Written by Will Parchman


The battle lines in the intractable standoff over training compensation in the U.S. are fairly distinct. On one side, youth clubs are drawing up all the power they can muster behind the notion that they deserve a small cut (we’re talking 1-5 percent here) of the transfer fees doled out to players they helped develop. The MLS Players Union, meanwhile, asserts that practice is tantamount to robbing money out of the players’ pockets.

The MLSPU is, to my eyes, on the wrong side of this fight. And Don Garber, the commissioner of the players in the league that union represents, may have just undercut the message.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated’s Brian Straus, Garber danced through myriad topics: expansion, the validity of the investment in MLS, NYCFC, Miami. In the midst of that, we had this exchange.

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