Written by Dill Pickle

It’s a crazy time to be a sports fan. The Super Bowl is Sunday and one of its superstar players, Baltimore Ravens Ray Lewis, has been accused of drinking deer antler magic juice or something like that (shrug). Anyway, Manchester City picked a good time to post this video of a random day when they met Lewis a couple years back (this was pre antler juice … we think).

Lewis shows off a little bit of juggling skill then squeezes into a smedium Man City shirt. Good times had by all. Cheers everybody. Antler juice on me!


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Written by Jahmal Corner

If you’re going to get a yellow card I guess you might as well get the most out of it. Running a guy down from behind and Ray Lewis arm tackling him to the ground is a pretty solid example.

Udinese linebacker Giampiero Pinzi took that approach with Liverpool’s Stewart Downing

yesterday and it’s tough to argue with the results. Pinzi got a great laugh about it (and even tried to high five the ref who left him hanging), and Udinese won the match 3-2 after a second-half rally.

Carry on. First down Liverpool.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

Now that’s what I call sending a message! Pigtails knew exactly what she was doing, and you could see her little underdeveloped mind churning before the play happened:

“Look at him, picking pebbles and licking them – he’s easy to spot. He thinks this is a game? He doesn’t know that I’ll run him over without hesitation then jump in my car seat and head home? Well he’s about to find out – BOOM!”

The only thing that could’ve made this better would’ve been if she jumped to her feet and performed the Ray Lewis dance – after the jump.

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Written by Administrator

With the NFL lockout still looming, players are looking for a way to keep playing the game they love. Luckily, an Iowa farmer (Taylor Lautner), hearing voices, builds a football field in his cornfields; and the National Football League comes to play.

Click through the jump for a behind the scenes look and deleted scenes.

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