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In an ongoing effort to hijack the world’s most talented prospects, Manchester has agreed on a partnership with Western India Football Association (WIFA) to bring some of the world’s best coaching programs (read: scouts) to Mumbai.

Manchester United CEO, David Gill:

“We are delighted to be partnering with the WIFA in bringing this exciting training program to India…this is a long term commitment and we hope we will make an important contribution to the growth of Indian football.”

Which is easily translated to:

“We are delighted that WIFA was naive enough to allow us to place some of our top scouts in India…this is a long term investment in acquiring talent and we hope we will be able to steal away the future stars of Indian football.”

In all seriousness, this is fantastic news for Indian football as Manchester United Soccer Schools have produced players such as Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville, Paul Scholes, and Danny Welbeck. This has to be considered a win-win for both India and the Premier League giants. After kids are trained “the Manchester United way,” Man U can simply sit back and let the nation’s top talent head their way!

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Who cares about Cricket?

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Apparently the Cricket World Cup has started play and I have to ask, why should an American care about cricket? I know it’s hypocritical, because soccer is an international game, but I just can’t imagine cricket, or other international sports (i.e. rugby), gaining major footing here.

My gripe is with ESPN. Can you please stop trying to shove this ridiculous, wannabe baseball, down my throat? Today, they ran an entire OTL report about Johnny cricket player. The problem is, even the reporter didn’t know a thing about this poor guy.

I realize it took soccer a long time to gain it’s semi-solid footing here, but keep-in-mind there was a demand for it. Soccer is the largest youth sport in the United States and has more collegiate athletes than any other sport! But, let me ask you, do you see any youth cricket leagues in your area? How about Division 1 Men’s or Women’s Cricket squads? (Video inside post)

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