Written by Travis Clark

NBC-Premier-FeatureStarting this fall, even more soccer is going to be available on TV in the United States.

NBC, which won the broadcast rights for the English Premier League last October, officially announced its plans for the 2013-14 upcoming season — and they’ve got some big ideas.

Arlo White, current MLS announcer for NBC will take over as lead commentator for the EPL, moving back to his native England, while former Premier League stars Lee Dixon and Graeme Le Saux will serve as lead analysts on live broadcasts when NBC takes over broadcasting the league this August.

All EPL games will be available in some format as well, whether on NBC, NBC Sports Network, or via NBC Sports Live Extra, a free mobile app available with the right cable package.

Check out more details after the jump.

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Written by Jahmal Corner

Americans still don’t get it. Soccer is the #1 sport in the world, and yet it is treated with less respect than beach paddle ball. It is the fastest growing sport in the country and you’ll be lucky if you can find an MLS game on TV (NBC might help with that). It is played by more kids than ANY other sport, yet the ones in positions of power to help make it more accepted are drinking Green Tea, singing campfire songs, and relegating it to the level of hopscotch.

I came across a letter (courtesy of Barstool Sports) where a father was complaining about his child’s rec soccer league. The league doesn’t keep score for 4-, 5-, 6-, or even 7-year-olds. Wait, what? Find me a rec basketball league that turns off its scoreboard when the 7-year-olds play. Or a t-ball league where there isn’t some obsessed t-ball-mom with one of those big score books that nobody understands.

If this sport is EVER going to become accepted we have to stop treating it like some magical team game where score doesn’t matter. In other sports you keep score. In other sports you talk to the referee (this rec league also banned talking to the ref – even if it was a compliment). I am not suggesting we yell things that are usually totally wrong, but c’mon. Let the kids hear a little jabber and learn to accept it. Let them learn about winning or losing (it teaches character right?).

If they aren’t going to keep score, at least make it somewhat interesting by playing on the field above. At least the kids will quit soccer sooner. Why drag it out?


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Written by Jahmal Corner

One of the biggest deals involving soccer in the United States in the last year was the new Major League Soccer TV agreement signed with NBC.

Starting this year, MLS games, and a handful of U.S. Men’s National team games will be broadcast live on NBC Sports Network and NBC itself, called by Arlo White, formerly of the Seattle Sounders broadcast booth.

NBC, known for its high-class handling of live sports events, looks like it’ll give MLS a high priority, and that’s a good thing for everyone involved.

Check out the latest promo video after the jump.

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Written by Seth Burleigh

karla davis the voice nbc

Often, athletes who try to become singers end up in the “don’t quit your day job” category.  The most recent examples that come to mind are Tottenham’s Andros Townsend and Thomas Carroll who sang a rendition of “Stand by Me” in the locker room back in December and members of the Seattle Sounders who “sang”, and I use that term loosely, the Perry Como hit “Seattle” in a promotional video back in 2009.

Although wildly entertaining, Townsend and Carroll, having both been loaned out shortly after the video went viral, should concentrate on getting back into the Premier League, while the Sounders, well, I don’t even want to say what should happen to that video.

Luckily, we also have Karla Davis, a 2008 graduate of UNC Greensboro, who recently blind-auditioned for NBC’s singing show “The Voice”.  Davis twice earned All-Southern Conference honors and was the league’s freshman of the year in 2004. Now based in Nashville, Davis won the 2010 Colgate Country Showdown national competition, earning the title “Best New Act in Country Music.”

Watch a a glimpse of her talent after the jump.

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The MLS on NBC

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NBC Sports Network, formerly known as Versus, recently released this pretty cool Major League Soccer promotional spot. The MLS will debut on NBC on Sunday, March 11, with a match between the Red Bulls and FC Dallas. NBC Universal also plans to air four U.S. Men’s national soccer matches to go along with it’s 45 MLS matches between NBC and NBC Sports Network.


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Written by Administrator

via FOXSoccer.

FOX secured the rights to broadcast the 2018 and 2022 World Cup, beating out bids from ESPN and NBC submitted this week in Switzerland, it was reported Friday. A FIFA official told The Associated Press that FOX won the US English-language rights for 2018 (Russia) and 2022 (Qatar).

With the new pact, FOX will also broadcast the 2015 and 2019 Women’s World Cup and will have the rights to all other FIFA events, including the U-17 and U-20 games, from 2015 through 2022.

The 2010 Men’s World Cup drew the most US viewers ever for the tournament. ESPN announced that broadcasts averaged a 2.1 rating (2.29 million households and 3,26 million viewers), a 31 percent increase over 2006. The final between the Netherlands and Spain was the most-watched men’s World Cup game by viewers (15.55 million).

“We made a disciplined bid that would have been both valuable to FIFA and profitable for our company, while continuing to grow our unprecedented coverage of the World Cup and Women’s World Cup events,” ESPN spokesman Mike Soltys said in a statement. “We were aggressive while remaining prudent from a business perspective.”

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Video: MLS on NBC

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Beginning in March 2012, NBC will carry MLS action. Hopefully this deal can make MLS more mainstream, and get Americans interested in the league.

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Team iLluminate performs “Fighting gravity” on season 6 audition week for America’s Got Talent. This performance is one of the most stunning performances EVER!

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