Written by Will Parchman

In the off chance you missed it, Tobin Heath redirected Carli Lloyd’s cross with a pretty insane left heel for the third of five goals in a 5-0 win over Guatemala in Women’s World Cup qualifying over the weekend. Won’t see many back-to-the-net finishes better than this, at any level.

Heath’s had her detractors as possessionally wanton, but it’s hard to argue against her scoring production. This was her second of the night.

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Written by The 91st

Apparently, the USWNT had a lot of down time at the Algarve Cup. During one such instance, Tobin Heath and Yael Averbuch found creative ways to duel in soccer tennis even without the use of a net.

Who needs a net when you can use a hotel front desk?


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Written by The 91st

US Soccer standouts Megan Rapinoe and Tobin Heath may have taken their talents to France, but their tongues have yet to catch up.

Listen to the two explain their struggles with the language, how ‘green curry’ is actually ‘brown curry’ and give us the worst French lesson ever.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

By Jahmal Corner

Can someone please loosen the helmet of Robert Griffin III – you know, let some oxygen in there?

The Baylor Heisman Trophy winning quarterback – and soon to be ‘Randy Moss-straight-cash-homey’ paid star in the NFL – made an unforgiveable mistake last week when he confused (my) Alex Morgan with her U.S. WNT teammate Tobin Heath (like, how?).

After Griffin met Heath during an outing last week, he tweeted about his excitement in meeting Morgan (who was actually Heath) only to have the real Morgan tweet him the correction that he’d actually met Heath … you following this?

I sometimes have trouble keeping names with faces, but not when it’s the face of U.S. Women’s Soccer! And not when it’s (deep breath) Alex (deep breath) Morgan.

Griffin tried to salvage his error with a closing tweet after the jump.

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Written by Administrator

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