Written by Will Parchman


The MLS season got its highly anticipated curtain-raiser on Friday night. A matchup between defending champs LA Galaxy and defending trying-not-to-die Chicago Fire went about as expected. LA bossed possession, the Fire looked like a toddler lost in the mall and the Galaxy ended up winning 2-0. As the world turns.

While the Fire scuffled to a performance that made all of us fear for Harry Shipp’s future, the KC Cauldron was busy. The Cauldron is the preeminent fan supporters group for SKC, and they share a regional overlap with the Fire. The two teams have had a simmering feud on field, but it’s never been the nation’s hottest. Maybe something about that Midwestern sensibility.

While the Fire got stomped into nonexistence by the Galaxy, the Cauldron had a bit of fun on Twitter. And by a bit of fun, I mean they danced themselves into an ecstatic oblivion unknown to most of mankind. They leaned on this #cauldronafterdark tag and let their fans, well-wishers and just general internet malcontents just swing away by flooding the Fire’s home #cf97 tag with pictures of food. And it was brilliant.

Strap in. This is going to take a glorious while.

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Written by Will Parchman


Guess the most popular Twitter handle in men’s college soccer. I’ll give you a minute.

Let’s give this a go. North Carolina? Nope. Maryland? Close, but not the Terps. Indiana? Good guess, though close but no cigar. Real Madrid? No. That’s not a college. What… what are you thinking? Wait, what was that? Winthrop? You cheated, didn’t you?

The most popular Twitter follow in college soccer; the mighty Winthrop Eagles from Rock Hill, South Carolina.

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Written by The 91st

Apparently the new thing to do in sports/entertainment circles is to sit a person down, and have him/her read the snarky or mean things that are banded about on social media.

Former U.S. international and current Tottenham goalkeeper Brad Friedel is the latest Premier League star to be subjected to it, sifting through an assortment of comments about his age, accent and lack of hair.

A certain TDS writer has the dubious honor of having a Tweet read aloud as well.

HT SI.com


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Written by Will Parchman

Most of Twitter spends its time north of the Wall cavorting with the undead, so naturally the tweets themselves come across as a bit… harsh. Major public figures feel the heat worst of all. Which is why this is great.

Arsenal players take critical tweets literally, which results in things like Per Mertesacker turning around a cone while milk sits in a fridge. Note to self: always correctly spell the targets of your criticism. They may be reading it on a giant boards in front of a camera later.


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Written by Will Parchman

This. Is. Greatness.

The Notre Dame athletic department decided to partake in a little sociological experiment and had a selection of their head coaches read their own players’ tweets. The results… classic.

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Written by Reshad Bahadori

Real Talk goes live from the big ECNL Showcase in Phoenix. Host Reshad Bahadori goes over a little trivia with the girls and we find out what they would do with a million dollars. Push play already…

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Written by Ricky Siewers


You can add another possible crazy incident to the already endless list that Mario Balotelli has compiled over the past few years.  Balotelli, the same guy who attended a strip club the night before a game, stopped at a local school to use the bathroom and burned down his own bathroom after shooting fireworks, has been accused of wanting to be a drug dealer!

A witness on a recent Mafia trial exposed Balotelli as witnessing multiple drug deals in the Naples area and also claimed Balotelli wished to be involved in one “as a joke.”

In response to the claim, Balotelli posted on Twitter: “Ha, now I sell drugs! Shame, do not use my name for an audience.”

Hmmm… Let’s think about this one.  A world-class player of his caliber makes more than enough money, so we should be able to say for certain that this world-class soccer player is NOT a potential drug dealer.

But throw the name Balotelli into the mix and anything is possible. Maybe this is an attempt to pay off his $10,000 debt in parking tickets.


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Written by The 91st


The Most Interesting Man in Soccer has finally joined the Twitterverse. That’s right. Mario Balotelli, the guy who leaves us scratching our heads on and off the field is bringing his act to social media.

This is going to be fun. I give him two weeks before he says something completely inappropriate, claims it was taken out of context (by himself), cancels his Twitter account before reactivating it two days later. This is going to happen. You watch.


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Written by The 91st

USA Training & Press Conference - FIFA Women's World Cup 2011

Uhh … what just happened, exactly?

Hope Solo tweeted out her phone number, which appeared to be an accident (but with Hope you just never know), and then when every creep in the Twitterverse came out to play she quickly claimed it was a joke and an old phone number, which, come to think of it doesn’t really make sense. But neither does any of this, really.

She deleted her original tweet but followed up with this one:

I think I speak for everyone when I say: (SHRUG?)

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Written by Reshad Bahadori

Thoughts, love and prayers to those in Boston. Below are just some of the reactions from professional soccer players and teams from around the world.


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