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Even with things crumbling all around them, Barcelona is still making it rain.

ESPN The Magazine has compiled a Money Issue salary project that reveals that the Spaniards have mucho dinero. Of course, we already knew that, but what might surprise you is that Barca’s payroll runs laps around that of the New York Yankees.

278 teams in 14 major pro leagues were included in the ranking (which was done in U.S. dollars and sorted by average salary), with the poor Columbus Crew finishing dead last at 278. Maybe it’s their sponsor design.

Anyway, below is the top ten, and here is the full list.

1. Barcelona, average salary $8.6 million
2. Real Madrid, average salary $7.8 million
3. Manchester United, average salary $7.4 million
4. Chelsea, $6.8 million
5. Los Angeles Lakers, $6.3 million
6. New York Yankees, $6.2 million
7. AC Milan, $6.1 million
8. Bayern Munich, $5.9 million
9. Philadelphia Phillies, $5.8 million
10. Internazionale, $5.7 million
278. Columbus Crew, $89,000


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