute halftime allows for fans to conveniently only waste 40 minutes of their lives at a time

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In a 5th division match (you can tell by the dirt field) in Argentina, a referee made a call that the home side didn’t agree with. The player proceeded to take a swing at the ref, at which point the ref fought back. However, realizing he was outnumbered 11-1, he decided to head for the hills. If nothing else the Argentine 5th division offers one heck of a show.

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