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Major League Soccer is adding a second New York team and the Yankees are helping to make it possible. The league announced today that it will add an expansion team New York City Football club beginning in 2015.

Manchester City FC and Major League Baseball’s legendary New York Yankees have teamed up to acquire MLS’s 20th expansion club. Manchester City will be the majority owner, according to the league’s announcement, while the Yankees will play an active role.

Here is the obligatory ‘we’re excited’ quote from commissioner Don Garber:

“This is a transformational development that will elevate the league to new heights in this country. The New York area is home to more than 19 million people, and we look forward to an intense crosstown rivalry between New York City Football Club and the New York Red Bulls that will captivate this great city.”

There is talk of building a new stadium, though it certainly won’t be ready by the start of 2015. Will the league be ready? We’ll see. Red Bulls, you have company.

[MLS Soccer]


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Written by Seth Burleigh

toronto blue jays soccer jersey

via SB Nation/Over the Monster

Happy Friday eye-candy! This is just cool!

Designer M.Willis took 5 American League East MLB teams and designed soccer jerseys based on their current baseball jerseys.

He had some rules that he stuck by:


1. I’m not reinventing club histories, or pretending clubs were soccer teams all along, just translating their brands to the soccer “universe”.

2. I’m not changing logos, colors or visual properties – just trying to play within existing boundaries.

3. I’m using soccer kits – jersey shirts only, really, as this was a quick exercise – as the visual output. One per team, too – no away designs this time.

4. Where I can, I’m making guesses about the identities to fill in blank spots that don’t map easily over to soccer.

5. I’m trying to have fun, and I don’t take this seriously as anything more than palate-cleansing design exercise.


Which non-soccer teams would you like to see TDS design soccer jerseys for? Comment below and we’ll make it happen after the holidays!

See the other four jerseys after the jump.

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The above video in a nutshell: David Beckham’s not a businessman he’s a BUSINESS … man!

Man U is worth everyone else besides the New York Yankees and the FIFA World Cup is a lot like the World Series only with more BANK! That is all. Enjoy the analysis of the Forbes Fab 40.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

Even when Man U loses, they’re still winning. Forbes dropped its list of the world’s 50 most valuable sports teams and those little Red Devils came out on top, beating No. 2 Real Madrid by about $350 million (which is basically gas money for these clubs).

The Forbes Top 10 is listed below:

1. Man U ($2.23 billion)
2. Real Madrid ($1.88 billion)
3. New York Yankees ($ 1.85 billion)
3. Dallas Cowboys  ($1.85 billion)
5. Washington Redskins ($1.56 billion)
6. Los Angeles Dodgers ($1.4 billion)
6. New England Patriots ($1.4 billion)
8. Barcelona ($1.31 billion)
9. New York Giants ($1.3 billion)
10. Arsenal ($1.29 billion)

Some guy in glasses explains the list after the jump.

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Written by Jahmal Corner

Even with things crumbling all around them, Barcelona is still making it rain.

ESPN The Magazine has compiled a Money Issue salary project that reveals that the Spaniards have mucho dinero. Of course, we already knew that, but what might surprise you is that Barca’s payroll runs laps around that of the New York Yankees.

278 teams in 14 major pro leagues were included in the ranking (which was done in U.S. dollars and sorted by average salary), with the poor Columbus Crew finishing dead last at 278. Maybe it’s their sponsor design.

Anyway, below is the top ten, and here is the full list.

1. Barcelona, average salary $8.6 million
2. Real Madrid, average salary $7.8 million
3. Manchester United, average salary $7.4 million
4. Chelsea, $6.8 million
5. Los Angeles Lakers, $6.3 million
6. New York Yankees, $6.2 million
7. AC Milan, $6.1 million
8. Bayern Munich, $5.9 million
9. Philadelphia Phillies, $5.8 million
10. Internazionale, $5.7 million
278. Columbus Crew, $89,000


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Written by Jahmal Corner

Because the sweet aroma of perspired men in a baseball clubhouse is something we all deserve to embody, the New York Yankees are set to launch a men’s and women’s fragrance this spring. The developers of the perfume/cologne have spent months collecting sweat from Derek Jeter’s cap and hot air from Alex Rodriguez’s mouth in order to deliver a winning product.

And because we live in a copycat world, you can absolutely expect to see other professional sports teams follow suit with their own fragrances (we can assume that the Boston Red Sox aroma will mostly consist of fried chicken and beer).

Here are three soccer clubs to keep an eye on and the products they may soon be pushing at your local department store.

LA Galaxy presents “Scent of a Landon.” It comes in a small package but delivers a potpourri of subtle and natural ingredients that pack a kick.

Barcelona offers “Smells Like Team Spirit.” This is what winners smell like. Bold and dynamic, it’s sure to bring you a healthy following of admirers and to restore bodily order when things get “Messi” (too easy).

Rangers FC’s “Envy” … because it’s the closest the club can get to green at the moment. It mostly reeks of desperation. Apply sparingly – there’s a thin line between desire and despair.


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Written by Jahmal Corner




Give me a break. Are you freakin’ kidding? Is it me or is this the most annoying form of commentary in all of sports? I would rather hear chalk on a blackboard than this.

When did this obnoxious sound become an exciting/acceptable form of sports commentary?

I’ve had people tell me that New York Yankees commentator Jon Sterling’s signature “AN A-BOMB from A-Rod,” or “THAAAAA Yankees win,” is annoying.  Come on, that’s annoying??? Yet listening to someone screaming like they got pushed off a thousand-foot cliff while screaming “GOAL!!!!” all the way down is entertaining?

This is one of many reasons why professional soccer must be modified to fit U.S culture or it will NEVER reach the potential it deserves.



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