Written by Will Parchman

This is pretty weird. St. Vincent is a cool indie artist who’s made some really great music over the past couple years. Like this. And apparently she has a club soccer past, because she wants to show you how to do a rainbow (and apparently a spin move too). Your award for soccer randomness for the day goes to St. Vincent.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

Kwame Darko has traded in his cleats for beats (it’s the best rhyme I could come up with … he’s the rapper, not me).

The former Maryland defender, who helped the Terrapins win a national championship in 2008, has been passionately pursuing a rap career since his graduation in 2009 and from the sound of things it’s paying off.

Darko recently released an iTunes single “Beautiful Thing,” and is working on more material in between his job for CBS Radio.

“During college, I was working on music and building my network, but soccer was always my platform,” Darko told Maryland’s athletic website. “Now, I am entrenched in the music industry (in New York) and get the chance to work on my own music too.”

Shot out to both Maryland and Kwame. Watching a man pursue his dreams truly is a “Beautiful Thing.”

(P.S. Kwame, if you ever need a guest appearance on a record – ask about me! I’m getting better all the time!)


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Written by Jahmal Corner

As soccer parents, we spend countless hours in the car with our pre-teen and teenage children.  Which also means that we spend an awful lot of time listening to our children’s choices in music.

If the music is being played over the speakers rather than through our children’s ears via Beats by Dre, then at least we can have some conversations about the latest lyrics from Juicy J (which I won’t repeat), Lil Wayne (which I can sometimes repeat), or if by some chance they like country, Taylor Swift (which I can sing every word).

Occasionally, I am pleasantly surprised when I hear “Hey, Mom, listen to this.”  Case in point is the video above by The Lonely Biscuits, a band made up of freshmen at Belmont University. No volume changes, muting, or “distract the parents” antics needed on this one. Watch out parents, you might like this just as much as your teenagers.  And you just might sing along in the car on your next trip.


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Written by Administrator

Aziz Ansari and Matthew Shawver have added yet another definition to the term “BALL SO HARD.” Enjoy!

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One was the hottest girls from the year 2000 and the other is currently reigning supreme. Of course I’m talking about Britney Spears and Rihanna but what do they have in common besides being two of the sexiest princesses in pop history?

They put out a new remix together and like it or not, I’m betting this one will do very well. Rihanna’s fans were asked about whom the pop star should collaborate with and Britney was the winner.

As popcrush.com reports:

The remix adds Brit’s breathy vocals over top Rihanna’s impassioned singing and a beat that just won’t quit. You will like it, like it, like it, come on! The references to whips, chains and sex-citement — it’s almost too much in one remix! This uber sexy double-teaming will set the hearts of any red-blooded American man on fire.

Rihanna tweeted on Sunday, “I got a #SEXY collabo comin your way supa dupa soon!!!! OH YEAH!!! By popular demand…it’s Britney bitch!!”

Her fans demanded it and she produced, good work Rihanna.

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This is Adidas’ new commercial and I for one LOVE IT! It incorporates everything I like about sports and entertainment, the mashup of Lionel Messi, Derek Rose and Justice’s new track Civilization is awesome. I also think Adidas did a good job incorporating the fans and showcasing their passion for whomever they support, a tattoo of Lionel Messi on your chest? That’s devotion!!!

I think the correlation of music and sports has always ran deep, if you look at basketball and hip-hop the two seem synonymous. Has electronic music found a niche with soccer or has it crossed into mainstream with commercials like this continuing to pop up? All I know is, I hope one day I am cool enough that Justice will make a theme song to my life, until then I guess this commerical will have to do!

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