Written by Will Parchman


In 2014, I suggested a raft of changes to pull college soccer into line with the rest of the American pyramid. Embedded within all that – the partnership with MLS, the coaching licenses, the USL competition – was a plea for a change in rules. Limit subs, spread the season across 10 months and see what happens.

Now, allow me to call in the cavalry. We have statistical proof backing up those assertions.

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Written by Travis Clark

Over the past two seasons, the Virginia women’s soccer team has been one of North America’s most entertaining sides — regardless of the level. With head coach Steve Swanson emphasizing possession-based, attacking soccer and U.S. Women’s National Team midfielder Morgan Brian at the hub of it, the Cavaliers scored 88 goals in 2014 and 78 in 2013.

The downside? Virginia reached the College Cup both seasons, only to come up short against both eventual champions (UCLA and Florida State respectively).

Relive some of the best of those 88 goals from last fall in the above compilation. It’s worth the time.

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Written by Will Parchman


A season of great college goals has led us here. The best of the best.

With the men’s and women’s college seasons now fading into a whisper in the annals of the game’s history, we can take a look at the best goals from the 2013 Division I season. And there were some good ones.

First up is James Murphy’s Thierry Henry-esque juggle-then-fire effort to give Michigan a 1-0 win over hated rival Ohio State on Oct. 6. Then we have Rachel Cole’s incredible long-range screamer to hand Rutgers a 2-1 double OT win over Cincinnati in the quarters of the AAC tourney.

Traveling further south, Tyler Peoples’ long-range laser clocks in next. His incendiary dart on the brink of halftime set Furman on the road to an eventual 2-1 win over interstate rival Clemson in October. UCLA’s Kodi Lavrusky comes in next with a beautifully crafty effort that won the Bruins their first NCAA title in overtime over Florida State. Finally, Virginia’s Darius Madison makes an appearance with a did-I-just-see-that running volley in an eventual 3-1 win over Marquette in the third round of the NCAA tournament.

Without further ado, which goal is the best of the season? The choice is yours.

UPDATE (Dec. 30): Congrats to Rutgers’ Rachel Cole for carrying the victory with 47% of the some 8,000 votes.

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Written by The 91st

Sunday’s NCAA national championship will be an all-ACC affair, after Notre Dame topped New Mexico 2-0 and the Maryland Terrapins defeated rivals Virginia 2-1 on Friday night at PPL Park.

Both games had entertaining moments. See for yourself with the highlights of the Notre Dame-Mexico up top, and Maryland and UVA after the jump.

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Written by Will Parchman


Our second and final edition of our best men’s DI national title winners is here. On Monday, we told you about 2010 Akron and 1997 UCLA. Let’s get to our final three contestants in the race for the best men’s title-winning team to ever suit up.

Remember, we’ll hold a vote starting Wednesday on the best of these sides. So be sure to start taking mental inventory.

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Written by Will Parchman

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for our TopDrawerSoccer.com College Goal of the Week battle. The format is a little different this week, because for the first time, we’ve got a battle between teammates for the right to hoist the TDS GOTW trophy.

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Written by The 91st

The Princeton Review just released their 2013 Best Value College list, which basically means the program where you can get the best education for your dollar. In my experience, this list clearly screamed ITT Tech, but the Princeton Review people didn’t agree with me.

The majority of their Top 10 Public Schools are listed below, but out of protest I added a video promoting the good folks of ITT Tech. You’re welcome.


Top Public Colleges

1. Virginia

2. North Carolina

4. William and Mary


6. North Carolina State

7. Wisconsin

9. Michigan

10. Georgia

1,555. ITT Tech (Estimation)


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Written by Dill Pickle

Have we learned nothing from last week’s MLS playoff matchup between the LA Galaxy and San Jose Earthquakes?

You have to read the signs … the team photo signs. The men’s NCAA Tournament starts tomorrow and there’s only one factor that can accurately predict the outcomes. So say cheese, and let’s break down Part 1 of the first-round matchups. Part 2 is Thursday.


Michigan State vs. Cleveland State: Take a look at the portrait above of the Spartans – it’s focused, it’s clean, it’s promising.  Now check out Cleveland State’s. They’re doing too much with the artsy goalkeeper symmetry, plus, dude in the back left is wearing a boot for an injured foot. Man down.

WINNER: Michigan State


Kentucky vs. Xavier: Sometimes a single player photo can embody the spirit of an entire team. Take Kentucky’s Dary DeWalt. Look at his face – does this look like a game to you!? He’s not playing around. Neither are the Wildcats …

WINNER: Kentucky


UMBC vs. Old Dominion: Fast forward to 1:50 of this video and tell me this UMBC squad isn’t in sync.  Just call them the Justin Timberlakes.



Farleigh-Dickinson vs. St. John’s: This very well may be the toughest team photo ever taken. There’s literally one guy smiling in this photo (first GK on left) and I think he just has to use the bathroom.

WINNER: FDU is not to be messed with.

Four more team photo duels after the jump.

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Written by The 91st

And we’re underway. The Florida Gators beat Florida Gulf Coast in the opening match of the Women’s NCAA Tournament.

If you’re not yet excited about this tourney I’ve got some ladies I’d like to introduce to you after the jump.

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Written by Jahmal Corner

This week, the young ladies get the spotlight in our recruiting edition of 5v5. Three incoming freshman from Maryland, one from Stanford and another from Virginia debate which program has the best recruiting class and share the players they’re most looking forward to battling.

Click on the programs mentioned below to see their full list of incoming players, and remember to tweet us your disagreements, questions and comments at @JC_TDS. Let’s do this.


Why should (your incoming class) be considered the best in the country?

Kate Bettinger, Stanford freshman: Because although it’s a small recruiting class, we have the top players in each position. The group of players is well-rounded in all aspects of the game. Every player is competitive, hardworking, technical, athletic, and strong. Also, every player is from California, so we all come from very intense club programs with lots of youth national team experience.

Erika Joab, Maryland freshman: We have a lot of national team experience. We’ve all played with competitive clubs and possess the drive and skills to play and win. We have all the components of a strong team.

Kristen McNabb, Virginia freshman: It’s very diverse in that we have players that all play different positions (forwards, mids, defenders, and even a goalie). Everyone is used to playing at such a high level and we’re all part of successful club teams so the transition into college soccer should be a smooth one.

Gabby Galanti, Maryland freshman: We have a variety of different girls, from different states that can immediately contribute to better the team. The group as a whole is extremely talented and hardworking.

Maisie McCune, Maryland freshman: When we found out the sad news that Coach Brian Pensky will no longer be the head coach of Maryland Women’s soccer, immediately it bonded us. We all decided to make a Facebook group. The connection that we already have will benefit us when the season rolls around because we are already comfortable and know each other pretty well.


Which of your freshman teammates are you most looking forward to playing with?

Bettinger: I am looking forward to playing with everyone, but most of all Laura Liedle. Laura and I have been playing with one another since we were young on national teams and regional teams. She is a very skilled player and I look forward to learning from her. She is also very athletic and will have a huge impact on the Stanford team. She is one of my closest friends and we also share a passion for surfing.

Joab: My top three would be Gabby Galanti, Ashley Spivey and Kayla Shea. Galanti and I are both Jersey girls and we’ve never had the chance to be on the field together. Spivey has been a top competitor on the national level and it will be great to work with her. Shea and I are from rival clubs and have always been opponents, so I’m looking forward to finally playing with her.

McNabb: I can’t really pick just one teammate because they are all such good players and I’ve played with most of them! I’m excited to play with every single incoming freshman and to get to know how each person plays.

Galanti: I’m looking forward to playing with Ashley Spivey because we’ve played with each other numerous times between Region I and the national team, And it’s going to be fun to reconnect and get back to how we played together in the past while creating a future.

McCune: I am really looking forward to playing with Gabby Galanti. Over the years I have played against Gabby enough times to know that she is a strong and fierce player that will bring lots to the table at Maryland. Her shot is incredible and she is able to cruise past the defense with her speed. I can’t wait to be able to feed her the ball up top and overall just work together with her on the field!

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