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In this day of enormous player salaries, record-breaking transfer fees, and ridiculous sponsorship deals, it’s always nice to see when a high profile athlete such as Landon Donovan strikes a modest deal that brings him back down to Earth.

Donovan recently inked a “$2-Per-Goal” deal with his grandparents, a 100 percent raise from his previous contract. An ecstatic Donovan told the Onion:

“Obviously, I’m thrilled to have this deal, and the 50-cents-per-assist clause was completely unexpected…”

I suppose Kaka didn’t have the same humility when he agreed to a seven-figure deal to hawk Golden Throat Lozenges in China where advertisements are still up four years after the deal was struck (video above). Way to commit to your performance, Kaka.

Other endorsement misses after the jump:

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