Written by Will Parchman

It took all of eight seconds for Tim Cahill to bounce out to this cracker of a goal for a 1-0 lead over the Dynamo on Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t just the swiftness of the goal that grabbed your senses either. The chest-down was perfect. The first touch was impeccable. And that outside-of-the-foot shot… dreams are made from it. Brilliant.

Perhaps most importantly, Cahill’s thunderplonker set the tone for a 3-0 rout that kept alive NYRB’s chase for the Supporters Shield. One more weekend, gents, and the playoffs are upon us.


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Written by Will Parchman

On Monday night, Tim Cahill played a game of celebrity FIFA 14 against Drake at the official kickoff party in New York City. It was, ahem, well-covered. Cahill won on penalties and I don’t think Drake’s entourage stuffed him in a dumpster. So that’s good.

Anyway, with FIFA now out in the states and about to hit Europe, Cahill is back with another promo vid for some of the game’s new celebrations. So if you want to hear a bunch of cheeky Aussie phrases, GOOD ON YA KANGAROOMEN because here you are.


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Written by Will Parchman

Since the kiddos like to slap around the #TBT hashtag these days, the 91st Minute wants to get into the act. Right? Is this how this works? Okay. I’ll trust you.

Here’s a pre-NYRB Tim Cahill building a crappy lemonade stand but for FIFA. Not a bad actor, Timmy. Too bad Rafa Marquez left New York. They could star in a really awesomely bad soap opera: “The Bold and the Beautiful and the wait stop trolling the locker room Rafa you are the moral equivalent of the meteor that killed the dinosaurs.” We’re working on the title.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

With the news that former NFL star Junior Seau died this morning, the sports world reacted first with shock, followed by displays of support.

We’ve included a few of the many soccer players who tweeted about the news, including futbol player at heart Chad Ochocinco.

Included in his legacy, Seau has a La Mesa, CA, sports complex in his name that hosts soccer events and tournaments.

He was 43.

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FIFA 12 Holiday Ad

Written by Administrator

There is nothing worse then getting a lame holiday present like underwear, a sweater, or socks. You look at the person who gave them to you and say thank you, but really you’re thinking, what in the world makes you think I’d want these?

EA Sports released an ad that might be able to help you avoid any sweater, or underwear mishaps this holiday season. Soccer stars Wayne Rooney, Gerard Pique, Kaka, Jack Wilshere, and Tim Cahill encourage people to buy FIFA 12 for the holidays; by declaring all they want “is the ball”. The ad is clever, and it put a smile on my face to see these guys act. Especially when Wayne Rooney holds up a puppy with sheer horror on his face, and asks, “What am I going to do with a puppy?” Hysterical.

Upon further review, isn’t that Rooney’s old hair do? Remember, Wayne Rooney decided to have a hair transplant last summer. When did EA film this? They really do a good job of scheduling these guys for shoots; this must have been filmed right after last season.

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