Written by Reshad Bahadori

This idiot decided to charge the ref and hit him with a direct headbutt right before getting a red card. Luckily, the ref somehow manages to get back up. Hopefully this guy gets slapped with a long suspension. He needs a time-out to think about what he’s done. Idiot.

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Written by Jahmal Corner

I can’t decide what was stronger, here: the Nelson Rivas headbutt or the reaction from the announcers.

“OH! He’s gone! Forever. FOR-EV-ER.”

Nelson will undoubtedly receive a suspension, and he deserves one. But – and I know this is a crazy idea – maybe we should let MLS handle it rather than two broadcasters overdosing on their microphones. You have headsets and mics fellas, not badges and flashlights.

By comparison, let’s look at how two sober announcers handled a much more infamous headbutt after the jump.

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