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Forbes ran an interesting commentary this week about the spending habits of Neymar. In short: he probably doesn’t need 20 condos and a collection of platinum chains custom-made for his poodles (that’s their opinion, not mine or Neymar’s … that’s just how we roll).

Forbes may have a point, though. Neymar is a young star with an entire career ahead of him. No need to flaunt his ‘straight cash homey‘ this early in the game.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t spend three months pay on a Powerade if Kate Upton were pouring it.

Granada midfielder Dani Benitez just did after he was banned three months for his little sports drink toss last week.

Benitez will miss his team’s final match at Rayo Vallecano and will serve the rest of the suspension next season.

I had this whole thing planned where I was going to figure out Benitez’s loss in salary and tell you what he could’ve purchased for the same amount, but I got lazy and started playing Words With Friends.

Instead, I’d suggest Benitez launch a new line of apparel called “Ball So Hard” with t-shirts that say things like:

“I just dropped $100,000 on a Powerade.”

Maybe he can partner with Randy Moss (YOU KNEW IT WAS COMING!). Moss might even let Benitez on his game show after the jump.

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Written by Jahmal Corner

By Jahmal Corner

Can someone please loosen the helmet of Robert Griffin III – you know, let some oxygen in there?

The Baylor Heisman Trophy winning quarterback – and soon to be ‘Randy Moss-straight-cash-homey’ paid star in the NFL – made an unforgiveable mistake last week when he confused (my) Alex Morgan with her U.S. WNT teammate Tobin Heath (like, how?).

After Griffin met Heath during an outing last week, he tweeted about his excitement in meeting Morgan (who was actually Heath) only to have the real Morgan tweet him the correction that he’d actually met Heath … you following this?

I sometimes have trouble keeping names with faces, but not when it’s the face of U.S. Women’s Soccer! And not when it’s (deep breath) Alex (deep breath) Morgan.

Griffin tried to salvage his error with a closing tweet after the jump.

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Written by Jahmal Corner

Before you have the chance to get excited about this I should clarify that this stadium will be used solely for futbol football.

Allen High School in Dallas is going Texas big, and breaking the bank for its football program.

But not to worry, if you play high school soccer in Texas you’re more than welcome to use the patch of grass out back. When it comes to the cash cow grazing grass, though – that belongs to football, baby.

$60 million for a high school stadium? That’s Guantanamo Bay money. That’s Chicago Fire club seat money … Randy Moss money (I’m done – but this clip never gets old).

So just to update the scoreboard, it’s now:

High School Football: $60 million     Soccer: Rangers FC


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Written by Jahmal Corner

Messi is topping the charts left and right these days. He broke the record for most goals all time by a Barcelona player with 234, set the record for most goals scored in all competitions for Barcelona this season with 54, and matched Barca’s single-season record with 34 league goals. He can now add to his list of accolades World’s Highest-Earning Soccer Player (see world’s highest-earning owners here). Is anyone surprised? I didn’t think so.

In 2011, Messi earned $52M in wages and endorsements, according to France Football Magazine. To put that into perspective, Americans, Forbes released that Tom Brady earned a total of $31M in 2011. Oh, snap! Futbol trumps football.

Messi also beat out the sport’s long-time top earner, David Beckham, who came in a close second with $50M.

Here are 2011’s top 10 earners:

1. Lionel Messi – $52M

2. David Beckham – $50M

3. Cristiano Ronaldo – $46M

4. Samuel Eto – $37M

5. Wayne Rooney – $32.6M

See the rest of the list after the jump, as well as some advice from Randy Moss about how Messi should pay his expenses from now on.

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Written by Jahmal Corner

When it comes to cash flow, soccer makes it rain. Want proof?

Forbes just released its Top 10 Richest Owners in Sports List and guess which sport dominated?

Yup, water polo. Just kidding. Soccer posted five owners on the list, led by owner of Ukranian club FC Shakhtar Donesk – Rinat Akhmetov.

Hey Justin Timberlake: you know what’s even cooler than a billion dollars? $16 billion. That’s what Akhmetov’s worth. His club is so rich his players hire people to play in their place.

Akhmetov (say his name three times fast … it’s fun) is joined on the list by Chelsea’s Roman Abramovich, MLS co-founder Philip Anschutz, AC Milan’s Silvio Berlusconi and Tottenham Hotspur’s Joe Lewis.

Absent from the ranking is NFL player Randy Moss, who until recently didn’t even “own” a job but does speak the same language as the above high rollers.


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