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Send pics to commit@topdrawersoccer.com or via Twitter @topdrawersoccer

We’ll update the photo gallery consistently throughout the day.

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Written by Will Parchman


National Signing Day is now mere hours away. While the countdown clock continues to wind down to zero, we here at TopDrawerSoccer.com want you to have your day in the sun.

What does that mean for you? Send us your signing day photos and commitment updates on Wednesday, and you’ll be able to find them here in a running update throughout the day. You can get your info into us in a variety of ways. You can email our commitments inbox (commit@topdrawersoccer.com), Tweet to us at @TopDrawerSoccer or pull your carrier pigeon out of its cage and tape the message to its leg. I’d probably suggest the first two.

As your national soccer Signing Day Center, you’ll be able to find up-to-the-minute coverage on all of the big signings across the country both on our main site as well as right here on The 91st Minute. We’ll have photos, pertinent tweets, commentary and more.

With that in mind, we value your participation. Send ’em and we’ll post ’em. Should be a fun, busy day. Let’s do it together.


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5V5: Signing Day

Written by The 91st

National Signing Day is February 6. As future college student-athletes prepare to put their signature on the dotted line, we asked five standout recruits to give us their plans for the big day as well as insight into their college selections.

Welcome to 5v5, Signing Day edition.


Describe your Signing Day process – will you have a ceremony and sign at high school or just fax it to your college program, etc …


Trevor Haberkorn(signing to Furman): I fortunately get the opportunity to sign with my fellow classmates at my school. We will have a ceremony with all of the football and soccer players at the same time. It’s going to be great to sign with everyone I have grown up with.

Ryan Walker (signing to Stanford): After school I will be signing in a room beside all of the other athletes. The local press will be there I believe. I then will have my last home high school game with all of the other seniors, and later in the evening my club team is having a party for all of us. It will be a packed day!

Nathan Smith, (signing to UCLA): I am going to be signing at my house with my family and friends, then fax it to UCLA.

Javier Clavijo, (signing to UCF): My high school, Cypress Bay, is going to have a ceremony for all the student-athletes signing with a school. I am going to have my UCF scarf around my neck as I sign.

Alex Muyl, (signing to Georgetown): I’m still deciding. I probably will just end up signing it at home and faxing it in, but it would be cool to do at school.


What’s the biggest reason you’re signing with your program?

Haberkorn: The biggest reason I chose Furman is because I felt it was a soccer university. The whole atmosphere and city there was just based around the soccer. Coach Allison has truly developed a fantastic program and many great players have came out of Furman. I wanted to follow the footsteps of Clint Dempsey, Ricardo Clark, and now Walker Zimmerman.

Walker: I chose Stanford University because of the opportunity to obtain an excellent education in almost any field that I chose to pursue. I feel really confident that I will get the academic support that I need to help balance a rigorous schedule as a scholar athlete. And I am so excited to play soccer with a group of women who are among the best in the country.

Smith: The history behind UCLA with all the professionals that have came through the program and the coaching staff is great.

Clavijo: Biggest reason I chose UCF was the coaching staff. I feel that they have a great concept of soccer and their interest in me from day one confirms to me that they will further develop me into a top player. Several professional players have emerged from their program, and I hope to continue the streak.

Muyl: Because it’s a great mixture of soccer and school, and has both a great team and strong academics.

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Written by The 91st

It’s Day 4 in our countdown of the top 10 posts of 2012 based on your clicks. Each day we’ll unveil two posts that made the list. The schedule is as follows (click on past dates to see earlier ranked posts):

Dec 27: No. 9-10
Dec 28:
No. 7-8
Dec 29: No. 5-6
Dec 30: No. 3-4
Dec 31: No. 1-2

So here we are with Nos. 3-4:


4. Lionel Messi Documentary: How much do we love Messi? Enough to sit through a 45-minute documentary on his life … and enjoy it.

3. National Signing Day: We love the kids and so do you. Our February coverage of National Signing Day proved as much.


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