Written by Jahmal Corner

What if our best/tallest athletes played soccer? It’d probably look something like the list below. Here are the top NBA soccer players I’d love to see on the pitch.

Kobe Bryant- At the age of six Kobe honed his soccer skills via Italy while rooting for A.C. Milan. This Azuri at heart is 6-foot-7 and boasts both a powerful left and right foot. He could provide both power and the high-flying ability to be the premier goal scorer.

Steve Nash-The Canadian is 6-foot-3 and is the most skilled footballer of all the NBA players. Go to a Phoenix Suns game all see Nash honing his soccer skills in warm-ups. With his pace and speed he’d be a great teammate for Kobe.

Tony Parker- This French star was actually born in Belgium with his first love being soccer. He’s the ‘smallest’ of this lineup at 6-foot-2 and could either be a scorer or defensive stopper.

Ricky Rubio-This Spanish born superstar has soccer in his blood. Having been raised in the soccer rich region Rubio’s Facebook friends list is a who’s who of soccer elite. The lightning quick guard will provide the same flair and finesse on the pitch that he does on the hardwood.

Marcin Gortat-At 6-11 with the nickname “The Polish Hammer” this big man is a daunting presence in net. With a wing span of over seven feet Gortat can almost cover post to post without moving. Gortat was a high jump and football star in high school not to mention his father was a Polish bronze medalist in boxing so he’s a great athlete. He’d provide shutout after shutout for this NBA soccer dream team.


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