Written by Will Parchman

In 1999, Ryan Giggs’ incredible run-and-score gave Manchester United a late win over Arsenal in the FA Cup semifinal. As he’s been since Gollum was Smeagol and the Misty Mountains were raised out of the loam of Middle Earth, Martin Tyler was there to provide commentary.

Earlier this week, Sunderland beat Chelsea in the quarterfinals of the Capital One Cup on a similarly late goal from Ki Sung-yeung. More memorably than the dire game, a pitch invader evaded several security guards before going down around the goal.

Lucky for us, some kind soul with bags of Christmas spirit decided to mash these two things together. Martin Tyler narrating a streaker. Yes and please. Thank you, Christmas.


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Written by The 91st

Isn’t this just the friendliest streaker you’ve ever seen? Doesn’t want to do anything racy or malicious, just wants to shake hands with both teams while running around in his tighty whities. Nothing wrong with that.

We should all be so lucky.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

Poor guy never saw it coming.

For about 15 seconds this streaker was living the high life. He successfully crashed the U.S. Soccer friendly vs. Brazil last night and even pulled off a vintage sliding celebration.

But unfortunately, he failed to follow rule No. 1 of streaking: Look both ways when you’re streaking the street (or, field).

The long arm of the law caught him from behind and that’s all she wrote. Still, here at the 91st Minute we salute streakers of all creeds and species. And while he’s no Batman, we do appreciate his enthusiasm and the fact that he’s dressed like he just came from playing volleyball at the beach … in 1975.

Streak on, brother.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

How do you prefer your chicken? Grilled? Fried? Baked?

Me, I prefer mine blackburned. (BADUM-CHING!)

An unidentified chicken crossed the road (wink) then rushed the field yesterday while wearing a full-on Blackburn outfit during the club’s match against Wigan.

The little stunt was apparently orchestrated by a Blackburn fan (you don’t say?) who wanted to send a message to the club’s owners.

The message: We need more poultry at concession stands! At least, that’s what I got out of it.

Thank goodness for Wigan goalkeeper Ali Al Habsi though, who went all Rocky II Sylvester Stallone and caught the thing before it ended up on a KFC assembly line.

A reenactment of the event after the jump.

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Written by Administrator


This is hilarious, a player stops a streaker on the field and the referee punishes him for it. You’d think they referee would be happy that the game could go on without a naked man running around, but not this ref. He went as far as giving the player a red card! Ridiculous!!!

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