A couple of years ago, Eric Abidal was diagnosed with cancer in his liver. He immediately went through surgery and he was able to play the Champions League Final that year. After an emotional game, Puyol gave him the Captain’s band and let him lift the cup in front of 85,000 people.

Unfortunately, it was a happy moment that quickly faded. Abidal would eventually need a liver transplant due to some difficulties with his cancer recovery. His last game came against Athletico Madrid in February of 2012. But now, according to Barcelona’s website, he’s finally ready to return. It will be interesting to see if he will be able to dominate the field as he used to. Either way, you have to be impressed with his determination to continue to play the game he loves.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

Barcelona has had plenty to be disgruntled about as of late, and we can now add dance direction to the list of gripes.

In the midst of crushing Rayo Vallecano 7-0 Sunday, Thiago and Dani Alves got together and went straight up Jessica Alba Honey on us, sending Puyol into a rage.

He reportedly told his teammates:

“We’re not going to beat Brazil with that weak stuff!”

When asked for a comment Pep declined. Instead, he wore a blank stare that said “I’ve completely checked out.”


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Written by Reshad Bahadori

It isn’t difficult to recall the names of famous offensive stars in sports. Social media statistics show that the 4 most popular sports teams around the world are Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man U and the Lakers, and I’m betting that if you’re a sports fan you can probably name the offensive stars of each team ( See: Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney, Kobe).

But what about those guys on the other side that just don’t seem to get the recognition they deserve? Well, unless you’re an offensive lineman in the NFL (in which case no one cares about you … unless you miss a block. So BLOCK, dammit!) there may be hope for you after all. Defensive minded guys like Puyol, Ray Lewis, Iker Casillas, and Metta World Peace a.k.a. Ron Artest are making sure they get their shine as well. Puyol does it with sheer skill. Ray Lewis does it with pregame speeches that sound like a preacher on the juice. Metta World Peace does it by sheer psychosis and by going on Dancing With the Stars (There’s a pscyh patient on the loose! And he’s dancing!).

Manchester United goalie David de Gea scored a victory for the defense by making an amazing save against Chelsea this past weekend (video above). The only save that may have compared to Gea’s was one by Iker Cassilas during a Liga BBV match against Sevilla. (Video after the jump)

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Put some pants on Cesc

Written by Administrator

If you haven’t already heard, Barcelona recently won the Club World Cup in Japan. The tournament was highlighted by yet another great performance by Messi and an unfortunate injury to David Villa. It has reached a point with the Barca boys where people expect them to win and are no longer surprised when they do.  The picture above features Carles Puyol, Barca’s most important defender on the right. Gerard Pique is in the middle of the picture holding the trophy and he appears to be slightly uncomfortable next to the newly acquired pant-less Cesc Fabregas.

Lionel Messi was awarded the Golden Ball as the tournament’s top player and his teammate Xavi received the Silver Ball. Let’s see if Barcelona can continue this during the knockout stages of the Champions League beginning in February.

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Written by Administrator

Barcelona released their new home kit yesterday officially but here is the official release video with all the pageantry and luster you’d expect.

Pedro, Thiago and Carlos Puyol all get a chance to speak in this love-fest. The new jersey hits around :25 with a glimpse of the away all blacks at :33, it looks pretty awesome.

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