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Remember this U11 team?

Turns out that it was far from a fluky, one-time deal. The Barcelona USA squad, a Southern California club that does its best to emulate the Spanish club, recently won all three of its age groups at the Surf Cup.

And they recently shared the above video of its U12s against FC Dallas. Sit back, watch, and enjoy.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

Kids: This is WHAT NOT TO DO on a soccer field.

A recent Hong Kong match between Kitchee Sports Club and ESF (International club English Schools Foundation) turned disturbingly violent after several dirty plays escalated into a total loss of control.

As the video shows, it all led up to an ESF player brutally kicking an opposing player in the face (at 1:39). Ouch.

This is ugly, ugly, stuff. And it’s sparked tension toward Westerners being that it was an international club involved in the incident.

Red cards all around.


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