Written by Will Parchman

We’ve shown you what it’s like to go behind the curtain of one of the top residencies in Real Salt Lake’s Casa Grande, Ariz. operation. We’ve shown you what a group of Bay Area teens go through in a day to train for the San Jose Earthquakes academy.

Now it’s college’s turn.

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Written by Jahmal Corner

There must be something empowering about putting on an animal costume. One minute you’re a mortal man, the next you’re a seven-foot bear with huge hands and a stuffed head. Look at me, I can do anything! No, bro, you can’t. You’re just a man in a suit.

Try telling that to these two guys drunk off of mascot power. This was a rivalry game and a battle between Kentucky high school characters: the Male Bulldog and the Manual Ram (sidenote: who’s in charge of naming high schools in Kentucky and why are they still employed?)

Anyway, the action starts off as a staged play fight before things get REAL. For my money, it looked like the Bulldog was taking care of business and the Ram was getting Pacquiao’d. How did you score it, Manny? Uh, Manny?


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Written by Jahmal Corner

Dude, what happened last night?

Here’s what happened: The men’s NCAA first round kicked off and there were 13 one-goal games. Yes, 13! (That’s including the three matches that went into PKs).

Here are a few of the many highlights from last night:

– Charlotte outlasted UAB 3-2 in the video above.

– Syracuse upset No. 18 Cornell on a goal from Lars Muller.

– Xavier beat Kentucky on the goal below.

– UMBC took out Old Dominion in the highlights below.

Oh, and we can’t forget about the greatest highlight off all after the jump.

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Written by Dill Pickle

Have we learned nothing from last week’s MLS playoff matchup between the LA Galaxy and San Jose Earthquakes?

You have to read the signs … the team photo signs. The men’s NCAA Tournament starts tomorrow and there’s only one factor that can accurately predict the outcomes. So say cheese, and let’s break down Part 1 of the first-round matchups. Part 2 is Thursday.


Michigan State vs. Cleveland State: Take a look at the portrait above of the Spartans – it’s focused, it’s clean, it’s promising.  Now check out Cleveland State’s. They’re doing too much with the artsy goalkeeper symmetry, plus, dude in the back left is wearing a boot for an injured foot. Man down.

WINNER: Michigan State


Kentucky vs. Xavier: Sometimes a single player photo can embody the spirit of an entire team. Take Kentucky’s Dary DeWalt. Look at his face – does this look like a game to you!? He’s not playing around. Neither are the Wildcats …

WINNER: Kentucky


UMBC vs. Old Dominion: Fast forward to 1:50 of this video and tell me this UMBC squad isn’t in sync.  Just call them the Justin Timberlakes.



Farleigh-Dickinson vs. St. John’s: This very well may be the toughest team photo ever taken. There’s literally one guy smiling in this photo (first GK on left) and I think he just has to use the bathroom.

WINNER: FDU is not to be messed with.

Four more team photo duels after the jump.

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Written by The 91st

The left foot of Jacob Kemper sent Kentucky to a 1-0 victory over Memphis in the dramatic first round match of the Conference USA Tournament.

Pretty sweet blast.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

Pop quiz, hotshot: a college program wins the national title then donates its entire roster to the professional ranks (What do you do! What do you do! … sorry) … know who I’m referring to?

If you answered with one of the following:

A)    The 2010-11 Akron soccer program

B)     The 2011-12 Kentucky basketball program

You’re correct! And your grand prize is the rest of this blog post.

So national champion Kentucky announced that its entire starting five is heading for the NBA Draft next season (not to mention its water boy and team masseuse). The Wildcats will have a total of seven players heading to the league which sounds unbelievably impressive unless you weren’t born this year.

Excuse my ebonics for a moment, but the Zips been done that! … umm, that means that they’ve already accomplished this feat (corporate voice).

After Caleb Porter’s team won the 2010 title, they also sent seven to the draft – with five players being taken in the top eight. Now, how’s that for a starting five? Tssssk.

You tell me which is more impressive?


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Written by Jahmal Corner

The No. 1 basketball recruit in the country announced his college commitment last night – by way of his haircut.

Nerlens Noel, of Everett, Massachusetts, shaved ‘UK’ in the back of his dome which I was told indicated he’s heading to Kentucky (I initially thought it was a special message to his fans and stood for ‘U Kind.’).

Anyway, this was an original announcement and one I think should catch on. Unfortunately, No. 1 soccer recruits Bryane Heaberlin and Raul Mendiola could not be reached for comment.


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