Written by Will Parchman


The MLS summer salary dump is here.

What that means for you, intrepid MLS gumshoe, is schlepping through reams of salary figures to discover those players who wear ski masks and those behind the counter, frantically jamming the “Call Police” button.

I’ve codified, in my estimation, the “best” and “worst” contracts from each team’s perspective based on post-CBA guaranteed cash those players receive as of 2015. We can quibble over the precise meaning of those terms (as we’ll see when we get to Lee Nguyen), but in this context it’s essentially from a team’s vantage. So relative to each player’s performance when weighted against the rest of the league, how many are underpaid and how many are making off with unwarranted bucks?

My selections.

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Written by Travis Clark

ZardesOne of the many oddities about MLS is that on a semi-regular basis, the MLS Players Union releases the salaries of every single player in the league.

And whether or not the numbers listed are accurate, the release of these figures always generates a lot of discussion, and is a fascinating insight into how much (or how little) players in MLS actually make on a yearly basis.

In the light of this, it’s an interesting exercise to extract the salaries of players signed to homegrown contracts (Academy products). Whether players sign directly from the Academy or after a year or more of college, the numbers are of a wide variety.

There are a few notables from this week’s announcement: the reported salary of what former Indiana striker Tommy Thompson makes is third highest among homegrown signings, behind Gyasi Zardesand Will Trapp. Jordan Allen isn’t doing too bad for himself after a season playing at Virginia, while the same can be said for Harrison Shipp, who has looked like well worth his salary so far. New TFC homegrown signing Jordan Hamilton certainly had a solid offer to go to when he decided not to play for Maryland.

For comparison’s sake, here are the salaries of homegrown players from last year. The full list of homegrown player salaries from this week’s report is after the jump.

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