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Well, well, well. I finally get it. Congratulations Mike Ashley (Newcastle United’s owner) you thought you could pull a fast one on all of us, didn’t you? You thought you were so funny for stripping off your clothes, and you had everyone laughing and asking, “why would he strip in the middle of a karaoke jam sess?”. You didn’t fool me Mr. Ashley, the answer is clear now, and it is not because you’re that cool of a boss.

Mr. Ashley didn’t remove all his clothes in a Chinese restaurant because he was drunk, he did it to get us thinking about the new line of Newcastle underwear. That’s right, Newcastle underwear!

Above is a photo of Newcastle’s new line of lingerie, just in time for you and your special someone who were planning to spice things up. Granted, you probably aren’t even paying attention to what this model is wearing (let alone what I’m writing right now), but in case you wanted to pick some up, click here.

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