Written by Reshad Bahadori

Sport Illustrated brought out the heavyweights for their World Cup issues. I really want to know what Suarez was thinking about right when that picture was taken. We’ll never know.


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Written by Will Parchman


Alex Morgan is becoming popular in the SI offices these days. In 2012, you’ll remember she posed for a body paint issue. This time, she’s been included in SI’s 50th anniversary issue that comes out Tuesday (which, if you’re counting, is today).


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Jose Mourinho is one of the most renowned soccer coaches in the world, he has won trophies in many different countries and his teams are always a force in Champions League. Mourinho’s path to his success has not always been a bed of roses, and throughout his years as a coach his style and personality have given him a reputation as a bit of a jerk. There is always a lot of talk surrounding him, and what he says to the media. However, those who dislike him might have to rethink that after reading this story.

Abel Rodriguez is a Mexican native who lives in the U.S. and he recently got interviewed in Sports Illustrated regarding his encounter with Mourinho. Rodriguez has been a fan of European soccer ever since he was a child, and Real Madrid is his favorite team. Every year Rodriguez would take a vacation during the time Real Madrid was in Los Angeles, and he would spend every waking minute close to the team.

Check out the rest of this incredible story after the jump.

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Written by The 91st


At first glance, this looks like your basic Sports Illustrated March Madness cover. We’ve got star Indiana basketball player Victor Oladipo in the middle, a bunch of loyal Hoosiers fans and … wait a minute … are those soccer players in this photo? You know, two of the guys who are losing their minds next to Oladipo?

Wouldn’t you know it: it’s Femi Hollinger-Janzen (front right, with trademark dreadlocks) and starting center back Kerel Bradford (to the left of Oladipo, giving the salute) finding their way into this shoot. I guess with it being the offseason they have plenty of time on their hands to hangout and hijack magazine covers. Just like soccer players, always stealing the show!


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Written by Dill Pickle

Webb main

Well, they’ve arrived. Katherine Webb, the young woman who should’ve won last night’s Grammy Award for Best New Artist (sorry, Fun) continues her meteoric rise with this Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot.

The SI issue will hit newsstands on Valentine’s Day, but we couldn’t wait until then so you’re welcome. Unfortunately, there’s no sign of her sister Alex Morgan being featured in the mag as she was last year. I guess the siblings needed some time apart.

A preview of the spread after the jump.

[Sports Illustrated]

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Written by The 91st

It all begins tonight. The USMNT starts its World Cup Qualifying bid in Honduras, a challenge on and off the field. Honduras has the highest murder rate in the world and is a country influx.

Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl shares an experience of being mugged while cameras drop in on both sides to get the pulse of tonight’s critical match.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

If you’re curious about the best soccer players to stalk on Instagram, wonder no more – Sports Illustrated has just figured it out for you. SI put out a list of the top 60 Athlete Instagram accounts. Interesting stuff.

Here’s how the soccer players ranked on the overall list:

12. Neymar

30. Kaka

43. Cristiano Ronaldo

53. Cesc Fabregas

59. Alex Morgan

60. Falcao


And if you’re so inclined, check us out on Instagram @TopDrawerSoccer.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

It’s hard to believe that in the history of Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year Award, which started in 1954, there has only been one soccer winner – our US Women’s squad back in 1999. Of course, that year it was appropriately called the Sportswomen of the Year.

Anyway, I point that out not because I think it’s unjust, but, because … well, I’m running out of LeBron jokes. It’s getting harder to hate on the guy and I HATE that! Why can’t he be more like Hope Solo? Dude hasn’t even done any jail time or anything.

What am I supposed to say at this point other than … congratulations, LeBron? (That didn’t feel right). I even like his two-hour special they call a commercial. What’s the world coming to?


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Written by Jahmal Corner

This is a great idea. Who wouldn’t want to take Kate Upton to work – even if her resume does read like a picture book?

And since Upton graced the cover of the same Sports Illustrated edition that featured Alex Morgan, guess what I’m thinking?

Yup. Alex Morgan drops into my cubicle for a day (or five). We can have dual keyboards, trade lunch items and maybe even call in sick one day: Hello, this is Alex (coughing) … don’t think we can go today coach (call him boss, Alex!).

Then I could show up at Sounders practice where I’d … uh, help … with stuff. It’d be amazing.

What do you think, Alex? Want to moonlight as a blogger for a day?

Call me.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

Alex Morgan. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. In body paint. LIKE A BOSS!

Our favorite U.S. women’s soccer star will be included in the edition that drops this Tuesday, February 14. Sounds like the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift to me!

Ever the fearless competitor on the field, Morgan told SI she was a little uneasy about posing in her birthday suit:

“Initially I was a little nervous, but this opportunity doesn’t come everyday. I wanted to involve my family with my decision and it helped that they were very supportive. After the initial reaction of nerves, I was so excited to start shooting, and honored to be included with such an amazing group of athletes and models.”

She’s so thoughtful (hot). I’m stoked. I feel like this.

The full Alex Morgan paint job is after the jump. UPDATE: We’ve got Alex’s full pictorial right here!

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