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Why is Tevez wearing the captain’s band?


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Cry me a river Carlos Tevez

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If there was voting for the M.S.P. (Most Spoiled Player) award, Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez would be the unanimous winner. In Tuesday night’s Champions League match against Bayern Munich, Tevez reportedly refused to enter the game when manager Roberto Mancini attempted to substitute the striker into the match in the second half, prompting the club to suspend him.

It’s easy to be empathetic for the guy, he is only making about $350,000 a week playing for City. It must be tough having to live in a seven-bedroom mansion and dealing with the stress of playing for one of the world’s premier teams in one of the globe’s most prestigious leagues. Graeme Souness, former Liverpool manager, sums it up when he told Sky Sports, “He epitomizes what most people think is wrong with modern football.”

Suck it up Tevez. There are millions of people around the globe that would do anything to be in your position. You have the world in your hands and you are willing to throw it away because you don’t see eye to eye with your manager? Pathetic. Let’s hope this two week suspension gives you time to clear your head.

P.S. – Come outside, your fans left you a note!

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According to ESPN Soccernet:

Manchester City have rejected speculation that they are about to launch a big-money move for Cristiano Ronaldo…With relations between Ronaldo and coach Jose Mourinho said to be strained, it has been suggested City could swoop with a bid far in excess of what Real paid for the Portugal international.


Manchester City skipper Carlos Tevez recently told Argentinian radio that he is seeking a move away from the club as he needs “a change of scene”…  The likes of Inter Milan and Real Madrid have been linked with the Argentina ace, who is believed to have turned down a massive new deal from City.

“Well, where I come from, you are guilty until proven innocent”, says Ari Gold (HBO’s Entourage), and the same holds true for soccer rumors.   What do you think, would it be a fair swap?  If not, who comes out on top?

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