Written by Travis Clark


The final stretch of the regular season is here for both men’s and women’s college soccer, as postseason play builds around the country. The women’s DI Tournament announcement is one week away, while men’s programs have two weeks to go.

Goals at this stage of the season can be critical. Whether keeping a postseason dream alive or extending a team’s chances of winning a conference tournament, nothing quite satisfies a striker like a big goal in a big game.

These four stunning strikes caught our attention, as the clock ticks on the 2016 campaign.

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Written by Will Parchman


Key players from Indiana’s 2012 national title season continue to trickle into the pro ranks, and midfielder A.J. Corrado is next up. Corrado has been a versatile middleman for the Hoosiers over the past few years, operating both in advanced positions and as a brick-and-mortar two-way player who tracks back and traces enemy attacks.

Corrado’s fate seems to be as nebulous as anyone on draft day. The crafty midfielder has been predicted to go anywhere from the late first round to the third round on Jan. 16, perhaps more a nod toward the lack of conviction about his deployment as a pro than his talent level. We caught up with Corrado on the eve of this weekend’s combine.

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Written by The 91st


At first glance, this looks like your basic Sports Illustrated March Madness cover. We’ve got star Indiana basketball player Victor Oladipo in the middle, a bunch of loyal Hoosiers fans and … wait a minute … are those soccer players in this photo? You know, two of the guys who are losing their minds next to Oladipo?

Wouldn’t you know it: it’s Femi Hollinger-Janzen (front right, with trademark dreadlocks) and starting center back Kerel Bradford (to the left of Oladipo, giving the salute) finding their way into this shoot. I guess with it being the offseason they have plenty of time on their hands to hangout and hijack magazine covers. Just like soccer players, always stealing the show!


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Written by The 91st

Personally, I don’t see the big deal with the whole December 12, 2012 (12-12-12) thing. It’s like the zero doesn’t even exist. Now if it were February 2, 2222 (2-2-2222) then we’d have something. Either way, let’s play along. Here are 12 important 12s that we’re saluting in honor of today.


Tulsa men, ranked No. 12 in our Top 48: The Golden Hurricanes enjoyed a great season and landed in the money spot on our season-ending ranking.


Florida women, ranked No. 12 in our Top 64: Ditto for the Gators and their stellar program.


The 12th man: This means you. If you’re a soccer fan who cheers for your team win or lose, we salute you.


Thierry Henry, France; No. 12 for national team: He’s No. 14 with the Red Bulls but in our heart he’s always the guy in the above pic, fresh goatee and all.


Joe Tolen, Indiana; wears No. 12: Also wears the glow of a recent national title.


Michelle Murphy, BYU; ranked No. 12 in Freshman Top 100 rankings. All she did was lead one of the top teams in the country in goals and points. No big deal.


See the remaining six 12s after the jump

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Written by Dill Pickle

Just so you know, Indiana’s national title triumph on Sunday was just the beginning … the beginning of history repeating itself. Go ahead and put the Hoosiers down for another College Cup in 2013.

I know what you’re thinking: but they were only a No. 16 seed! Lightning doesn’t strike twice! How am I supposed to trust the prediction of a guy named Dill Pickle!

All valid points. But so are these:


1. History. Of the seven previous national titles won by the Hoosiers, six of them were part of back-to-back efforts. Indiana turned the trick in 2003-04, 1998-1999 and 1982-83. Only in 1988 did they produce a one-and-done title effort. And how can we trust anything that happened in 1988? People were listening TO THIS back then. Yup. Do-over.


2. Family Tree. Lest we forget whose father was leading all those Hoosier championships of old – coach Todd Yeagley’s father, Jerry. Now that he’s added to the family legacy he’ll be liberated and ready to enjoy a run of his own. There’s just too much precedent for this not to happen.

See the final point after the jump

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Written by The 91st

The Men’s College Cup is here. We’ve chatted with one player from each team in order to break down the championship matchups. Let’s do it.

ALSO: See 5 facts about College Cup site Hoover, Alabama


Describe the four remaining programs using one word?


A.J. Corrado of Indiana says: Creighton: Style; Georgetown: Strength; Maryland: Perennial (contenders); Us: Confident

Jose Gomez of Creighton says: Georgetown: Compact (in the midfield); Maryland: Offensive; Indiana: Physical; Us: Fundamental

Andy Riemer of Georgetown says: Creighton: Consistent; Indiana: Tradition; Maryland: Dangerous

Patrick Mullins of Maryland says: Creighton: Possession-oriented; Georgetown: Hard-working; Indiana: Teamwork; Us: Aggressive.


What opposing player will be the X-factor for your Friday opponent?

Corrado on Creighton: Jose Gomez is their X-factor, to me. He gives them time and space and can make things happen. He’s a huge part of how their team works.

Gomez on Indiana: Eriq Zavaleta. I watched them against North Carolina (in the Elite Eight) and their team didn’t have many chances but he just made it happen. He’s that kind of player.

Riemer on Maryland: John Stertzer. I played with him at Potomac Academy and he’s one of their key players. He has a really great understanding of the game and is a play-maker.

Mullins on Georgetown: I wouldn’t single out one player, I think they play really attractive soccer and have good teamwork. They have guys that can hurt  you in different ways.

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Written by Trey Messiah

This is your hip hopology breakdown of the Men’s College Cup with each team assigned to one of your favorite rapper’s favorite rappers. Let’s make it rain in here!


Indiana- Jay-Z

Indiana is a great team with lots of program experience. Jay-Z is a great rapper who’s been around for a while and has the hottest chick in the game wearing his chain.


Creighton- Fat Joe

Very good team who always seems to be in the hunt; good rapper who always seems to be relevant but is sometimes forgotten (though at 475 LBs, we’re not sure how).


Georgetown- 2 Chainz

Georgetown is the new and exciting program making a great run in the 2012 season.  2 Chainz is one of the hottest rappers in the game right now and people are wondering about his longevity. Mostly, because he’s 36-years-old. Seriously.


Maryland- Kanye West

No question Maryland is a great team and an outstanding program.  UMD is similar to Kanye West, an artist that you want to hate but can’t help but love. By the way: I’m a let you finish, but the Terrapins have one of the best Cup records of all time!


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Written by Dill Pickle

We’re one set of matches away from learning our Men’s College Cup teams. I have five thoughts regarding the Elite 8 matches …


1. San Diego is visiting Georgetown while back in San Diego the women’s College Cup is going on. This is basically like going to a party at your friend’s house while your friend throws a MASSIVE party at yours, then sends you a text mid-party that says: Wish you were here.

I like Georgetown in this one. They’re home at their own party.


2. I’m titling Indiana vs. North Carolina the Lords of the Rings match. The Tar Heels are defending champs while the Hoosiers have all kinds of titles: Cup titles, house titles, car titles … but even the Lord of the Rings had Hobbits. In other words, someone’s going to come up short. I think it’s the Hoosiers.


3. If Creighton beats Connecticut I’m curious to see how loudly the Creighton baby screams. They won’t. UCONN wins.

See the final two thoughts after the jump

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Written by Jahmal Corner

In the first MLS playoff game of the year on Wednesday night, the Houston Dynamo knocked off the Chicago Fire 2-1 (in Chicago no less) as former Indiana striker Will Bruin scored both goals for the Dynamo in what was a pretty lethargic game overall.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

UCSB sophomore Indiana Mead faced off against her namesake earlier this season and despite a 0-0 finish we all ended up winners. Particularly this scoreboard, which was probably on the verge of exploding as it dripped in irony.

Oh, and just so you know, Indiana Mead probably has the best name in college soccer. Talk about owning your opponent.


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