Written by Reshad Bahadori

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Written by Reshad Bahadori

h/t /r/soccer

Can’t Dutch this.


Why is Tevez wearing the captain’s band?


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Written by Seth Burleigh

(viewer discretion is advised)

I realize this is a soccer blog, but every once and while something too good to pass up comes across my digital desk.

Here at TopDrawerSoccer.com, we get numerous college soccer ad videos (that we run on this blog) created by programs to help boost ticket sales, make people laugh, or bring attention to a notable game. Well, college students, bust out your iPads, pens, smartphones, robotic personal assistants, and TAKE NOTES!

Today, I am pleased to show you the greatest college advertisement ever created. This is a real ad. I repeat, this is a 100% real commercial advertisement for a 100% real college. The Central Institute of Technology in Australia is real, and is officially my new favorite college. If this ad doesn’t make you laugh, cry, and scream then please stop reading this blog.

Video after the jump.

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Written by Administrator

After a 2-0 win over Millsaps College, Birmingham Southern College Women’s Soccer team watched the men play. While they were cheering, and watching the game, the women decided to celebrate their win on a roller coaster, sort of. The lady panthers did a really good job of staying in formation, I wonder how much they had to practice before they got it right.

Birmingham Southern’s mock roller coaster was great, but not the best roller coaster video I’ve ever seen. It was a close second to this hilarious kid who freaked out on a trivia gameshow while riding a roller coaster:

As you can see ladies, if you work on your crazy/random screams, you might have a chance to top this kid going ballistic on his roller coaster ride.

**Side Note** My favorite part is at the end when the kid is screaming “I can’t even hear anything!” Well, maybe that’s because you’re screaming like a banshee.

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Written by Administrator


The guys from Epic Mealtime roll down to Georgia, and meet up with one of the biggest badasses on YouTube! FPSRussia, his arsenal of weapons joins forces with the guys, and their copious amounts of deliciousness!

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