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The USMNT faces off against Jamaica in a World Cup qualifier tonight at 9:30 p.m. ET. We have an amazing prize to give away and we want to give it to you. All you have to do is answer the below questions correctly for a chance to win the jersey you see above! Don’t forget to leave your comments!

  1. Which team wins the game?
  2. What will the final score be?
  3. Who scores the first goal?
  4. What minute will the goal be scored in? (The person closest to the actual time will win. Must get questions 1, 2 & 3 correct.)

If there is no winner tonight, the contest will continue on Tuesday, May 11 when the fellas take on Panama. Good luck and Godspeed.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

Ever heard of Vincenzo Bernardo?

The American-Italian soccer player, and former U.S. Youth international has had his share of clubs over the years.

A Morristown, New Jersey native, he looked to be headed the path of Giuseppe Rossi, moving to Napoli’s youth system in Serie A back in 2008. But that didn’t work out, and after a stint in Austria with FC Hochst, Bernardo returned to the States to give MLS a shot. When he didn’t land a deal there, he played for Harrisburg City Islanders in the USL in 2011.

This year, Bernardo decided to head to Central America, where he’s landed with Deportivo Guastatoya, a team in the second division in Guatemala. That’s where we find him in this ten-minute video, a definite must-watch for all aspiring pros and U.S. Soccer fans alike.

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Written by Jahmal Corner

The Minnesota women have gone wardrobe change on us and unveiled these new kits at a Thursday practice. The new look is a departure from their previous solid tops and has instead adopted the hoops style of our U.S. Soccer program.

I’m a fan of these, but then, I’m a huge fan of alternative jerseys in general. If the Golden Gophers decided to strut out wearing chinchilla fur I’d probably support it. So the hoops make our U.S. side resemble Waldo, and will liken Minnesota to the Honey Nut Cheerios Bee – I’m good with that. Change is more exciting … and more stylish too.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

What’s it going to take to impress this girl? The USMNT wins in Mexico City for the first time ever and McKayla Maroney is still giving us the stank face.

At least we’re not alone. A look back at my favorite things that DIDN’T impress the U.S. Gymnast after the jump.

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Written by Jahmal Corner

By Travis Clark

While the focus of most U.S. Soccer fans is firmly on the women’s team at the London Olympics, the men’s competition is flying a bit under the radar thanks to our U23 team’s earlier failure. Don’t neglect what has been a relatively exciting competition, though.

Despite Spain’s surprising failure to win a game in the group stages, there’s been plenty of entertainment. Mexico and Honduras, the two CONCACAF nations in London, have represented our federation well as both secured a spot in the quarterfinal stage. While it was expected for the former, Honduras advancing was a shock and it’s also been a chance for MLS players like Roger Espinoza and Andy Najar to showcase themselves on the international level.

There’s also been the decent performance of Great Britain, competing for the first time in more than 40 years and winning its group; and Egypt, as they continue to recover from the horrific soccer tragedy of more than a year ago.

But the best reason to watch the knockout rounds – and the team that is the overwhelming gold medal favorite – is Brazil. Not only do the Selacao possess the hottest young star in Neymar, but the team is incredibly motivated having never won the Olympics’ highest honor. And because the nation is the 2014 World Cup host, the pressure is on to deliver and use this as a tuneup.

So, if you’re waiting for the start of college season, or want a little international flavor in your soccer, don’t miss out on the Brazilians as they look to samba their way onto the podium. It’ll be fun – I promise you that.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

Rumor has it that Clint Dempsey is close to signing with Liverpool. What a dramatic shift that would be, not to mention a not-so-small victory for U.S. Soccer.

Dempsey has more than proven himself during his stay at Fulham – is he ready for a jump to the Champions League?

More importantly, are we ready for how weird that would look? (See above).


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Written by Jahmal Corner

In the latest episode of U.S. Soccer’s “Behind the Crest,” the squad faces the natural elements in its run-up to battling Antigua & Barbuda.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

Michael Bradley is in a pretty good place right now. He’s getting the credit he deserves for his solid U.S. National Team play, not to mention he lives in Italy … with his wife … who isn’t too bad on the eyes.

Watch as U.S. Soccer visits him and takes a look at his life off the field in Verona, Italy. Did we mention he’s there with his wife?

See part two over the Bradley coverage after the jump.

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Written by Jahmal Corner

Poor guy never saw it coming.

For about 15 seconds this streaker was living the high life. He successfully crashed the U.S. Soccer friendly vs. Brazil last night and even pulled off a vintage sliding celebration.

But unfortunately, he failed to follow rule No. 1 of streaking: Look both ways when you’re streaking the street (or, field).

The long arm of the law caught him from behind and that’s all she wrote. Still, here at the 91st Minute we salute streakers of all creeds and species. And while he’s no Batman, we do appreciate his enthusiasm and the fact that he’s dressed like he just came from playing volleyball at the beach … in 1975.

Streak on, brother.


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5v5: US MNT Roundtable

Written by Jahmal Corner

In our new 91st Minute series, 5v5, five soccer writers tackle five hot topics during a candid roundtable debate. Today’s subject: the U.S. Men’s National Team. Let the debate begin.

1. True or false: Clint Dempsey has become the most important player in the US Soccer program?

Chris Ravita, The Sports Network: True. His scoring record with Fulham this season does not lie, and he has matured into a player who can be relied upon. He’s creative, deadly in front of goal, a strong aerial threat, versatile and a fierce competitor. Dempsey is the most well-rounded player in the national team set-up.

Daniel Robertson, BigDSoccer: Absolutely true. Outside of Landon Donovan, there’s no player on the US capable of the spectacular like Clint is. So many games at the international level are decided by whichever team has that one player that can produce the match-winning moment and Clint is certainly a match-winning type player. I think the only real problem is almost the same problem that Messi has, and something that Klinsmann has to figure out: what is the key to getting him more involved in the USA attack?

Kevin Baxter, LA Times: Right now, true. Not only is he probably the most talented and successful US player, but by playing as well as he has in the EPL he’s proving to Americans – and the world – that US players can be a major force at the highest levels of the sport. And when he hits the transfer market and non-soccer fans in the US see how much teams are willing to pay for an American player, I think it will bring the sport and US program more respect and attention. So yeah, for reasons well beyond his play on the field.

Jason Davis, Best Soccer Show; KCKRS: True. Both because of his obvious status as the best player the US has right now as well as his profile while playing in the Premier League. Clint fits that status from several angles.

Adam Serrano, Soccer By Ives, MLSSoccer.com: False. While Dempsey certainly is the top player in the pool at this time due to his run of form with Fulham, the U.S. National Team’s success begins and ends with the play of goalkeeper Tim Howard. Time and time again, Howard has proven to be the difference between a slim victory and a heavy defeat for the USMNT and his leadership has been irreplaceable in creating a back four that has undergone its share of changes in recent years.

2. True or false: Jurgen Klinsmann’s first nine months as head coach have been a success?

Ravita: True. The more accurate barometer will come in a major tournament, but his record has been consistent with previous USMNT coaches. The national team hasn’t fared well playing European teams IN Europe, so the defeat of Italy was a big selling point to me. They aren’t quite there yet, but if he is able to marginally improve results while changing the overall culture of the program, then it’s worth it.

Robertson: True, simply because there seems to have been a change from top to bottom. I can’t put any of the Olympic failure on Jurgen and he’s on a nice run right now having won the games in Europe, especially the win against Italy. However, nothing that he has done so far will hold a candle to the importance of the next 6 months.

Baxter: I would give him an incomplete – albeit  with a star next to it. I don’t think you say it’s been entirely successful given some of the bumps he’s hit. And remember, he insisted on overseeing the entire national program so the upset in the Olympic qualifying tournament goes on his resume too. But for years we’ve been hearing that US soccer needs to adopt a full-blown European-style approach, and that’s what Klinsmann is bringing. I believe he’s on the right track but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few more bumps coming up in World Cup qualifying.

Davis: True. Despite some early hiccups, he beat Italy in Italy. It might not have come with the stylish soccer so many imagined, but his job built confidence through winning.

Serrano: True. It’s been quite the exciting tenure for Klinsmann but it is one that can only be described in one word: progress. While the attacking formation is still in the works, Klinsmann has shown a commitment to bringing in new blood to the national team and when you factor in a confidence-building victory over Italy, Klinsmann’s charges should be in high spirits when World Cup qualifying rolls around. I’m also a big fan of the U.S. boss’ idea to join Twitter and create more communication with his fans. Now about Herculez Gomez…

3. True or false: Stuart Holden is more entertaining off the field (
“No Holden Back”) than on it?

Ravita: True, but only based on the fact that he’s been injured. When fully healthy and in top-gear, he has the potential to be a cornerstone of the national team along with Donovan and Dempsey. From a marketing perspective though, he’s done well to stay in the limelight while sidelined.

Robertson: It’s been so long since he’s worn a US jersey that it’s tough to even know how on- the-radar he is at this point. I will say false, because he is the type of player that can turn the United States from a decent team into a good team – way more entertaining than any video!

Baxter: Wow. I don’t know how to answer that. You have to love him in both places.

Davis: True, at least until he’s healthy. Even if he was, Stu’s game is much more nuts and bolts than many American fans like to imagine. He’s not a flair player, and while he can make a nice pass, he’s not necessarily creative enough to beat out the videos.

Serreno: False. While Holden’s show is certainly entertaining, prior to his injury Holden was one of the—if not the—most dynamic player in the U.S. player pool. Whether it is playing in the center of the park for Bolton or streaking down the flanks for the USMNT, Holden’s career remains one that is in ascension. Although he has battled a yearlong knee injury, he is currently in the middle of a recovery process that could see him play a role for his club next season.

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