Written by Reshad Bahadori

This idiot decided to charge the ref and hit him with a direct headbutt right before getting a red card. Luckily, the ref somehow manages to get back up. Hopefully this guy gets slapped with a long suspension. He needs a time-out to think about what he’s done. Idiot.

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Written by Will Parchman

The beautiful game is beautiful for myriad reasons. Whether you want to zero in on a silky individual or pan back to a team playing a lovely style, it’s all relative. Beauty is in the eye of the behyadda yadda.

But here’s another reason why this game rules. Late winners from unlikely sources and the reactions they elicit. Petrolul is a Romanian club that finished third in its league last year, qualifying them for a spot deep in the Europa League qualification apparatus. After cruising through their first qualifier, they drew Vitesse 1-1 in the first leg of the next one. Vitesse, for reasons that should be obvious, was expected to advance without so much trouble.

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Written by Meagan Speck

Robin Van Persie has scored some spectacular goals, usually with his feet. However, in the recent international game between Holland and Romania, Van Persie scored a special goal with his head. It’s worth a watch!


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Written by Administrator

In all my years of watching sports, I always thought there was an advantage to playing at home. However, in this video a firecracker was thrown at Dynamo Kiev player Torje by his own fans when he was in obvious advantage, clearly he is not a hometown favorite.

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