Written by Jahmal Corner

Sign this kid up! Like, now.

His name is Nkosi Burgess, and his address is … just kidding, I don’t have his address … unless you’re paying (Beckham voice).

I can tell you that he’s a Dix Hills U15 player. And somewhere, Peter Crouch is going: Hey, I did it first! (After the jump).

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Written by Jahmal Corner

Peter Crouch is perhaps known best for being one of the tallest dudes in world soccer.

But the Stoke City striker also scored a ridiculous goal against Manchester City over the weekend (see the above reenactment).

The only disappointment to the sequence? Crouch’s celebration. He took the safe route as opposed to running up to the corner flag and doing the robot, which is doubly awesome because of his lankiness and poor dance moves. Check that out after the jump.

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