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News out of England: Liverpool FC’s up-and-coming youngster Marc Pelosi got into a bit of a scuffle today. From Pelosi’s Twitter:

@marcPelosi: at police station, just got mugged by two angry scousers on bikes! I’m ok though.

Thankfully Pelosi, a prominent member of the U.S. U17 Men’s National Team and one of the top ranked youth players in the country, did not sustain any serious injuries. However, it is clear who is responsible for this incident: Liverpool’s nemesis Everton FC.

Surely bitter about the 2-0 loss Everton sustained last month at the hands of their rivals, I can only assume that they wanted to retaliate. Still, it is very shocking to see that a couple of Everton board members had the audacity to steal bikes and mug one of Liverpool’s rising stars! Word to the wise Liverpool: it might be time to work on your defense. 😉

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